Healing Vs Spiritual Awakening - An Important Distinction for the Spiritual Seeker

Healing Vs Spiritual Awakening – An Important Distinction for the Spiritual Seeker

Healing vs spiritual awakening: what is really happening? Spiritual awakening requires a specific motivation and focus. So, clarity on different practices and goals is necessary.

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Introduction to Healing vs Spiritual Awakening

Hello there! This is Jeff Craft, or Kali Das, and just wanted to make a video for you today sharing some information with you that’s been very important to me.

So what I’m about to share is incredibly important for those on a sincere spiritual path to understand.

When I finally got this distinction for myself, it really made a huge difference in my own spiritual path. And so I wanted to talk about this because I think it’s really important.

So like many people on the spiritual path, I began my journey wanting to improve my own life, to have better relationships, to feel less anxious, to find more confidence in myself and many other benefits that I’m sure I was thinking of at the time as well.

And so I discovered a lot of great healing methods in the early part of what became my spiritual journey. I learned many healing methods that were often framed in spiritual terms. And it was a really important part of starting my own journey.

But as I went deeper into the spiritual path, I began to realize that there’s a very important distinction between this stage of healing that I am describing just now, and the deeper process of spiritual awakening that an authentic path actually invites us to step into.

There are many great practices and techniques for overcoming almost any problem that you can think of, such as anxiety, low energy, lack of confidence, addiction, conflict in relationships, greater financial success, many other things.

There are lots of different challenges that we as humans commonly experience. And finding ways for us to balance those things out can be really helpful.

So when I first started what became a spiritual journey, these types of methods, self-help practices and focuses on those kinds of challenges and overcoming those kind of challenges was also really important and helpful for me at the time.

They have a lot of practical value and on a spiritual path, I think it’s absolutely critical for us to find ways to harmonize our day to day lives.

But for those of us that are sincere about spiritual awakening and discovering the deeper essence of spiritual truth, which is the goal of spiritual practice in a more traditional sense, we must also at some point make an important distinction between the types of healing or personal transformational practices that I’ve just described and distinguish that between the practices that focus on the goal of spiritual awakening.

So if you haven’t already seen my video on the essence of spiritual awakening, I encourage you to check it out for a deeper explanation. But as a quick review, I’ll remind you that the goal of an authentic spiritual path is to discover your True Self.

And that the True Self is described as being pure awareness or pure consciousness, and the deeper understanding is that the person that you have imagined yourself to be in the world is not your truest self.

It is, of course, an experience that you are having that is valid and real. But your truest essence is beyond that. It is pure awareness or pure consciousness.

And so on a spiritual path, we’re actually seeking to discover our true self beyond the body, beyond the thoughts and the story of the person that we’ve known ourselves to be in the world.

There’s a larger picture that we’re opening into that helps us to understand by direct experience that our true essence is this pure awareness or consciousness beyond the experience of just the character in the world that we have been experiencing and so this is where the distinction becomes important.

Healing Vs Spiritual Awakening - An Important Distinction for the Spiritual Seeker
Transformation and spiritual progress open into freedom when we understand the distinction between healing vs awakening.

The Focus of Personal Healing and Transformation

Healing or personal transformation practices are primarily designed to benefit the person that you know that has been living in the world. They are designed to improve health, reduce anxiety, to become more confident, to have better relationships, and all the other benefits that we can think of.

And I’ve already mentioned they’re designed to benefit the person that you have known yourself to be in the world. And again, I emphasize these are helpful and beneficial to the person that you experience yourself to be in the world.

I’m not making any kind of statement that they are in any way wrong. I’m going to tell you actually, they are very helpful.

And there’s also a way of understanding these methods in the context of how they support the actual process of spiritual awakening. I’ll talk about that more in a future video.

So they’re not in conflict with each other, but we want to get the right orientation to understand how they work together.

How Spiritual Awakening Differs From Healing

But the important distinction is this: Healing. or personal growth and transformation are focused on improving the life of the person that you are in the world. However, an authentic spiritual path is about realizing that you’re not actually the person living in the world, but instead your pure spirit or pure consciousness or pure awareness.

So the deeper path of spiritual awakening actually has nothing to do with making your life better and everything to do with discovering the deeper truth of who you are.

Personal healing and growth can be very helpful and important, and I actually encourage giving it attention on the spiritual path.

But for those who are seeking the direct experience of spiritual truth of Self and reality, I think that it’s very important to realize that personal healing and growth is only a small piece of the puzzle. It’s designed to benefit the person you are in the world, which the spiritual teachings actually ultimately say is not our true self and not our true essence.

We’re trying to discover what’s beyond. So we want to also really anchor in and commit to the discovering of the deeper truth of Self as spirit, awareness or consciousness as our deepest primary goal for our spiritual path.

So this is the important thing to take away. Yes, healing and personal growth are beneficial for helping us live a more harmonious and healthy life. But the benefits this brings are for improving the life of yourself in the world.

While these benefits are important on a practical level, it’s also important to recognize that the goal of an authentic spiritual path is to awaken to the direct experience of your true self as awareness or spirit or pure consciousness which exists beyond this person that you’ve been experiencing in the world.

So personal healing is for you in the world, and spiritual awakening practices are for you to discover your true self beyond the limited experience of the person in the world.

If we want to go deeper on an authentic spiritual path, it becomes increasingly important to make this distinction so that we’re clear on which goal we’re addressing with the different practices that we do.

Are we doing something that’s designed to harmonize the life of our self in the world? Or are we doing a practice that’s actually designed and focused on helping us discover that true essence of who we are at the level of spirit or consciousness or awareness?

As we progress on our path is going to need to be at least a slow, maybe sometimes a little faster, but for most a slow shift to focus more and more on discovering the true essence of self and reality as spiritual truth and less and less need to focus on the harmonizing of our life in the world.

And ultimately, we’ll discover that our daily life actually starts to take care of itself the more we focus on the deeper spiritual truth.

So there’s still not a conflict and both need to be addressed. But it is really helping us clarify and make a distinction about what we’re actually trying to accomplish with the real goal of spiritual awakening versus personal growth.

And we’ll also talk later, like I said, about how they fit together because they’re both important.

But we want to put them all in context together.

So, again, if you resonated with this, please leave some comments and maybe even find an opportunity to share this article or video with some like-minded friends as well.

Thank you very much. Namaste, and have a great one.

What are your thoughts or experiences related to personal healing versus the process of spiritual awakening?

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