Tantric Transformation Foundation Series

A 6 Class Tantric Series to Accelerate Spiritual Awakening

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Spiritual Path?

These Classes cut through confusing and contradictory ideas and reveal...

  • The One True Goal of an Authentic Spiritual Path and the One Process we are using to Awaken, so you will know exactly what to focus on and won't get sidetracked
  • Clear practices and tools to create a direct path to that One True Goal
  • The important mindset for understanding the context of different practices
  • How to Awaken direct experience of Spirit in the Body and the World
  • How we can use the pains and pleasures of any area of life as fuel to accelerate the Spiritual Path
  • How to cultivate a direct relationship with the Divine in order to accelerate awakening

Here's what one Spiritual Seeker said:


My life has been a Spiritual Path from very early on. The understanding and expanded awareness given through these 6 classes has been very impactful in my day-to-day awareness. I have been able to release and relax even more into life as it is, without forcing or trying to change anything or anyone, including myself! My understanding of Tantra has grown exponentially, from 0-100 in just a very short time. Tantra delivers a framework and conceptual understanding that can be shared with anyone regardless of place on the path or off the path which produces personal results, as well as greater growth and awareness of the sacred nature of all of life.

Life changing!

Kate Will Pre-School Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Discover Tantra as an Authentic Spiritual Path

Tantra is considered to be "the Direct Path" to awakening.  And its Ancient wisdom is also the most powerful and appropriate Spiritual approach for Modern day seekers.

When it comes to Tantra as a spiritual practice,  there is a core foundation of understanding that sets the stage for success.  When you understand this core foundational approach and allow you practice to be guided by it, you will stay focused and on the Path.   If you don't understand the core foundational approach, you will likely become distracted by unnecessary or even harmful concepts and practices without even realizing it.

With so much incorrect and confusing information on the internet about Tantra, this Class Series is designed to be an in depth foundation of the Core Tantric Spiritual understandings and practices that will help you each any of the primary goals you are interested in. It will clarify the true goal of Tantra, the main process we are engaging to get there, and how to use Tantric practices in a focused way to ensure you stay on the path.

It will also show you how you can use your daily life experiences to accelerate your spiritual awakening. Daily life, including love, relationship and sexual expression are powerful, practical and universal themes with deep spiritual implications.  You will learn the context and practices that makes this relevant to Spiritual Awakening.

In Tantra we seek to evolve these areas and use them to cultivate spiritual energy that quickens our spiritual transformation and growth.

This 6 Class Tantric Spiritual Series will help you:

  • Embody the Proper Context and Focus to Successfully Reach Your Tantric Goals
  • Explore Tantra's connections to Spirituality, Relationships and Sexual Desire
  • Weave Spirituality into your Daily life and Awakening greater Joy, Peace and Vibrancy
  • Implement the Core approaches needed to Transform your Life and Evolve Spiritually
  • Explore powerful Practices that awaken direct access to Spiritual states

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Get Instant Access to almost 10 hours of Classes,
plus lifetime access to recordings, handouts and guided practices.

Only $497


Here's what students have said:

Every week has just been a phenomenal gift of expression and really leading me in places where things have been reinforced, ideas have expanded, and awareness has really grown. And I loved it, I loved all of it.


Things just seem to be more in sync and I’ve had more energy and things are like popping up - opportunities and… a greater sense of control… control and action … more confidence… it’s been really pretty cool.


Here is everything you get

  • A clear, step by step process designed to help you awaken direct Spiritual Experience
  • 6 Classes with almost 10 hours of instruction
  • All classes available in both Video and Audio Only format
  • 6 Handouts which give an overview of the 6 classes
  • 19 Audio downloads with Guided Meditations and Practices to support you after the classes

Overview of the Six Classes

Class 1: Entering the Tantric Universe

  • How Tantra offers a profound solution to the Universal Human search for Happiness
  • How Tantra resolves the conflict between worldly experience and spiritual pursuits
  • Clarity and what Tantra as a spiritual practice is, and what it is not
  • The core Tantric principles that support our evolution and growth as humans and spiritual beings
  • The single most important thing to focus on if you are truly wanting to evolve spiritually
  • The main obstacle to experiencing the depth of your Spiritual Nature
  • The Tantric definition of the Nature of your True Self
  • How to initiate the process of evolving from where you are now into your True Spiritual Self
  • The 3 most essential steps for pursuing the Tantra Spiritual Path
  • A guided meditation experience for experiencing a taste of your True Self
  • An additional guided practice for beginning to cultivate the Joy, Love and Freedom of your True Self

Class 2: Tantric Meditation for Healing and Spiritual Awakening

  • Putting Meditation and Practices into Context: The Key Distinction you must grasp to succeed in Authentic Spiritual awakening
  • The Spiritual implications of Shiva and Shakti, or Masculine and Feminine, and how they serve as keys to reawakening your True Self
  • The Two main Tantric approaches to engaging Shiva and Shakti
  • How Tantra defines the nature of reality, and the features of Tantric Meditation that engage that reality
  • How Tantric Meditations support the 3 Core steps of Authentic Tantric Practice
  • An Overview of multiple types of Tantric Meditation
  • The Significance or Balancing or Reunifying Shiva and Shakti
  • Deeper understanding of the qualities of your True Self and your capacity to access wisdom and guidance from with.
  • The importance of Harmonizing the Spiritual and Physical realities
  • A Guided Practice for accessing your True Self, amplifying it and weaving it into your physical body and expressing it in your life

Class 3: Tantra, Relationship and Spiritual Awakening

  • How the concept of Relationship is used in a Spiritual context for evolution and awakening
  • How experience manifests through the Principles of Shiva and Shakti
  • The Significance of Karma in the process of spiritual growth and awakening
  • The Tantric Approach to cultivating Spiritual experience while evolving beyond the influences of Karma
  • The Core Distinctions between Conscious Relationship and Unconsciously Relationship
  • Why developing Conscious Relationship is a key to harmonizing and balancing your life, your Self and your connection to others
  • How to cultivate a stronger relationship with Shiva and Shakti, and why it is critical to Tantric practice
  • How our personal relationship are like "soup", and our role in ensuring our relationships are harmonious
  • The higher purpose of personal and romantic relationships, and how they can be used as a vehicle for Spiritual awakening
  • The key distinctions for recognizing whether you are engaging relationhip in a conscious or unconscious way
  • 6 Powerful tools for cultivating more Conscious Relationships that also evolve you personally and spiritually
  • A guided experience for clearly recognizing how the Power of Shakti creates your experience of life from moment to moment.
  • A guided experience for Discovering the Nature of Shiva and how cultivating a deeper connection to Shiva is critical for Spiritual progress

Class 4: Tantra, Sexuality and Spiritual Awakening

  • The distinction between the Absolute Reality of Spiritual Self and the Relative Reality of the manifest world, and how Tantra unifies them into a single experience
  • Why Sexuality and relationship are so commonly associated with Tantra, and how they can be used as a part of the Spiritual Path if one chooses.
  • How evolving our relationship to desire, pleasure, aliveness, joy, love, intimacy, and freedom are beneficial to our experience of life and our Spiritual Path
  • The Four Goals of life, and how consciously cultivating deeper purpose, greater abundance and more pleasure can actually accelerate the path of Spiritually awakening
  • How harmonizing our relationships and sexuality act as tools for evolving our Karma and evolving into higher spiritual awareness
  • An overview of common areas to explore, heal and evolve in the areas of relationship and sexuality
  • How balancing Masculine and Feminine, or Shiva and Shakti, serves the healing process at the level of relationship and sexuality
  • How the process of creation or manifestation operated through our Spiritual Nature
  • How we can use this understanding to reverse the flow of creative energy and accelerate Spiritual Awakening
  • Kundalini and The Spiritual implications of Sexual energy
  • The original purpose of sexual rituals in a spiritually focused Tantric practice
  • Steps for evolving our relationship with Sexual energy so that it serves our spiritual transformation
  • Redefining "pleasure" from a physically focused experience to one which is a reflection of the Bliss of your Spiritual or True Self
  • A guided practice to initiate healing and karmic transformation around the experience of desires
  • A Guided practice for reversing the flow of sexual energy and integrating it into the nervous system as vibrancy, pleasure and spiritual energy

Class 5: Diving Deeper and Evolving the Practice

  • Additional intentions and clarifications for Cultivating Life force or sexual energy for Spiritual awakening
  • Reviewing and deepening the Single goal of Tantra, and the 3 Step process to awaken the Spiritual Self
  • How the cultivation of Sexual or Life force energy becomes a vehicle for Spiritual growth and Karmic Purification
  • How to recognize Karma and the various stages of karmic healing and purification
  • Thoughts on "Kundalini Crisis" and "Spiritual Emergencies"
  • Creating a more conscious relationship with the Divine Shakti and accepting where you are in the process of Spiritual Awakening
  • Stages and steps in the process of Tantric Spiritual Transformation
  • Your role in the process of Spiritual Transformation
  • Weaving the principles together, we formalize the Universal Steps for Authentic Tantric Spiritual Practice
  • A guided practice for developing a conscious relationship with the Divine while amplifying the benefits of other practices and consciously participating in the process of Karmic Purification

Class 6: Using Daily Life to Evolve the Practices

  • Reviewing and deepening the Tantric principles of growth and evolution
  • Deepening awareness of the importance of the One goal of Tantric Spiritual Practice and the One process we are engaging
  • How to integrate your Tantric practice and the new inner practices and tools into your daily life
  • Weaving other spiritual and healing practices into the Tantric Spiritual Path
  • How to use every aspect of life for intentional self-healing and Spiritual Awakening
  • Proper intentions and mindsets to support your practice
  • How to use daily life to purify past karmic conditioning and cultivate greater connection to your Whole, Authentic Self.
  • Exploring Authentic Expression as the highest, most joyful potential of your Soul living with full freedom and vibrancy in the world
  • Exploring what blocks our Authentic Expression and how to awaken it more fully
  • 4 Powerful tips for learning to hear your Soul's truth and awaken Authentic Expression
  • Signs and experiences to look for as you assess the successful benefits of your Tantric Practice
  • Final summary, and review of how to use the various tools, perspectives and practices that you have learned during this course.
  • A glimpse of the next steps and future tool for evolving your Tantric Practice
  • A guided meditation practice for Activating your Authentic Self and preventing outside influences from distorting your Soul's inner Truth


Get Instant Access to almost 10 hours of Classes,
plus lifetime access to recordings, handouts and guided practices.

Only $497


Meet Your Teacher

About Jeff Craft (Kali Das)

Jeff Craft (Kali Das) is the Founder and Director of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, and the creator of the Ecstatic Union® Healing System and Ecstatic Relationship® .

His work focuses on weaving together Non-Dual approaches to Tantra through the interrelationship of the Vedic Sciences, and grounding them into practical healing tools for a modern Spiritual Path.

Jeff is also on the faculty for Professional Training Programs at both New World Ayurveda and the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science.

Here's what students have said about past programs:

Truly a transformative and pivotal experience, one that will serve as a touchstone for the rest of my life.

Doug L., Atlanta, GA

The most awakening experience I've had in years. Gave a new hope to life.

Cheryl B., Marietta, GA

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Jeff Craft (Kali Das), AtlantaSchoolOfTantraYoga.com

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Get Instant Access to almost 10 hours of Classes,
plus lifetime access to recordings, handouts and guided practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How do I work with the classes?

    A.You will have instant access to all 6 classes, all handouts and all support resources.

    You are encourages to start from the beginning, and give yourself at least one week to work with the practices that are introduced in each lesson.

    With that said, you are also free to work with the material in your own pace.  You can even spend multiple weeks with one set of practices before moving on to the next lesson.

  • Q.Do I need a Partner? Can anyone attend?

    A.This program is focused on Tantra as a Spiritual Path, and not Tantra as “sacred sexuality.” This series is open to anyone, single, partnered or otherwise.  There are no practices that require a partner in this program.

    Additionally, it is open to diversity of ethnicity, race, gender and sexual preferences.

    The only requirement is a sincerity to explore Tantra as a Spiritual Path that embraces all of life as part of the Sacred Journey of Awakening

  • Q.How long will I have access to the classes?

    A.As long as you don’t delete your Student Member account, you will retain access indefinitely.

  • Q.Can I share these classes with a friend or partner?

    A.The registration is intended for one person.  If you have a friend or partner that would like to share this journey with you, please have them enroll also.

  • Q.How must is the Class Series?

    A.It is only $497 for all Six Classes, including all handouts, practice resources and lifetime access to the Class Recordings.


Get Instant Access to almost 10 hours of Classes,
plus lifetime access to recordings, handouts and guided practices.

Only $497