Lunar Eclipse in Pisces - Remembering The Big Picture While Obsessing About The Details - Vedic Astrology Forecast for September 27th, 2015

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Remembering The Big Picture While Obsessing About The Details | Vedic Astrology Forecast for September 27th, 2015

Today, September 27th, is the day of the Lunar Eclipse. The Window of the eclipse on the East Coast will begin a little after 9pm, reach its fullest moment around 10:50pm, and then complete around 12:30am on September 28th. Depending upon weather and cloud cover, it should be fully visible.

This lunar eclipse is the integration of the cycle that was began at the Partial Solar Eclipse on September 13th. Here the themes of our use of our creative intelligence and power began in Sidereal Leo. And the transit of the Sun into Virgo with Rahu and Mercury bring the evolution of power into managing the practical details required to manifest the Power and Vision in practical ways.

Organizing our Lives during Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

So the broader cycle of the Solar Eclipse cycle has been about managing and organizing the details into practical steps in order to bring our creative desires and power into the tangible world. Virgo is the sign where we learn to manage the detail of the “kingdom”, and to implement them in an organized, structured way in order for us to maintain and improve our situation in life. This often involves doing tasks that are not pleasant, but are necessary.

For instance, it may be more enjoyable to eat donuts than to eat a piece of fruit, but the fruit offers nutrition and health sustaining properties where as the donut is anything but. We must maintain our cars. We must get the laundry done. We must make efforts to keep our homes clean and tidy. We must care for the body, or it is more likely to experience health problems.

These are all the domain of Virgo. The necessary details and tasks of life that are required to keep things running smoothly.

Shortly after the Sun moved into Virgo on September 17th, Mercury went retrograde. Mercury is considered to operate most intelligently in Virgo. It rules Virgo, and Mercury’s natural inclination to explore new perspectives and enhance proper discernment and discrimination of the practical details finds its highest comfort zone here.

Mercury retrograde is notoriously associated as “bad” with technology glitches and failings, mechanical problems, as well as miscommunications. But, the Retrograde action of Mercury causes inward reflection. It is a time to reflect on ideas, concepts, details and practical needs that we may or may not be managing properly, and less a time for implementing them and acting on them. By “taking inventory” internally, we grow and evolve our understanding of what is working and what is not, and this refines our action plan. As Mercury goes direct, we potentially have new insight and even better strategies for managing our lives, our health and our projects.

With Rahu joined Mercury Retrograde and the Sun, our Power (the Sun) in conjunction with Speech and Communication (Mercury) are being amplified by the obsessive nature of Rahu. We are compelled to pay attention, compelled to reflect, compelled to seek new understanding. Rahu is associated with creating a confused obsession. And the confusion that it brings forces us to stop, and pay even more close attention in order to discriminate what is valuable and true from what doesn’t serve us and is false.

With Mercury Retrograde and Sun in Virgo, Rahus energy is really demanding that we “pay attention to details” in a very real way. Why do miscommunications happen in Mercury retrograde? Because we haven’t paid attention to details. Why to mechanical issues occur? Because we haven’t maintained them and done the work to keep them working well. Why do we experience technology issues? Because the details of software code, processing chips, Internet and/or hardware aren’t working together properly.

We experience these “problems” during Mercury retrograde because it is forcing us to pay attention to what needs to be improved, upgraded and better organized.

Likewise this may be a time when you are reminded that the way you are managing your health, your home, your vehicle, your projects, etc may be revealed to not be working as well as you would hope. What areas of your life are in need of upgrading and improving?

As the Moon Moves into Pisces for the Eclipse, this reaches the highest integration point. Under normal circumstances, this integration point between Virgo and Pisces would be learning to soften our obsession with “details”, and learning to find a balance between honoring the importance of details with letting go and being ok with more space, openness and expansion into the unknown. With Ketu here, it brings up a natural negation and rejection. So the Mind (moon), as it touches into Pisces, receives this negating effect of Ketu which may create a desire to escape from the practical details of the world.

Even so, the Moon in Pisces is reminding us to keep the “big Picture” in perspective, even while we are obsessing about the details.  Being too caught in the details can create the “can’t see the forest for the trees” mentality.  But the desire to escape from the details doesn’t help us manage the practical details either.

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Remembering The Big Picture While Obsessing About The Details | Vedic Astrology Forecast for September 27th, 2015
While keeping your eyes on the goal, don’t forget to focus on what attributes to it.

Pay Attention as a Collective

We are being collectively invited to REALLY pay attention to our lives and the details and implementations of Power. Not only our own individual power and creativity, but the Power of the Government, our political and spiritual leaders. The power of our bosses and CEO’s. To question how anything and anyone we give a role of Power in our lives is actually implementing that power. Are they organizing it to streamline and improve our lives, or are they disorganized and failing to focus on using their power to lift us up and serve us?

At the same time, we need to seek balance and keep the big picture in mind, and not obsess about details for the sake of details.  Finding the balance of relaxing and expanding, while also doing the work that needs to be done.

I find it interesting and wonderful that this energy is so strongly happening as Presidential candidates are campaigning. The world and our Nation are hungry for change as it becomes clearer that large corporations and political leaders, at least sometimes, fail to serve the interests of the people and instead channel their power for more self-serving ends. What values do these leaders have, and what is their practical plan to use their power and to serve the people of our nation and of the world? Are they striving for a better world? Do they have a plan?

These themes are being amplified through the cycle of the eclipses, and my hope is that this signifies much greater awareness of choosing wisely in order to give power to those who truly are serving our best interests.

On September 30th, Venus will return to Leo to join Mars and Jupiter. This combination continues to bring passion and action (Mars) in connection to our Values and Principles (Jupiter). Venus brings some charisma and charm, and greater awareness of finding happiness in connection to Values and Principles. As always, Mars can potentially bring a little hot headed conflict and debate as it uses its strength and courage to fight for what it believes is right. You will continue to see these among those campaigning, and in the world around you.

We also see with Mars and Venus here a restoration to using our strength to set stronger boundaries (Mars) in relationships (Venus) and around our highest values and principles (Jupiter).

Mercury will remain retrograde until October 9th, turning direct just 3 days before the New Moon in Virgo.

The Three planets in Leo (Mars, Venus and Jupiter) and the Three Planets in Virgo (Mercury, Sun and Rahu) are bringing a lot of energy into these 2 signs. Collectively, it shows the emphasis of the Eclipse cycle as being even more amplified. How is Power in connection with Values and Principles being manifested through practical principles and details. And especially now, we may be being forced to deal with the details that are not working.

These three planets in Leo and three in Virgo are also showing a strong influence in your personal chart natal chart by transit. This influence will be unique for you, based upon the unique configuration of your Natal chart.

The Eclipse will set up a strong vibration related to these themes that will continue to ripple for months to come.

Collectively, continue to watch the pre-election activities. Personally, notice how you are being shown areas of your life that are in need of “maintenance”.

Notice that it will be harder to “escape” and ignore these details as well, even though there may be a desire to escape. The practical will be finding ways into your awareness. What is working? What needs upgrading? What needs to be scrapped and re-organized? How are you using your own personal power? Is there a plan? What steps are you taking to implement it?  And where are you wanting to escape and dissolve into “easy” rather than take responsibility for your life.

What have YOU noticed around these themes in your own life?

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Remembering The Big Picture While Obsessing About The Details  Vedic Astrology Forecast for September 27th, 2015
Pay attention to the big picture.

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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