Full Moon in Taurus - Finding Personal Peace Amidst Terrorism - Vedic Astrology Forecast for November 25th, 2015

Full Moon in Taurus: Finding Personal Peace Amidst Terrorism | Vedic Astrology Forecast for November 25th, 2015

Before I discuss the Full Moon in Sidereal Taurus on Wednesday November 25th, I want to offer some thoughts on recent terrorist events in relationship to the Astrological shifts over the past several months.

Full Moon in Taurus: Finding Personal Peace Amidst Terrorism | Vedic Astrology Forecast for November 25th, 2015
The attempt of global threats to inflict harm on our lives should also be an invitation for us to convert these into bravery.

Connecting the Dots

In November of 2014, Saturn shifted from Sidereal Libra into Scorpio. In Transit, Saturn functions to “put pressure” on the areas that it effects. It is the “final judge” that steps in and reveals the truth beyond illusion by pointing out very practical realities. When something isn’t working and Saturn comes along, it breaks it so that you have no choice but to deal with the reality of it. Saturn represents the structures of life that we often try to avoid dealing with, but are inevitable. Things such as death, the limitations of time, loss, and obstacles.

When we learn to honor Saturn’s limitations, we understand that we must shift our actions and our motivation. Because there is a limitation of time, we must “live in the moment” and work hard to accomplish our Heart’s deepest desires now, because we may not be able to tomorrow. We learn to accept that things change, that what we love will one day no longer exist, and through that process we learn to have proper and healthy detachment. It invites us to search for deeper Happiness and peace beyond the outer world, because over time we realize through Saturn’s experiences that everything in this world is impermanent. It breaks things that aren’t working and it forces us to strengthen the things we value, because if we do not, they too will be broken through lack of effort.

Scorpio is a water sign, showing its connection to emotions. And is ruled by Mars, which is our capacity for strength and action. In Scorpio, we experience our hidden fears and insecurities. It contains the hidden nature that is potentially dark and uncomfortable. It is also the hidden power and the secretive underground. What Scorpio invites us to do is develop our Strength as a means to transform our fears, and convert our hidden power into a force that strengthens us.

As Saturn moved into Scorpio, it began to put pressure on our collective fears and insecurities. It began to put pressure on the hidden uses of power in our culture and government. It began to put pressure on secretive and hidden things. We have seen these effects through greater awareness of abuse of power within government and police, other scandals with politicians, religious leaders and celebrities. That which has wanted to remain hidden has been broken and forced into awareness.

In an unevolved state, the experience of Scorpio is about defending at all costs through emotional reactivity. When fear and insecurity arise, it acts like the scorpion, becoming defensive and repeatedly attacking through its poisonous stinging tail. In a really unevolved state, it may even thrive on the infliction of fear and pain, as it becomes overly identified with the “rush” of “hidden power” to control, manipulate and use the fears and insecurities of others to its advantage.

This very unevolved state is the breeding grounds for terrorism, the rise in school shootings and other other acts of destruction and violent. This state of being is obviously a dark and dangerous place to be. But, by itself it just broods in a small circle. However, when this lower state of evolution because connected to a “Philosophy and sense of purpose”, that’s when it expands.

In July of 2015, Jupiter moved into the sign of Leo. Here Leo brings inspired action to Jupiter as principles, purpose, teachings, sense of Truth and Religious beliefs. In my Jupiter Enters Leo report, I made mention that this placement “will give rise to Religious zealots and fundamentalists who will also be inspired to act upon their own principles in their role as leaders”, while also discussing that less evolved Leo people “can become tyrants and seek to dominate and control others by forcing their own principles and dogma onto others.”

While much positive and inspiring has been possible for all of us, unfortunately, those who are driven by dogma and fear have also been “inspired” down their own egotistical, unevolved path. While the recent Sun and Moon cycles moved through Virgo, asking us to create the practical plans we need to act on our inspirations, the Terrorist group known as ISIS was also doing the same thing.

The conjuctions of Mars and Venus, which has caused many of us personal issues in relationships by bringing more agitation and arguments, was also giving rise to increased agitation in ISIS, fueling greater violence on the happiness of others.

And as the Sun and Moon moved into Libra and we began to feel low energy and our own personal power weakened, this energy was causing the members of ISIS to lower their personal power and become more aligned with their group’s ideologies and desires as they began bringing their “practical plans” into fruition by Bombing a Russian Plane on October 31st and staging a large coordinated attack on Paris on the late evening of November 13th.

Both of these events happened while the Sun was in Libra and personal power was at its weakest point. So Power (Sun) was operating through the domain of other with a more social and group influence. Weak personal power, unable to stand up and say “no”. I can only imagine that someone willing to be a “suicide bomber” and “die for their cause and organization” must have a weakened sense of Self at many levels, as they are seeking a sense of power and importance through pleasing their leaders and through an ideology which gives them a taste of being connected to something bigger than their own “lesser” self.

On November 16th, the Sun and Mercury transitioned into Scorpio. On that day and in the few days that followed the investigations began bringing the hidden truths into the light of awareness. Fingerprints verifying identities emerged on the 16th. On the 17th, Russia formally confirmed the plane was bombed. On the 18th, several people connected to the Paris events were arrested, and the “mastermind” was declared and confirmed to be dead. And, even the defending nations through military and police efforts were forced to reply upon “hidden power” through secret operations to retaliate. Scorpio energy defending against Scorpio energy.

Along with “the secretive coming to light”, there has been a rise in fear, heightened “security” across the globe. The energy of Scorpio is high with Saturn, Sun and Mercury now placed there.

In my most recent report on the New Moon in Libra, I discussed the lowered sense of Self power moving into Scorpio as a way of facing our insecurities and fears. The invitation from Scorpio is to transform our fears and insecurities, and strengthen our Inner Emotional state. I spoke about the personal journey of Scorpio evolving us through personal relationships.

And now, a more global, collective set of fears has arisen through the Scorpio energy. And it is inviting the same: For us collectively to transform our fears and insecurities. To use tragedy and adversity to become stronger and more resilient. To try to banish and overcome the misuse of hidden power.

If we, collectively or individually, succumb to primal fear, then the Terrorists have won. Obviously, there are real threats that need to be dealt with. Restoring safety to our world IS a necessity and a priority and hopefully the involved countries will do so swiftly and intelligently. But, we the people… how do we response when we aren’t in a position to personally defend our nation? Do we change our behavior? Travel less? Become more afraid of life?

Or do we take time to reflect? To show compassion to those who have lost family and friends, while also being able to have gratitude for our own relative safety?

Full Moon in Taurus: Finding Personal Peace Amidst Terrorism | Vedic Astrology Forecast for November 25th, 2015
However trivial the opportunity, we should not forget to experience the best things of the world amidst the fear and chaos.

What does Full Moon in Taurus Bring?

The Full Moon in Taurus on November 25th becomes an integration point for this Karmic lesson. The Full moon window begins on November 23rd and will last through November 27th. As the Moon enters Taurus it finds the place that it functions the best. And it acts as a powerful balancing point for the heightened energy in Scorpio.

Our Power (the Sun), speech and communication (Mercury), and our endurance and practicality (Saturn) are in Scorpio. The Moon is very unstable and irrational in Scorpio, but in the opposite sign of Taurus it learns a powerful lesson about how to endure the fears, insecurities and the ups and downs of unknowns and unexpected changes. Taurus grounds and stabilizes the Mind and Emotions (the Moon). As a practical experience, this will help to calm the collective heart and mind. As a lesson for our growth and healing, it teaches us that the way to traverse the rough emotional waters of fears and emotional upheavals is to develop a stronger capacity to ground and stabilize the Mind. If the mind can remain calm amidst turbulence, then one can remain centered and calm. With a calm mind, we have a choice to respond to situations with calmness and compassion. If the mind “goes for a ride” with the turbulence, then the mind itself feels unstable and more fearful or reactive. In that turbulent state, things feel out of control and the primal impulse arises as a reaction to defend itself, leading to irrational fear and misdirected violence.

Taurus is also a sign of enjoyment and worldly happiness that values wealth, abundance, beauty and pleasure. It is ruled by Venus which teaches us how to share happiness with others.

I find it interesting that the Full Moon window will include Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I encourage those that are spending time with family to use the time of connection, good food, shared enjoyment and the abundance of the season as a way of consciously restoring a sense of peace and wellbeing. Really allow yourself to savor the Gratitude for all that you have, for your family, your friends, your safety, and allow that to Nurture and stabilize the Mind and the Heart.

You may also find it helpful to use a meditation practice to help calm the mind. (If you don’t have one, you can Get my Free Report on using Mantra for Self Healing here).

The Sun will remain in Scorpio for a little while longer. In fact the next New Moon will also be in Scorpio. But it is this current FULL MOON in Taurus that we really want to grasp and integrate, and try to carry it with us as we move forward. It is the key to remaining calm and centered amidst fears and change. So begin to practice that in your personal relationships, with your friends, and family, and allow that sense of stability to expand its way into the Collective Heart. We all need peace and stability right now, and you can do your part for us all by taking care of your own Self. The more models of peaceful minds we have, the more others who are feeling challenged have something to help ground them.

Do not deny any fear you may have, but allow it to dissolve into inner stability of mind. Don’t ignore the turbulence that may arise, but instead learn to remain calm even while it is occurring. This also benefits in personal relationships, as so many arguments are created through emotionally reacting to fear and insecurity. Continue to rest and take care of yourself.

What have been your experiences of this recent energy?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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  • This has been very profound. Since last week, I have been letting go of many fears I have been holding onto. One of them was the need for a relationship to be happy. Once I was willing to let go of that fear, I was able to center myself deeply. As an Aries ascendant, and going through Saturn return, mercury return, mars return, and venus return, with Sun in scorpio, it was as if my fears were thrown to light, and I was able to consciously choose to let go of the negativity and fear within. For the past 2 years, these fears have run my life. And in these 2 weeks, I feel profoundly changed. This report clearly describes the integration process involved. Thank you for capturing it al so succinctly.

    • You are welcome! Thank you so much for sharing your journey towards wholeness with us, Johnnie! With Aries ascendant the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are also in your 8th house, really pushing Transformation and the Scorpio energy even more strongly. I am happy to hear that you have come out the other side with new clarity and new freedom. That is what Transformational energy is designed to do if we are willing to open to it. Beautiful!

  • The day of the last Full Moon in Aries, I signed all the paperwork to become the owner of a condo, re-entering the ranks of homeownership after facing bankruptcy 6 years ago! I’ve been in process of moving ever since, transferring possessions a little bit at a time. As this Taurus Full Moon approaches, I am nearly done with the move, but I also got rear-ended today. Although no one was hurt and both cars appear to be undamaged, I was pretty shook. So, instead of making another trip over to the old place to round up some more stuff, I decided to retreat into my new home (heart) and organize some of what I already have brought over. Stay out of traffic, out of harm’s way. On Thanksgiving Day itself, I will be re-playing a radio show called “Peace in the Season, War in the Aisles” where I talk about strategies to establish peace in your haert.

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