Rushing to Enlightenment

Rushing to Enlightenment?

Why The Rush to Enlightenment?

Stop rushing.  Be still for a moment. And then again the next.

Spiritual progress doesn’t come about through pushing and forcing.  It happens with letting go, surrendering into the moment.

This doesn’t mean being passive.  Practice will likely still need to happen, but in the stillness and surrender you can be guided into your practice, rather than choosing with the mind and creating expectations about what your results “should be”.

Practice with the intention of opening and allowing your Deeper Spiritual Self to be revealed and experienced, and then let go of any expectation of what that may look or feel like.  Be present to what IS revealed rather than allowing the mind to search for some proof of success.

You Are Already Enlightened

As the saying goes, “you are already Enlightened, you just don’t know it yet”.  There is nothing you can do or add to your Self that will cause you to be Enlightened.  Your very nature is that of Enlighenment, only in this moment the mind is clouding the Light which already radiates from your Self.

Stop stirring up the clouds with mental activity, expectations and searching.  Be still, and allow the power of Love and light from within your own Being to gently dissolve the clouds, revealing the Radiance of your True Self.

Invite all Tantra Yoga and Meditation practices to do nothing other than help you to open to that Stillness so the Truth may be revealed.  Shift from “doing” to “Being”.

You cannot “rush” and be still at the same time.  You cannot “push” and relax open at the same time.

You are Enlightened now.  Stop all striving and pushing and just be still.  Your practices should lead you to Expansion, Stillness and Presence.  In that state, the Truth can reveal Itself.

Rushing to Enlightenment?
Spiritual enlightenment doesn’t come about through pushing and forcing. It happens with letting go, and surrendering to the moment.

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