Seeking Clarity on Your Path of Awakening and Transformation??

Align with Your Unique Path:

Discover Your Karmic Blueprint

with Vedic Astrology

Gain profound insights and practical guidance: Navigate life's challenges and embrace your path to spiritual awakening with the wisdom of Vedic Astrology grounded in the principles of Ecstatic Union™.

What Uncertainties or Obstacles Are You Facing on Your Spiritual Path?

Navigating life's complexities can often leave you in a whirlwind of emotions and questions.

Are you:

  • Facing a crossroads in life and seeking direction?
  • Looking for deeper self-awareness and understanding of your life's purpose?
  • Struggling to make sense of challenging or transformational times?
  • Seeking support on your journey of healing and spiritual awakening?

Vedic Astrology provides a unique lens to understand these challenges, offering clarity and support in alignment with your true nature and the natural cycles of growth you are going through.

Gain Clarity and Deeper Alignment with Your True Self

As a tool for transformation and spiritual growth, Vedic Astrology isn’t about predicting the future; it's an empowering tool for deeper self-awareness, healing, and navigating life with greater wisdom.

What You'll Experience

  • Personalized Karmic Clarity and Insight: Understand the intricate planetary influences unique to your life.
  • Practical and Grounded Guidance: Apply the wisdom of Vedic Astrology in practical ways, enhancing your daily life and spiritual practice.
  • Deepened Self-Awareness: Discover new facets of your personality and spiritual journey.
  • Support During Transformation and Change: Gain invaluable insights to navigate life's pivotal moments with confidence.
  • Alignment with Your True Path: Find harmony in your life’s journey, aligned with your authentic spiritual self.

Spiritual Clarity, Confidence, and Deeper Alignment Can Begin Now.

Discover the Power of

Vedic Astrology:

Real Transformations, Real Insights

Our approach to Vedic Astrology is rooted in over three decades of spiritual guidance and understanding. Hear from those who have gained profound insights and guidance through our consultations:

"After my consultation, I have greater clarity, insight, and understanding about my personality, my relationships, my life path, and why I handle certain life situations the way that I do. I would recommend this to anyone looking to have more insight about themselves, looking for answers, or wanting to grow as a person."

- Kathryn Adams

"Jeff has supported me in many ways. First, through explanation of my astrological makeup he's helped me understand more about myself and how I show up in intimate relationships. He highlighted a few areas in need of improvement and provided me with real, practical and powerful steps to find balance in these areas. And they've worked. I'm currently enjoying the most significant intimate relationship of my life."

- Dave Lesinski

"Through Jeff's eloquence, perception, and knowledge, I was able to gain a deeper understanding and commitment to Self... Jeff is a safe 'reader' to open yourself into learning about your Being."

- Claudia Knudson

Experience the depth and practicality of Vedic Astrology on your spiritual journey. 

Align With Your Unique Journey:

Three Simple Steps to Spiritual Clarity

Step 1

Schedule Your Consultation

Book your session and prepare to deepen clarity and self-awareness. It's the first step towards gaining deeper insight into your unique astrological chart.

Step 2

Discover Your Karmic Blueprint

Together, we'll dive deep into the unique planetary alignments that shape your life, revealing insights into your personality, challenges, and spiritual potential.

Step 3

Apply New Wisdom to Your Path

Harness your new insights and wisdom to align more closely with your spiritual path, confidently navigate life's challenges, and embrace deeper transformation.

Discover the cycles of growth and deeper potential woven into your life.

"The key to being at peace with committing to healing session is to know that the person you are committing to working with is an authentic, well educated, intuitive counselor and healer with experience working on themselves as well as other people. Jeff Craft is exactly that." 

- Dave Lesinski

How Vedic Astrology Aligns with Your Spiritual Path

Vedic Astrology is a gateway to understanding the depth of your human experience, your spiritual journey, and your unique experience of life’s intricate tapestry.

Our consultations blend this empowering wisdom with our unique Ecstatic Union™ approach, aligning the wisdom of Vedic Astrology with your personal spiritual journey.

How Our Consultations Support Your Path:

  • Understand Your Evolutionary Path: Gain clarity on your higher potential and the cycles of growth that are influencing your unique path of transformation and Spiritual Awakening.
  • Transform Challenges: Discover how your karmically driven cycles of growth awaken deeper insights to help you transform struggles into freedom and align more deeply with your True Self.
  • Cultivate Deeper Awareness: Enhance your presence and self-awareness to become more connected to the cosmic forces that influence and guide you.
  • Embrace Authenticity: Uncover the layers of your true nature as both a spiritual and human being, helping you heal and release the patterns and behaviors that no longer serve your path.
  • Simplify the Complex: Demystify your spiritual unfolding and life journey with clear, practical insights from Vedic Astrology.

Your spiritual journey is unique to you.

Discover how the practical wisdom of Vedic Astrology supports your path of healing transformation and spiritual awakening.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

At the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, we offer a range of personalized Vedic Astrology consultations, each designed to cater to different aspects of your spiritual journey.

Choose the service that best aligns with your current needs for deeper self-awareness and growth.

Full Life Reading

Best for first time sessions. Dive into a comprehensive exploration of your life's journey. 

Our Full Life Reading offers an in-depth look at your unique astrological chart, revealing the intricate interplay of planetary influences that shape your entire life's narrative.

Annual Chart Reading

Also called the Solar Return chart, this annual cycle begins on your birthday and  focuses on what the coming year has in store for you. 

The Annual Chart Reading provides insights into upcoming opportunities and challenges, helping you to strategically navigate the year ahead with greater awareness and confidence.

Relationship Reading

Ideal for couples or to better understand the karmic nature of a specific relationship.

Discover the dynamics of your personal relationships through the lens of Vedic Astrology. This reading sheds light on compatibility, challenges, and growth opportunities in your connections with others.

Follow-Up Reading

Ideal for those who have previously had a reading and seek further clarity or guidance on their ongoing journey.


A Follow-Up session allows for deeper exploration of specific areas or new developments in your life.

Birthchart Rectification

Refine the accuracy of your birth chart, especially useful if your exact birth time is unknown. This service helps in achieving more precise readings and insights. Contact Jeff for details.

Align with your unique Spiritual Path and learn how to confidently navigate the process of transformation and spiritual awakening.

Let the practical wisdom of Vedic Astrology and the principles of Ecstatic Union™ guide your journey back to your True Self.

Client Transformations:

The Power of Vedic Astrology and Ecstatic Union™

"Each coaching session he adapted to my current state... Step by step I rebuilt with Jeff's coaching... I've gone from tender and lost to confident and ready to follow my vision."

- Todd Antonellis

"I was in a place in my life where I needed support through grieving - life as I'd known it was dying, and I needed support to create something new.  Jeff challenged me once to reinvent myself, and the possibility to do so began on the day that he helped me to see who I am as a spiritual being... I gained confidence. Peace. Grounding. And the increasing bravery to be authentic, no matter how it effects other people. I recommend Jeff's work for any person ripe with the desire for change."

- Ama McKinley

"Jeff helped me recognize that I had a self-defeating relationship with the universe. He taught me how to navigate a difficult emotional storm that had me in its grip. I learned to trust and see the goodness in things I was afraid of."

- Tom Yaroschuk

What Peers and Leading Experts Say

"Jeff is an excellent astrologer and teacher. He combines great technical skill and understanding with a lot of compassion for his clients. I highly recommend him."

- Sam Geppi (Sadasiva)

Author of “The Ascendant” and “Yoga and Vedic Astrology”
Founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science

"Jeff Craft has been part of the New World faculty and is an excellent instructor in the art and science of Vedic Astrology. He has a gift for deep insight, a profoundly spiritual nature, and has a knack for explaining difficult concepts in simple ways."

- Paul Dugliss, M.D.

Director and Academic Dean of New World Ayurveda

Not Sure Where to Start?

The 90 Minute 'Full Life Reading' is an excellent starting point for most new clients.

If you need assistance or have specific questions, feel free to contact us for guidance.