Ecstatic Union® Tantric Healing System

To accomplish most any task you need tools or techniques to succeed. The process of Healing and Spiritual Awakening is no different in this regard.

When we really understand a "tool", we understand that it usually does one thing really well. There aren't really any tools that we can say are capable of doing "everything". You wouldn't use a screwdriver to cut a board. And you wouldn't use a saw to paint a wall.

When it comes to Healing and Spiritual Awakening, there are a multitude of techniques and methods out there. Many of them are very good when the true purpose is understood. But, if a great healing method is used to accomplish a task that it cannot address, then no benefit occurs. It may even cause problems. 

To properly address Energetic Healing and Spiritual Awakening, you want to understand all of the different ways that Energy and Consciousness function. You want to know how each specific level and type of functioning operates in both balanced and imbalanced states. And then you need methods to assess the various layers and levels of functioning. Finally, you need to select the proper tools to restore balance, encourage integration and evolve the energy into new levels of health, vibrancy and consciousness.

In Short: You must have the right tool for the right job at the right time. And you need a vision and understanding of what the "final goal" really is so that you can guide the process.

To accomplish this, Ecstatic Union® re-integrates three powerful Vedic Sciences that were each developed to comprehensively address one primary aspect of the Body-Mind-Spirit energetic system. While each of the three "does one thing well", they all understand the nature of each person to be Consciousness operating through the Energy System of Energy Bodies, Chakras and Nadis.

With this shared perspective, they are able to detect and address imbalances in their primary area of focus, while also seamlessly supporting and informing each other. 

Ecstatic Union®: A True Body-Mind-Spirit Approach

Ecstatic Union® reunites these three Sciences, allowing them to once again operate together as a comprehensive Body-Mind-Spirit approach to healing and a complete path towards Wholeness.

For the body, Ayurveda is the science which teaches how to harmonize the energies within the physical body for greater health and freedom from disease. It means the "Science of Life" and reveals how living in harmony with Nature is the key to health and wellbeing.

Vedic Astrology, traditionally called Jyotish, provides a truly Holistic perspective into the Psychology of the human experience. It illuminates how Consciousness or Spirit operates through the human experience, and the processes by which we learn and evolve. 

Additionally, the teachings of Vedic Astrology clearly unfold the Law of Karma, bringing clarity around events and experiences that arise in life within the context of the evolution of the Soul. Thus, Vedic Astrology ultimately assesses the journey of the soul and reveals how to harmonize the inner experience with the outer world  

Tantra Yoga is known as a Spiritual Science, and it offers the wisdom and methods to directly work with the Life Force energy within the Nadis, Energy Bodies and Chakras. Its primary focus is to Transform Consciousness back into its Original State and to support the Path necessary for Spiritual Awakening. 

Tantra means "to weave", and references the Tantric approach of celebrating and enjoying life while "weaving" the Sacred back into our Daily activities. In this way, the very act of living becomes our Spiritual Practice and the fuel for Spiritual Awakening.

With its approach of utilizing anything and everything to accomplish its Final Goal, Tantra has long used both Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology as integrated methods for achieving higher levels of Consciousness.

Ecstatic Union® recognizes that each of these three Sciences helps restore Human Consciousness back to its Nature State by addressing different energetic and vibrational aspects of the individual's experience. As individual Sciences they each powerfully address one primary layer of functioning, but when all of these methods are used together for a Single Goal, they provide a comprehensive approach to Health, Wellness, and the Evolution of the Human Spirit. 

Ecstatic Union® Energy Healing & Bodywork

The Ecstatic Union® Energy Healing & Bodywork utilizes an intuitive blending of methods through Energetic Hands-on Healing, Bodywork and Intuitive Spiritual Counseling methods. Through Touch, Awareness and Energy Transmission, you are assisted in clearing energetic blocks, accelerating Life Force Activation, and balancing and harmonizing the the entire energetic system. It is direct accelerated support to deepen your Tantric Yoga practices, as well as to harmonize Karmic imbalances at the level of Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

It increases proper energy flow through the Nadis, while balancing and increasing proper communication within the Chakras and the Energy Bodies. This process releases stuck patterns and supports deeper activation of intuition and developing expanded states of consciousness.

Because of the Integral Nature of the Ecstatic Union® Healing System, the Energy Healing and Bodywork is capable of correcting imbalances and supporting greater integration and wholeness in context to Tantric Yoga practice as well as through the assessment methods of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. 

Therefore, it can be utilized as a supportive method for any aspect of the Ecstatic Union®Healing system, whether the primary focus is on the health of the body, the balance of emotions and mind, or the awakening of the Spiritual Self.   

The result is accelerated healing and spiritual awakening, deeper integration of higher wisdom, and a more rapid movement towards balanced energetic flow within the Energy Bodies, Chakras and Nadis. It is also the opportunity to be supported in opening to new insights and stabilizing new levels of Life Force capacity within the energy system and within Consciousness. It is a powerful way to integrate all of the components of the Ecstatic Union® Healing System. 

Ecstatic Union®: The Integral Perspective

This Vibrational and Energy based model of healing and spiritual awakening is informed by Authentic Tantric Teachings, and integrates multiple Vedic Sciences into a Single Approach with a Single goal to harmonize and balance the Energy system of Nadis, Chakras and Energy Bodies. 

The physical and mental health is addressed primarily through Ayurveda. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish clarifies and evolves the mental and psychological functioning while deepening understanding around the Law of Karma and the ways that Spirit expresses through the individual in the world. The system of Tantra Yoga activates and directs the Life Force Energy towards Higher Vibrational capacities, transformationing Consciousness towards higher states of Spiritual Awareness. And the Ecstatic Union® Energy Healing and Bodywork methods integrate and support these teachings and tools, allowing an accelerated level of healing, personal transformation and spiritual growth. 

Through this integral approach, you learn how to best understand and harmonize every aspect of your human experience as you seek to directly experience the True Self. You learn how to harmonize the body, the emotions, the mind and the Spirit. You learn to live in harmony with the laws of Karma, align your Soul's desires with your actions, and experience a more Conscious relationship to life as you navigate the path towards Wholeness.

Ecstatic Union® comprehensively addresses every level of the Human experience while unfolding a clear integral Single System designed to lead you to the Single Goal of Spiritual Awakening. The Powerful integral Healing Methods and Practices activate increased levels of Health, Vibrancy, Joy and Peace by creating Direct experiences of your True Self.

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