Introduction to Sacred Sexuality for Individuals

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Do you suspect more is possible?

Do you suspect there may be more to sex than what you are currently experiencing?
Are you wanting to prepare for deeper intimacy and love with a future partner?
Are you interested in weaving sexuality, love and spirituality together?

Let's be honest:  Great sex is really enjoyable!  It can be a healthy way of releasing stress, improving mood and enjoying connection with a partner.

But even regular great sex can become a little routine.  And of course, for those whose sex life is less than great, the desire for more satisfying sex is even stronger.

When searching for a better sexual experience, many people turn to porn, casual hook-ups, exploring sexual variety, fantasies, toys, trying new things in the bedroom.  Some of these things can and will increase enjoyment and desire.  But frequently the new experiences also become routine, and we may feel the need to look for something else new again.

The error here is that most people try to "fix" their sexual experience at the level where they are dissatisfied.  They try to create better sex by trying to have more sex, or adding variety to it.

Western Tantra teaches us a different approach that leads to deeper intimacy, heightened pleasure and greater fulfillment.  And the great news is that you do not need a partner to get benefits.  In fact, starting your practice while single has some great advantages!

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This On-Line Class Is For You if you want to...

  • Discover the advantages of being Single and cultivating a Sacred Sexuality or Western Tantric Practice
  • Discover the greatest obstacle to deeper intimacy, love and fulfilling sexual connection, and take steps to overcome it
  • Learn how to unleash your capacity for pleasure and discover the higher purpose of sexual energy
  • Experience powerful practices that will help you activate greater orgasmic energy flow and cultivate a deeper connection to your self
  • Explore how relationship, love and sexual experiences can support your spiritual path

You can evolve your sexual energy and capacity for love, and
I want to show you how!

I too know the frustrations of the search for more sex, deeper pleasure and greater love. I kept imagining that if I found that right position, or that new technique, or finally experienced that fantasy that seems so arousing that I would find the great pleasure and happiness I was looking for.

I imagined that if I could just have more sex that I would feel satisfied.

But, time and time again the temporary heights of pleasure ended, and I was left craving more and new again.  And most hook ups usually left me feeling empty as soon as the pleasure ended.

It was only when I shifted my strategy and changed my focus and expectations that things began to become more harmonious.  Better sex and deeper commitment and love don't come from "more sex".  They are created by engaging it differently.

As Albert Einstein famously said: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

The solution to finding a more fulfilling sex life and deeper intimacy and love isn't found at the level of sexual pleasure.  And learning these new ways of engaging it while you are single is a great advantage, because you have permission to 100% focus on your own healing and growth.  And, when the time is right, you are more likely to attract a future partner that wants to share this journey of deeper connection and greater fulfillment with you.


Let me show you how You Can Succeed Too!

The real source of great sex and deeper connection isn't "out there".  It's actually the inner state of intention and self-awareness. After all, the pleasure we experience doesn't come from a toy, or even another person! Our pleasure arises within the body and the nervous system.

So what happens when we optimize our INNER experience of sexual energy and desire to create deeper pleasure?  And what happens when we optimize our inner environment to support deeper intimacy, connection and love with a partner?

As you commit to evolving your sexual energy and getting clearer on your own needs, desires and interests, you will naturally begin to attract experiences that reflect your evolving values and needs.  The purpose and experience of sex and relationship changes directions in a way that creates greater freedom, pleasure, connection, intimacy, love, joy and vibrancy.

The Introduction to Sacred Sexuality for Individuals Class is about discovering a new way to be with your Self and your Sexual energy.  It is designed to lay a powerful foundation of understanding and beginning practices that will help you cultivate and evolve the inner environments of self-love and self-acceptance, while also developing your inner capacity for greater aliveness, freedom and pleasure.

I created this 3 Hour Intensive workshop to support you and guide you through a powerful process of awakening deeper self-love and opening the flow of sexual energy within your nervous system.

And you can fully participate and harvest the benefits right from the comfort of your own home.

In this 3 Hour Video Class, you will:

  • Learn the common obstacles to connection with others and experience a process to begin clearing them
  • Discover how to Evolve Sexual energy for deepening pleasure and inviting greater joy into your life
  • Learn methods and practices for increasing stamina, sensitivity and orgasmic potential
  • Experience a practice to overcome the 3 common blocks to greater orgasmic flow
  • Experience a powerful tool for cultivating self love, joy and peace

Meet Your Teacher!

Jeff Craft (Kali Das)

Jeff has over 27 years of experience, study and practice in the fields of Healing, Personal Transformation and Spiritual Growth.  He is the Founder and Director of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, and has Developed the Ecstatic Union® Healing system which re-integrates Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, and Tantra Yoga into a profound process of healing and growth. He is also the Senior Instructor and Program manager at the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science.


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Begin the journey of deeper wholeness and fulfillment by cultivating love, joy and aliveness!

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  • Support for Beginning Your Sacred Sexuality Journey
  • Multiple Foundational Practices
  • Multiple Audios to support Guided Practices after the class
  • BONUS: 3 Guided Meditations CDs

PLUS - these amazing bonuses:

  • Beginning Meditations: Expanding Peace (Audio CD Download)
  • Living With Awareness: Tantric Meditations for Expanded Conscious Living (Audio CD Download)
  • Expanding Consciousness: A Tantric Meditation to Awaken the Bliss of the Self (Audio CD Download)

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

"This was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Jeff, for all you offer the world."[Sacred Sexuality Evening]

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Do I need a Partner? Can anyone attend?

    A.This class is intended for those who what to start Sacred Sexuality practices without a partner. It is designed to empower and evolve your capacity for pleasure, love, joy and the use of sexual energy as an individual.

    It is also open to diversity of ethnicity, race, gender and sexual preferences.

    The only requirement is that you have a sincerity to explore Western Tantra as an integral part of a Spiritual Path and the willingness to share that journey with others.

  • Q.Will there be any Nudity involved?

    A.No. None of the practices we will be exploring require any nudity.

  • Q.How long will I have access to the classes?

    A.As long as you don’t delete your Student Member account, you will retain access indefinitely.

  • Q.Can I share these classes with a friend or partner?

    A.The registration is intended for one person.  If you know other people that would like to share this journey with you, please have them enroll separately.

  • Q.How much is this Class?

    A.It is only $197 per person for the 3 Hour Class, including all handouts, practice resources and lifetime access to the Class Recordings.

    Doing this 3 hour process in a 1-on-1 private session would be $360.

  • Q.How should we prepare for the class?

    A.The class will include topic presentations, experiences and practices, along with opportunities to share and discuss.

    You are encouraged to have a journal or electronic notepad in case you want to write something down.

    You are also encouraged to dress comfortably.  You will need a space to lay on the floor for one practice.  And you want a comfortable chair to sit in for the class and other healing experiences.


Only $197