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…learn the Tantric Teachings, Transformational Techniques and Healing Practices that will help you Unleash your Authentic, Spiritually Aligned Power.

Finally, You'll Have a Step-By-Step Plan for Creating The Life of Your Dreams While Also Accelerating Your Spiritual Awakening…

This 10 Lesson Course takes you on a personal healing journey grounded in deep Tantric Principles.

Each Lesson introduces a new layer of the Tantric teachings, and then guides you in working with those principles for deeper integration, personal healing and spiritual awakening.

An Important aspect of Tantric practice is understanding the Tantric reality and learning how to Align your Self with the Deeper Process of Creation.  Once you are clear on the relationship between your Self and Creation, you can use Tantric healing techniques and practices to:

Redirect the Flow of Creation to Awaken More Joy, Love and Peace
Accelerate your Personal Growth and Spiritual Awakening
Access Deeper Spiritual States of Consciousness

In other words, you will become empowered to access your Deeper Spiritual Power, direct it towards personal healing and transformation, while you also consciously awaken a Higher Vibrational Potential for your Self and Your Life.

By the end of the course, you will have a completely new understanding of your Self and your relationship to Reality.  You will have created deep and powerful healing and transformation so you feel more freedom, vibrancy, joy and love in your life.  You will have released many inner obstacles to living a fuller, more empowered life.  And you will have consciously connected to the higher vibrational vision that you are longing for, and begun the process of bringing it into reality.

You will experience a new sense of Authentic Expression and Personal Empowerment that will become the foundation of your personal and spiritual life. You will have a new vision for how to confidently step into your new future, and a toolbox of wisdom and healing practices to help you continue your path of healing, transformation and Spiritual awakening

More specifically, in this class, you'll learn:

How the Tantric Universe creates your current experience so you can learn how to consciously reprogram your experiences.
The deeper nature of Karma and how it impacts your life and Spiritual Awakening.  
Discover 3 Foundational Keys to Understanding the Deeper Process of Healing, so you have clarity about what you are REALLY trying to accomplish. 
Unveil the #1 most powerful tool in healing and the most important intention to accelerate your healing and transformation.  
Explore the Mysteries of Shiva and Shakti, and discover how point the way to deeper healing and spiritual awakening.
Discover the True Source of Healing and Transformation, and how you can directly access it for healing, greater peace and spiritual awakening.  
Explore and heal your thoughts and emotions, and reprogram them to align with your Higher Vibrational Potential.
Discover the Energetic Nature of the body, and learn tools to awaken the wisdom of the body and work with it for deep healing.
Understand the Practical nature of Action and Will, and how you can consciously use these innate powers in pursuing your personal and spiritual goals.  
Learn how to bring all of parts of your Self into cohesive alignment, so you can truly access the Law of Attraction.  
Discover how to live as your Authentic Self in the world, so you create harmony between your inner desires and the life you are living.
Integrate all the wisdom and practices, so you can carry them with you as you continue your healing journey and spiritual path.
And much more…

Along the Journey, you will be given powerful healing practices that will help you:

Create deeper balance within the mind and nervous system, so you are more peaceful and naturally focused.
Connect to your 3rd Eye to awaken deeper intuition and access your inner wisdom.
Energetically dissolve inner conflicts so you can experience greater inner peace and harmony.
Strengthen your energetic body so that you can more easily stay centered when dealing with other people and during challenging times.
Directly experience the True Power that already exists within you.
Energetically clear past relationships so they can no longer negatively affect your current reality.
Discover energy leakages and reclaim your power where you have been losing it.
Awaken a new vibrational reality.
Access the highest healing potential of your thoughts, emotions, and body.
Energetically clear thoughts and emotions that are preventing access to your Higher Vibrational Self and the life you desire.
Access the wisdom of the body and energetically clear the past through the Chakras.
Consciously choose the actions that will best serve your healing and spiritual path.
And much more…

An Overview of the 3 Course Sections

Understanding your Self and the Tantric Nature of Experience

Lessons 1 - 3

Discover the Tantric teachings of Creation, Vibration, Energy, Karma, True Self, Consciousness, Awareness, and the principles of Shiva and Shakti.  You will discover the deeper spiritual truth, while also learning how these principles directly impact your experience of your Self and the world around you. Using this knowledge, you will be shown step-by-step how to strengthen the connection to your True Self, clear inner energetic conflicts, and activate a Higher Vibrational potential for your own life.

How to Consciously Create The Life of Your Dreams

Lessons 4 - 8

Learn to understand and consciously access the 5 inner creative forces that create the life you experience.  You will heal and bring conscious intention to the Powers of True Self, Thought, Emotion, Body and Will.  You will also experience practices for healing through each of these layer of your Self.  When then 5 powers are aligned, you are able to consciously create your life.

Integrating the 5 Creative Powers into your life

Lessons 9 - 10

Align with your Authentic Self and integrate the Five Creative Forces.  You will explore what your Authentic Expression is, and learn to step more fully into your Personal Power.  As you weave all the teachings together, you will deepen the embodiment of the Personal Empowerment Process and learn to transfer this wisdom into your daily life.

10 Powerful Lessons

What You'll Get:

Over 17 hours of Video Lessons and Guided Practices
47 Video Topics
12 Guided Meditation and Healing Practice Audio Downloads
Multiple Additional Healing Activities per Lesson
10 Lesson Summary Handouts

Course Details:

Tuition: $495

Level: Intermediate

Setting: Online/Virtual

Course Length:  17 Hours, plus directed activities

Expected Completion Time: 2.5 to 3 hours per lesson.  Recommended as 1 Lesson per week.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone Committed to Personal Growth

This course walks you step-by-step through a process of deep personal discovery, healing and transformation.  It is designed to empower with tools, practices and knowledge that will create profound healing and help you step into a higher vibrational experience of life.  Clear your inner obstacles, direct your inner powers towards the life you desire, and experience the joy, vibrancy, love and freedom and you long for.

Law of Attraction Students

Discover the deeper mechanisms behind the Law of Attraction.  Gain a deeper Spiritual understanding of the process, while also gaining a more practical, realistic perspective. Clarify your role in the process, why LOA often seems to fail and what needs to happen in order to create positive results.

Spiritual Seekers

Get a deep overview of Tantra's model of Spiritual Reality and the deeper goal of a spiritual path.  You will learn how to focus on Spiritual awakening, while also experiencing deep and profound techniques to heal and harmonize your daily life.  Learn the deeper principles for using your personal healing process as an integral part of the Spiritual Path.

Tantric Students

Deepen your understanding of Tantra as a Spiritual Path, while directly exploring the Tantric vibrational and energetic nature of your Self and the World around you.  You will discover how to work with vibration and energy for your own healing and as a part of Spiritual Awakening.  You will be supported in experiencing deeper spiritual principles, clearing Karmic patterns, harmonizing your life, awakening your inner Creative Powers and aligning your own Consciousness with the unfolding nature of Tantric Reality.

Current and Aspiring Healing Practitioners

Directly explore and experience the foundations of the Ecstatic Union Healing Model.  Deepen your own wisdom with new perspectives and new tools.  Commit to your own personal healing process and development as a path towards better supporting current or future clients.  Get Personal experience of this healing approach to better prepare you for Ecstatic Union Professional Certification Courses.

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Course Content

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Understanding Your Self and the Tantric Nature of Experience

How to Consciously Create The Life of Your Dreams
Integrating the 5 Creative Powers into your life

About Instructor

Jeff Craft (Kali Das)

Jeff Craft (Kali Das) is the Founder and Director of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, and the creator of the Ecstatic Union® Healing System.​His work focuses on weaving together Non-Dual approaches to Tantra through the interrelationship of the Vedic Sciences, and grounding them into practical healing tools for a modern Spiritual Path.Beginning his studies in 1990, his Professional Certifications include Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and multiple Energy Healing approaches, among many others.He received Shaktipat initiation from his Guru in September 2002. That marked the beginning of an accelerated Nondual Spiritual Path based upon Nondual Tantra and Advaita Vedanta.

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