Full Moon in Sagittarius - Finding Meaning Through New Experiences - Vedic Astrology Forecast for June 20th, 2016

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Finding Meaning Through New Experiences | Vedic Astrology Forecast for June 20th, 2016

In the last week, two planets have moved into Sidereal Gemini.  Venus on June 12th and the Sun shifted on June 14th.

This brings our Soul’s Power (Sun) and our capacity for happiness (Venus) into Gemini’s realm   of playfulness, curiosity and creativity.  Gemini is an air sign, showing its social and mental nature.  It is ruled by Mercury which shows its quick minded intellect and skilled speech and communication.

Gemini is playful, humorous and usually pretty unattached.  It loves new experiences, and has a wonderful capacity to see things from multiple perspectives.  In its own energy, it can be challenged to stick with one idea or one experiences for very long, as it is likely to get bored and then rush off for the next thing.

With Sun and Venus here, you may be finding yourself being drawn to eploring new ideas or experiences.  Perhaps you are just in the mood to be entertained.  Perhaps you are feeling a little open to new ways of exploring pleasure and happiness.  Perhaps you are just feeling a little more free and playful.

On a potentially challenged side, you may also be feeling distracted or having trouble focusing on what you want to manifest in your life.  Or frustrate as you notice others in that state.  Maybe work needs to get done, and your mind is pulling you towards what feels fun instead.

What does Full Moon in Sagittarius Bring?

Full Moon in Sagittarius_ Finding Meaning Through New Experiences _ Vedic Astrology Forecast for June 20th, 2016
Embarking to new experiences allows us to explore a deeper sense of ourselves.

On June 20th around 7am the Moon will be full in Sagittarius.  This is the opposite position from Gemini, and reveals the balancing energy needed to best utilize the Gemini energy.

While our power and happiness is in Gemini, the Moon shows that our mind and emotional heart are are connected to a deeper sense of purpose and seeking meaning.

Left to its own devices, Gemini will just bounce from one idea and experience to another.  The novelty of each perspective will be its own satisfaction.  But, with the Moon in Sagittarius we are invited to find deeper meaning to the experiences and ideas we encounter.  They are not just for fun and entertainment, or even just intellectual stimulation. Instead they become education, ideas and experiences which inform us about the deeper teachings and nature of ourselves and there world around us.

So, you may be finding yourself learning something or exploring something that will be integrated into your own understanding of life and the bigger picture beyond just our human existence.  This could be an intentional learning, or perhaps you will just wax a little more philosophical about the experiences that Gemini pulls you into.

On June 17th, Mars retrograde returned to Libra.  This placement can bring some agitation to relationships right now.  And it also places an aspect on Mercury in Taurus, which shows that our speech, communication and intellect may also feel frustrated.  Since Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, maybe the seeking of fun and new experiences feels agitated instead of enjoyable right now.

For my own experience, I found myself at a weekend training program leading into the full Moon window. So, I was learning and exploring new ideas.  And I was also integrating what I learned into my own understanding of purpose and higher teachings. That shows the balance of Gemini and Sagittarius happening.

The group of people attending were all very friendly and very social.  The workshop leader commented that she had never seen a group of people in her workshops be so social with each other before.  It was the first time she could ever remember that she had to go find all the participants and get them to stop talking to each other when it was time to start back up.  Additionally,  there were many side tangents and unexpected conversations within the group during formal class time.  All of this reflects the influence of Gemini.

I invite you to notice what is happening within you and around you also. What is showing up that reflects these energies for you?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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