Solar Eclipse in Aquarius - The Power to Serve - Vedic Astrology Forecast for March 8th, 2016

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: The Power to Serve | Vedic Astrology Forecast for March 8th, 2016

With this New Moon we also get a Full Solar Eclipse, which will be visible somewhere over the Pacific Ocean in its height around on March 9th in the local time zone. That ends up being around 8:54 PM, March 8th on the East Coast of the United States. We won’t be able to see it from here, of course, but that’s when it happens.

Eclipses have long been considered an “omen” of sorts, and the reason is they bring a disruption in the “normal flow of things”. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the Sun. And the Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) represent the axis where the eclipse can occur. So astrologically, the Solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Ketu all enter the same visual space in the sky.

Ketu is said to “have the power to block the Sun”, and it literally occurs through this association in the Solar eclipse. Ketu, in Vedic Astrology, is associated with dissatisfaction and detachment. It is a force which seeks to reject and scrutinize everything and can lead to a critical nature. In its highest expression, it is a spiritualizing force which wishes to be free of material and mental attachments. But along the path to get there, it can create a sense of loss and confusion, and brings confusion to force us to look at the areas it touches in order to make us pay attention.  Only by looking and bringing the Truth into awareness can we finally gain clarity.

The Sun represents our Power, confidence and our sense of Self Identity. And the Moon is the Feeling nature, our inner heart as well as the mind.

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: The Power to Serve | Vedic Astrology Forecast for March 8th, 2016
Our place in the collective encourages us to have consciousness of our actions that well better serve others.

What the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Brings Us?

For this eclipse, the Sun and Moon will join Ketu in the Sidereal Sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign of humility and can inspire the desire to serve others and have a more humanitarian or societal approach. It is ruled by Saturn, which brings about a practical awareness that understands the consequences of time and the long term affects of our actions.  And thus also, the long term effects of how our choices and actions impact the collective as well as future generations.

So the placement of the Moon and Sun in Aquarius would inspire the ideal of serving the larger collective, and being more aware of the needs of others. It would connect our Power and our Heart and Mind to this energy. And of course, this IS where our minds are being focused. But, in this case, Ketu casts a shadow over the whole thing. It creates doubt, confusion and criticism. We can certainly see these themes in the political process. If nothing else, the conflicting opinions, the critical natures of candidates as well as the high levels of controversy and debate among the people as they all fight to let their Power be seen and put into place.

In fairness, this is somewhat built into the political system, but many would agree there is something “different” happening right now. It seems a bit more intense, a bit more unexpected and a bit more divisive and controversial. And the Eclipse will only shake things up a bit more.

But, at the collective level, this is all forcing us to look at out own relationship to service and the welfare of the collective. To look at the values we have in place, and the way we wish to see our personal Power used for the benefit of the society that we value and wish to protect, defend and/or evolve.

Interestingly, the Sun, while representing our own individual Soul’s Power, also represents “the government” because it is the “Power of the People”. And the candidates and policies that we want to “put in place” are a reflection of our own relationship to power. Either the Power that we value, or perhaps the Power we feel we don’t have. One question to be self-aware of is whether we are looking for a “power to protect us” out of fear, or if we are looking for a power that will take decisive action as a means to improve our lives, serve the greater good and evolve us as a nation and a people?

Are we “defending against a perceived threat”, or are we “trying to build a better nation”?

These types of themes, both collectively and personally around power and our relationship to the collective society are being purified at this time. The Sun purifies by itself. And the eclipse will thin the veil, taking us deeper into the unconsciousness relationship we have to these themes. Thus “the shake up”.

On March 7th, Venus also entered Aquarius along with the Moon. And on March 1st, Mercury entered Aquarius. These also bring our personal happiness and experience of relationships (Venus), along with our intelligence, speech and powers of mental discrimination (Mercury) in connection with Power, Emotional Heart, Service and Society in Aquarius. In conjunction with the Sun, these things are also being purified.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is still retrograde in Leo with Rahu, bringing reflection on our deeper values, principles and teachings (Jupiter) in a way that is linked to an obsessive search (Rahu) for creative power, leadership and control (Leo). This amplifies the inner conflicts around power, and whether it benefits the “individual person or structure” (such as the government), or if that power best serves “the people and society”. The ultimate understanding is to realize that both sides need to be healthy and vibrant for true balance and success. It isn’t about “one or the other” as the better choice, but rather “how can we make both sides strong and effective so they mutually support and benefit each other”.

This inner conflict and search to find balance is being highlighted by the Rahu/Ketu axis in Leo/Aquarius in general, and the large number of planets along this axis at this time of the eclipse will make it even more intense.

Mars and Saturn are still in Scorpio, inviting the opportunities to face our fears and insecurities, and transform them into emotional strength, courage and clarity.

The energy is intense right now. The eclipse process always “shakes things up” and will be especially unstable for the 2 weeks leading up to the Lunar eclipse in Leo. From there, things will begin to settle again, but the impact of the Eclipse cycle continues to effect the collective for month following the actual event.  And Saturn and Mars will be in Scorpio for a while.  So, the opportunity to face insecurity, uncertainty and fear will be heightened for a while.  The more conscious of the process of transforming them the better we can be navigate these experiences and evolve ourselves through them.

Be mindful, as always, that these types of transits have a specific effect on the Collective which can be discussed in a general way, but that the impact upon each individual will vary due to how these positions interact with your birth chart. So the areas of your life that it touches and “shakes up” will be more specific for you, in addition to the effect on the collective.

How are you experiencing this energy? What is being “shaken up” in your world?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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