Reiki Classes and Private Training

Reiki is a well known method of Hands-On Spiritual Healing. Reiki practitioners or Reiki Healers channel Reiki Energy into a client and the Reiki Energy assists in balancing that person's energy system. This balancing stimulates healing and correction on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels.

Popular as a modern and powerful method of Hands-on healing, there are many suggestions that Reiki's original intention was related to Tantric practices of Spiritual Advancement.

In some Tantric techniques the power of Sexual energy is harnessed because of its power and ease of access. Reiki also increases the capacity of the body to hold energy as well as greatly increasing the amount of energy available. Additionally, regular use of the energy helps to clear and purify the energy channels in the body, further balancing the Reiki Practitioner.

In addition to learning how to use energy to heal, the increased energy available as well as the enhanced ability to percieve energy can greatly enhance one's Tantric Practice.

Reiki is activated in the student by a process called "Attunement". In this process, the Reiki Healing energies are placed into the student's energy field, allowing him or her direct access to the Reiki Energy.

It is a process that most find to be healing and life changing.

See below for full descriptions of the different Levels and workshops available, check dates and register for upcoming events. Training is also available through private class, if you prefer, but the group classes are recommended for most people.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

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Reiki Class Schedule and Descriptions

Reiki Level One Registration

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Reiki Level Two Registration

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Reiki Level Three Registration

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