How to Chant AUM or OM

How to Chant “AUM” or “OM” | Part 5 of 8 | Introduction to Mantra Meditation Series

How to Chant AUM or “OM” Mantra

Instructions for the actual chanting technique, with details in how to make it most effective.   An overview of different experiences which can arise during practice. Non-attachment to outcome.  Tips to help understand and neutralize the reactions that the ego and mind will have to your Mantra Practice and spiritual development.

This is Part 5 of 8 in the Mantra Meditation Series.

To support your practice, check out my Guided Meditation CD entitled “Beginning Meditations: Expanding Peace”. It includes Chanting OM as part of the second meditation and is available for purchase on-line through iTunes and Follow the link below to see a full description and the links to the purchase options.

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  • Well, of course it works. BUT, the only way to find out is to do it your self and stick with it. And it also matters what you are trying to accomplish with it?

    Either way, you must give it a reasonable amount of time to reveal benefits. For some they are quick and obvious and for other it is will be a little slower. You should at least notice yourself a little more relaxed, calm and/or focused in the beginning.

    The challenge is to give up expectations and allow the process to unfold however it unfolds. Do not expect it to look a certain way. Do not think “this means it is not working”, simply keep doing it.

    If you have not already, watch the other videos to get more information on the process and the intention. And then begin a small practice every day. Say start with 5 or 10 minutes. Slow. Do not rush, and focus on the sound. Watch everything you feel, see and think when you become aware of it. Witness it all. And then return your focus to the sound of OM (AUM).

    If you have any questions about your practice as you go along, feel free to email me or follow up here!

    Thanks for watching and let me know how your experience with it goes!


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