What is Ecstatic Union® Tantra?

Ecstatic Union® is an authentic, contemporary approach to spiritual practice which reveals how every single aspect of life can be used as a tool to fuel greater Joy, Peace, Vibrancy and the Spiritual Awakening that you are seeking.

It is a path for those who have become disillusioned by the vast "hit or miss" Spiritual teachings of our modern culture, and long for a Single Path that resolves all past confusion and contradictions while leading you at an accelerated pace towards the single goal of Spiritual Awakening.

Ecstatic Union® is also for those of us who know deep down that spiritual life does not require the rejection of the material world, but instead wish to discover how to harmonize their daily life while also using it as a tool for greater Spiritual Awareness. It is for those that feel drawn to discover the Truth of this experience we call life, and seek to understand all the ways that we are capable of evolving our Understanding and experience of Life, Self and Spirit in order to Awaken the Fullest Potential and Realization of Truth.

The Ecstatic Union® Vision

Modern day Tantra and Yoga suffer from being introduced into Western Culture in bits and pieces and, in many cases, out of context with the original Ancient Wisdom. This has created the appearance of contradiction and confused goals, and has destroyed the connection to the deeper practices and philosophies that are essential to Authentic Practice. Whether it is a focus on limited worldly goals, an overly esoteric approach, or even an ungrounded "magical thinking" fantasy approach, the common Tantra and Yoga discussed today rarely resemble the Original Traditions in form or function.   

Not only does this create a cultural misunderstanding, but more damaging still, it prevents sincere Spiritual Seekers from accessing the Authentic Wisdom and Truth their Soul's are longing for. Ecstatic Union® was born out of the recognition that this confusion must end and that Modern Day Seekers are hungry for an Authentic Spiritual Path which places these vast teachings, philosophies, healing approaches and techniques into proper context as a Single System with a Single Goal that will benefit your life here and now.

Developed through decades of Spiritual practice and study by Jeff Craft (Kali Das), Ecstatic Union® clarifies and reintegrates these diverse Teachings and practices from the Ancient Yogic Traditions, and presents them in a clear, powerful and easy to understand Single system that is in harmony with the needs of Modern Day Spiritual Seekers. It provides practical tools and teachings to balance and harmonize every aspect of your daily life, while at the same time remaining laser-focused on Authentic Tantra Yoga's single promise of Spiritual Awakening.

It counters the false notion that a deep and profound spiritual path is only for the rare few who can abandon the world to live in a cave or monastery. Instead, Ecstatic Union® revives the Authentic Yogic teachings which reveal how one can actually utilize Living in the World as a Tool to accelerate Spiritual Awakening. No longer do your responsibilities in the World or your enjoyment of the world need to be at odds with your Soul's longing for Spiritual Truth. In fact, when properly understood, creating harmony and balance within our daily lives actually serves your Spiritual Path. 

Ecstatic Union® is a Modern approach which is actually a re-integration of the original system as it was intended to be understood and practiced. It places these Ancient Wisdom teachings into Modern context for our contemporary lives, and allows you to quickly, safely and effectively unleash the profound Spiritual Potential and Power that lies dormant with you. This Integral Path leads to greater Vibrancy, Health, Peace, Joy and ultimately to the Awakening of the Ecstatic True Self.   

Why is it called "Ecstatic Union"?

The Sankrit word "Yoga" means "Union". This references True Wholeness, Oneness and a reconnection in which Union or "Yoga" represents the Union of our individual self with the True Self.

The Sankrit word "Ananda" means "bliss" or "ecstasy", and references the experience of our True State of Consciousness.

Together, "Ecstatic Union®" in Sanskrit would be "Yogananda" which reflects the Single Goal of Tantric Practice. 

Additionally, it is the Union of multiple Vedic traditions into a single and unified approach. I would suggest it is actually a return to the original understanding and not something "new", but it is new to our Modern Culture. For too long have different yogic approaches seemed in opposition with each other. For too long have different Vedic sciences such as Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and Tantra Yoga been presented to be "different things". They are all layers of a single tradition, a single understanding and a single goal. Ecstatic Union® seeks to revive that Unified and Integral Wisdom and take advantage of the synergistic power that is created when all of these teachings come together to form a single focused approach, rather than appearing to split our energy down different paths. 

At a practical level, you are also using these great teachings and healing methods to Unify and balance every aspect of your life, restoring a sense of wholeness within you leading to a more Ecstatic experience of life. This means Integrating Wholeness through every aspect of your experience of Life, including Health, Relationships, Pleasures, Career, and Finances. This is done by weaving deeper Spiritual understanding into everything that you do and experience.

As you grow through your practice, you learn to find Ecstatic Union® with others, such as friends, family and lovers through the arising sense of Oneness that connects us all. Eventually, that Oneness brings you a sense of Union with all of Humanity, and connects you to the expansive Universe as the Wholeness of Creation itself. The freedom that arises through Union is created by resolving inner conflict, judgement and pain, while at the same time harmonizing your energy, nervous system and awareness with the deeper Vibrations of Creation. As this happens, it awakens your Natural State, which is described as being "Ecstatic" or "Blissful". 

"Ecstatic Union®" captures and reflects all of these holographic representations of returning to Union, Oneness, Connection and Wholeness, as well as the Ecstatic Vibrancy and Aliveness that arises at each new stage of Union. "Ecstatic Union®" therefore refers to the deepest goal of the Tantric Yoga traditions in plain English, while also specifying the re-unification of multiple transformational teachings as an Integral Path that has been developed by Jeff Craft (Kali Das).

I chose an English rendering of this term to establish it as something specific and unique, and also to avoid the common misunderstandings that are often associated with Yoga and Tantra in our modern culture. It is an effort to focus less on people's assumptions about "Yoga" and "Tantra", and focus more on the deeper Core Traditions that Tantra Yoga really stand for.

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