Solar Eclipse in Leo - Inspired Vision, Law of Attraction, and the Earthquake - Virgo Astrology Forecast for September 13, 2015

Solar Eclipse in Leo: Inspired Vision, Law of Attraction, and the Earthquake | Virgo Astrology Forecast for September 13, 2015

Shortly after the exact New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse, at 1:14am on September 13, 2015 a 6.6 magnitude earthquake happened about 37 miles from Topolobampo, Mexico in the Gulf of California.

The New Moon begins a new cycle, and the eclipse points magnify that energy causing its influence to continue for many months to come.

When we look at the Muhurta (chart of the moment) for the earthquake, we see that Sidereal Gemini is the ascendant. Gemini itself is connected to the movement of the mind or thoughts and as an air sign can indicate high levels of Vata energy. Vata is the Ayurvedic term for the functions of movement and transportation in Nature.

Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, which has swift movement and Vata nature. And Mercury, the ruler of the moment/event, goes into Virgo in the 4th house, which is also ruled by Mercury. While Mercury functions well in Virgo, the Virgo nature can have a nervousness to it, as it becomes obsessed with and overwhelmed by the details of life. And because Rahu is also in the 4th house with Mercury that nervousness and erratic movement is strengthened. Rahu has a high level of Vata nature, and is creates obsession and confusion. Rahu is also associated with the karmic trends of the collective as well as catastrophe and mass disturbances.

House 1, 4, 7 and 10 are referred to as “Angles”. Like 4 legs on a table, these 4 angle houses form the foundation or structure for our lives. With Rahu in the 4th and Ketu in the 10th, we see that this foundation and structure was being heavily influences by nervous, erratic movement.

Jupiter, which rules the 7th and 10th houses, is also in association with the New moon and eclipse point of the Sun and Moon. This is where the energy of the moon (our heart and feeling nature) is at its lowest. And the eclipse itself is a point where the “power” of the sun is blocked. Jupiter is also being aspected by Saturn, which casts a strong Vata nature and a pressure that crushes what is weak. Saturn also happens to be the 8th lord ruler, and casts that influence as the energy of transformation and upheaval onto Jupiter. The result is another strong and powerful indication of weakened structure and an energy which is overcoming that weakness.

All of the angles in the chart, either by rulership or direct placement, are being shaken up through movement, pressure and instability. Strong Malefic planetary influences with the result of a literal shaking of the foundation of the structure of the Earth itself. And thus, an earthquake.

But this powerful physical event is just the tip of the iceberg. As this same energy is happening at the level of our Collective emotional and mental experience. How is the structure of our lives also being shaken up? How are the cycles of Power and Creative vision being disrupted?

In order to act upon what we want to do in life, we should put our power into conviction.

What does Solar Eclipse in Leo Bring?

Jupiter has been in sidereal Leo since July 14th. It’s overall influence is to connect our Power (Leo) to our higher Principles and Purpose (Jupiter) through inspiration and motivation to share our creative vision with the world. Leo is like the King and in its highest form of expression desires to use it’s power for lift up others.

Jupiter has recently experienced some doubts through combustion, but that influence has now ended. And here we now have the eclipse of the Sun (our Power) happening with Jupiter, and the Pressure of Saturn upon it to strengthen it. After all, when something is weak, we must strengthen it to be able to endure the pressure. This is one way Saturn challenges us to refine and improve our lives.

The eclipse and the New Moon cycle will be bringing to awareness this powerful theme of how Power is being manifested, and the type of inspired vision that we wish to share with the world. But, what good is power if it is not put into action?

As the Sun and Moon progress into Virgo, we see the natural unfolding of the use of power. In Virgo we see that our power must be put into action. We must organize the details of our vision and act upon them in order to spread that power and influence. Our vision and inspiration remains a fantasy if it just dwells within the creative space of the mind.

Rahu is currently in Virgo with its ruler Mercury. This amplifies the focus on the practical details that we must honor in order to share our vision and improve our lives. And because Rahu is the shadow energy that is responsible for the eclipse, this placement brings a strong influence around needing to focus on the details of how Power is implemented and shared.

Virgo is the place where we come face to face with the details of how our habits, our routines, our diet, etc are impacting our life and our health. How are you REALLY using our power? Even if you have many grand visions for what you want to do, nothing happens until you direct that power into step by step actions to bring it about.

This is an important point that is often lost of the “Law of Attraction” devotees. Yes our minds are powerful. Yes, our thoughts impact our reality. But all the affirmations and visualizations in the world will not change your life if you don’t get up and take action! Yes, you might even “attract” new opportunities to bring your vision into reality. But if you don’t respond to the opportunity, nothing will change.

Leo, as power and leadership, also related to our Governments. This same transformation is being seen at this level. The power of our leaders is only as good as their abilities to organize their vision into a plan of action and implement it. When you are evaluating political candidates, you want to pay attention to their vision. And you also want to pay attention to whether or not they have a plan to create it. How well are they able to channel their power for the change and transformation that you are seeking? Are they all talk? Or do they really have a plan?

At this time, the “details” become more important than “talking about the vision”. A vision without a plan or effort to create it is an empty promise.

We also see that Venus and Mars are still together in Cancer. Venus has returned direct, but is still a bit challenged in this location. And Mars is still at a weak point. In all likelihood, there has probably been less conflict in your life in general because this configuration has encouraged more compromise. But, has the weakened strength of Mars caused you to compromise on something that is important to you just to avoid conflict?

On September 16th, Mars with move into Leo. Here the fiery nature of Mars will be inspired by the power and fire of Leo. You may find yourself standing up for yourself a little more. Perhaps even reclaiming your needs around something you lost in a recent compromise.

Mars’ movement into Leo will also support greater strength to act upon your visions and inspirations. Make sure you pay attention to the details.

This “Shake up” and the influence of the Solar eclipse will last for many months. Like the Earthquake, the foundation of your life is being shaken up. What was weak will be crumbled and displaced. And as you sift through your inner values and observe both your relationship to power and how well you are putting it into action, you are invited to rebuild with clearer vision. You are invited to be honest with yourself about what you need to change in order to create a stronger foundation for your own life. Do you need to make some changes around health? Do you need to step into your power and vision and organize those details into an action plan? Do you need to reevaluate where you seek inspiration and what or who you put your faith into?

Now is the chance to take your inspirations, and rebuild the structure of your life so that it supports your vision, your power and your Soul’s Authentic expression into the world. What structures do you need to build first? What inspiring teachings, leaders or principles truly support your deepest ideals and visions? What details do you need to attend to? And what actions do you need to take in order to have your power and vision create a positive influence on the world around you?

Stay tuned to these themes in your own life, in the news and in the people around you.

Solar Eclipse in Leo: Inspired Vision, Law of Attraction, and the Earthquake | Virgo Astrology Forecast for September 13, 2015
Now is the chance to take your inspirations, and rebuild the structure of your life so that it supports your vision, your power and your Soul’s Authentic expression into the world.

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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