The Ecstatic Union Tantra Approach

Most people you will encounter think of themselves as being an individual person with thoughts and feelings in a body that is moving about in the world. More than likely, so do you.

Clearly, this is happening, as you are aware of it. But Tantra teaches us that there is a "larger picture" that most of us have been unaware of. The irony is that there are many "clues" in our experience that point to something different, yet we often don't stop to consider what they imply.

At the core of your experience is the spark of Awareness or Consciousness that allows you to experience the world around you. That allows you to perceive the sounds, tastes, sensations, sights and smells of the world. 

This same Awareness allows you to experience the Dream world while you sleep. It also provides the possibility of experiencing beyond this body and mind, such as psychic phenomenon, out of body experiences and other realms of Consciousness.

We often tend to focus on the waking experience of life as being "reality", but your own experiences of dreaming and altered states of Consciousness reveal something profoundly important about your own Nature. Experience is not dependent upon the body. When you dream, for instance, an entire world arises within consciousness that is often completely disconnected from the "life" that you live in the world. While dreaming, it can often feel just as real as the waking state, but when you awaken you see it for what it is: a dream.

Tantra Yoga says that these "clues" are profound and invites you to consider that at the very core of your Being is not the body and mind you have become identified with, but rather the Consciousness or Awareness that allows you to experience both the body, as well as beyond it.

It declares that the True Nature of your Self (and every other being as well) is in fact Pure Consciousness. And that this Pure Consciousness is the Ultimate Reality and the Underlying reason that the universe and life are able to exist to begin with. The Pure Consciousness is said to be Identical to God or the Absolute.

In essence, your True Self is Identical to God. You are God, and the Divine Consciousness dwells within you as your Self. This is not an "egotistical" notion of "being God", nor is it really a "religious" notion. It is stated as simple fact. 

In the "current state", we identify with the body and the ups and downs we experience in the world. But, if we choose, we can awaken to our True Nature as Pure Consciousness and experience our Natural State which is filled with Bliss, Love and Peace.

What is often "mysteriously" referred to as "Spiritual Awakening" or "Enlightenment" is simply the direct, uninterupted experience of your Natural State as pure Consciousness. It is the Realization that only Consciousness truly exists and that You are That Consciousness.

The Common Challenge to Spiritual Awakening is that it is nearly impossible for someone to just suddenly let go of their current perspective on life and experience the True State. There needs to be a "Bridge" or a way to transition between life as you know it now and the final Spiritual Awakening that allows you to address your current life's needs while comfortably exploring the new Experience of Self. 

Ecstatic Union® is that "Bridge". It invites you to explore a different perspective of your current experience so that you can safetely and quickly navigate the Path back to deeper experience of your True Self. 

The Ecstatic Union Perspective of Experience as Energy and Vibration

The old model of the individual self thinks of the person as being a body, and that the brain is where our intelligence is located. This caused an approach of "healing" which treats the physical body like parts which can be cut out, replaced and corrected through medications.

The Consciousness Model of the Individual necessarily invites a different set of questions, and a different perspective on the true cause of our experiences. Instead of the body and mind being a "bio-mechanical machine run by the nervous system", we seek instead to understand the deeper intelligence that is capable of animating the body, the emotions and the mind.

That Intelligence is, of course, Consciousness Itself. And it is the Consciousness which infuses the body with the Life Force Energy to animate the body, and the Intelligence to organize the energy of the body and mind in such a way that life is possible at all. 

So, in Ecstatic Union, we seek to understand and interact with the world through a model of Energy and Vibration which operate within Consciousness. We discover that even the Physical body is made up of Vibrating energy. (Modern physics confirms this to be True as well.)

And we also come to experience that each layer of body, emotions and mind is created by different vibrational energies. In fact there is a full Energetic System that permeates the body. This Energetic system includes Energy Bodies that correspond to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of us. There is also a series of Chakras, which are energetic processing centers that allow the higher intelligence of Consciousness to interface with the different levels of Human experience. And there is also a system of Nadis, or energetic pathways, that allows the energy to connect through the nervous system, and flow between the Chakras and the Energy Bodies.

What we come to understand, is that every experience that arises is caused by the flow and movement of various energies vibrating at different frequencies.   

We know from science that the different colors of the rainbow are created by different vibrational frequencies of light. We know that the different pitches in the musical scale from lower to higher are created by different vibrational frequencies at the level of sound wave.

Tantra teaches us that all of our experiences operate in a similar way. That the experience of "Angry" feels different than "Happy" or "Sad", because they are different energetic vibrations at the level of emotion, for instance.

By adopting a perspective that understands you are Consciousness interacting with experience through a field of energy, a world of new possibilities awakens. You can learn to perceives subtle energies, direct subtle energies, and even shift vibrations to create different experiences.

This allows for new tools and powerful healing methods designed to create greater harmony, health and balance at the levels of body, emotions and mind. And it also clarifies that evolving Spiritual Awareness is a process of expanding and shifting the vibratory rate of your energy field within Consciousness.  

Shift the Energy and You Will Shift Your Experience

The energies within the Energy Bodies, Chakras and Nadies are operating at every level of your experience, and they are interrelated and interconnected.

When these energies and energy structures are balanced and flowing properly, then you will experience harmony, ease and health at the levels of body, emotions and mind. That balance then will reflect in your experience and life also flows and feels harmonious.

When these energies are out of balance, stuck or not flowing in a healthy way, then the result is various forms of stress, tension, frustration, and disease at the levels of body, emotions and mind. That imbalance will then reflect in your life and you may feel out of sync with life.

For Vibrant Health and Wellbeing, you want to balance these energies and bring them into a harmonious state. For Spiritual Awakening, you deepen this process and begin to consciously work through these energies to develop and evolve the fuller potential of the Human Spirit.

Ecstatic Union™ provides the assessment tools and methods to harmonize and balance each and every aspect of these energetic structures so that you can experience Health, Vibrancy and Joy in your life, while also supporting accelerated Spiritual Awakening.

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