The Desire For Happiness | New Moon in Taurus | Vedic Astrology Forecast for June 4th, 2016

New moon in Taurus

The exact point of the New Moon in Sidereal Taurus will happen on June 4th around 11pm EDT. This begins a new Lunar Cycle with a near exact conjunction of Venus, Sun and Moon. It is an activation point which will bring together our Mind/hearts (Moon), our Soul’s Power and Self Identity (Sun) and our capacity for Happiness and enjoyment (Venus).

Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus, showing its invitation to find pleasure and enjoyment within the material world. It enjoys beauty, comfort, and pleasure. This can include sensuality, good food, art and connections to nature. It is also a fixed sign, which adds to the Earth’s natural tendency towards stability. And the Bull is a symbol of Taurus, showing its strength and its slow plodding nature. It is capable of slow and steady action when it is motivated to achieve a desirable outcome. And when it isn’t motivated by a desired outcome, it is indifferent and would rather rest and relax.

Taurus energy is very grounding and stabilizing to the mind. This also reveals how our connection to relaxation, beauty and enjoyment help to ground and stabilize us in the world as well. When life starts to feel out of control, dramatic, or unstable, a good dose of rest, relaxation and the experience of enjoyment are often a great remedy. Since Venus is also here at this time, it will strengthen the deeper connection to happiness and pleasure while the Sun allows us to explore the movement of our Soul’s power in expressing itself through these experiences of enjoyment and rest.

If you have been pushing and forcing your way through life, this New Moon in Taurus is an invitation to give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy nature, time with your family and the pleasures of life. If you aren’t able to stop yourself from pushing, this energy may feel frustrating. But it is a fertile and creative energy that inspired new growth, abundance and clearer awareness of what you really desire in life.

This invitation is also being influenced by an oppositional aspect from Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn in this position may produce some fear or anxiousness and make it more challenging to relax. Saturn may also make us more aware of the nature of time, bringing about either appreciation for the slowness of Taurus and supporting commitment and endurance, or it may also create a feeling pressure for deadlines and frustration with the slowness.

Saturn here may also amplify the desire to be still and rest in a way the creates fear of moving forward. In this context it may amplify the side of Taurus which can get too comfortable and resists changing and growing. So, be sure that you don’t allow the healthy need for rest to become so stable that it becomes “stuckness”.

In the last couple of days building to the New Moon, I have observed this energy operating within my Healing Practice as well. It has brought a wave of new Healing Clients who are seeking to reconnect with the deeper happiness and joy of their own Authentic Self. They are wanting to stabilize their minds (Moon) into greater peace, learn to nurture their own happiness (Venus) and reconnect with their Soul’s Power (Sun). Saturn and Mars have both been retrograde in Scorpio for a while inviting Transformation and using our fears and insecurities as fuel for growth and courage.

The Saturn aspect on the Sun, Moon and Venus has created a pressure within them for wanting to get unstuck, and a stronger desire to commit to their own healing and growth.

What have been your experiences of this energy in your life? Are you ready to commit to your own healing and growth as well?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Evolving Stability and Enjoyment | Full Moon in Scorpio| Vedic Astrology Forecast for May 21st, 2016

FullMoonOverWaterThe current lunar cycle began on May 6th with the New Moon in Aries.  This was a starting point to a new cycle of action and direction.  A rebirth of sorts.

With the inspiration of that Aries New Moon energy to plant new seeds, the Sun then moved into Taurus on May 14th.  Here it carries the power of that inspired energy into the realm of Material manifestation.

Taurus is ruled by Venus which is the planet of happiness, enjoyment, sensuality and relationship. It is an Earth sign, showing its practical nature.  And it is a fixed sign showing its tendency for consistency and the desire to work with what it already has rather than start new projects.

Taurus as a sign invites the experience of stability.  It often seeks pleasure through connections to family, as well as through sensual enjoyment of beauty, foods, touch, rest and relaxation.  Taurus is often thought of as lazy and comfort seeking, which is certainly a potential. But is also has the strength and focus of the Bull.

It isn’t so much lazy, as that it only takes action when it is truly inspired or motivated towards a particular end result which will be pleasing to it.  Without that inspiration and focus is just doesn’t notice any reason to take action, and thus prefers to rest, relax and enjoy life.

As a positive force, this energy of Taurus is grounding and stabilizing.  And it also encourages us to take action on our creative impulses that are inspired and will bring us pleasure and happiness in the earthly realm. So, it is a good time to take the inspirations from the Aries new moon and bring into awareness the impulses that will really make you happy and work toward them in a slow and steady way.

Venus will also transit into Taurus on May 19th.  This will amplify the comfort and pleasure seeking qualities of Taurus, and will also bring themes of relationship and shared enjoyment with others into the collective awareness.   So our soul’s power (Sun) and our capacity for desire and happiness (Venus) are both operating through the energy or Taurus at this time.

This will make for a strong desire towards material and sensual pleasure, and a stronger motivation towards just being comfortable.

As a force within human experience, these qualities of pleasure, comfort and stability are important for us to all connect with.  But the potential challenge here is becoming so comfortable and so grounded in pleasure, inaction or in the stability of habit and routine that there is no room for growth or change.

On May 21st at 5:15 am EDT, the Full Moon in Scorpio will reach its peak. Since this is the midpoint of the lunar cycle that began in Aries, it carries forth our original impulse and motivation for new projects and action. As the Sun moves into Taurus it invites us to choose the most desirable of our impulses and encourages us to ground and enjoy.  The full moon in Scorpio then reminds us of the balance needed here, which is that we must not get stuck in comfort and routine.

Instead, Scorpio Moon here connects our mind with a desire for growth and transformation at the level of our hearts and minds.  It invites us to make room for change even if it may feel uncomfortable. This way we don’t become stuck and stagnant.

Where have you allowed “being comfortable” to become a predominant motivation towards habitual actions or inaction? Where has life become too routine?  Where has sensual enjoyment become a form of unhealthy indulgence? And how can you feel deeper into your emotional truth and explore your insecurities and fears? How have your routines, indulgences and inaction become an unconscious pattern of avoiding your own discomforts and sabotaging your own successes, happiness and freedom?

These are the questions that the Full Moon in Scorpio invites.  And with Saturn and Mars both in retrograde in Scorpio with this full moon there will be an even deeper invitation to reflect (retrograde) upon our fears and insecurities.  And with Saturn also to reflect upon the passing of time and what we are truly committed to. With Mars, we are invited to reflect upon the ways we use our strength and our actions.  Mars here will create potential agitation, while also allowing us to connect to the strength to transform and evolve our inner emotional fears into new possibilities and freedom.

Scorpio and Mars will also be aspecting the Sun and Venus in Taurus, which will put more pressure, anxiety and agitation into relationships and our sense of personal power.  These agitations and anxiety producing energies may actually cause us to cling more tightly to pleasure and comfort as a means of “feeling good again”. So be mindful of those possible tendencies.  Are you truly “enjoying life” in a way that supports, stablalizes and encourages growth and evolution?  Or are you seeking pleasure and comfort to avoid feeling discomfort and experiencing change?

In other areas of the current transits, Jupiter went direct on May 9th in Leo, which will support positive forward motion around our inspired hopes, principles and sense of purpose.  And Mercury will go direct in Aries on May 22nd. This will improve communications and the flow of ideas towards manifesting the recent inspiration and motivation from the New Moon in Aries.

How have you been experiencing this energy?  What have you noticed recently around your own desires for comfort and your potential routines?  What in life is inviting or forcing you to look at the ways that being “comfortable” has become a means to avoid growth and change?

Notice this in yourself, your friends and the world around you.

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Time for Action, Need For Change and Trump | New Moon in Aries | Vedic Astrology Forecast for May 6th, 2016

aires new moon, moon, sky

Since the recent Full Moon in Libra, Venus transited into Aries on April 25th and Mercury went Retrograde on April 28th. This sets up 2 interesting things as we approach the New Moon.

First, since the Moon entered Aries early on May 5th, during the New Moon window there will be FOUR planets in Aries. Second, with Mercury retrograde now, there are a total of FOUR of the major planets in Retrograde motion at this time.

“There’s a whole lot going on”, as some might say in the South. 🙂

The Full Moon in Libra invited us to find a balance between our Individual self and our relationships with other. This New Moon (May 6th at 3:30pm EST) however, is inviting us to to really step strongly into our individual power and take empowered steps towards a new vision of life.  With the influence of the Full Moon, we should now be more aware of the impact of our individual power on other people.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and represents the beginnings of new Adventures or a rebirth of sorts. It’s ruled by Mars which brings Strength and courage, and it is a fire sign which amplifies inspired action. Right now, we have the Sun in its strongest position connecting our own inner Power and Confidence of Self into this courage and inspired action. The Moon in Aries connects our Mind and emotions to this inspired, optimistic and action oriented energy. Venus here links our sense of happiness and pleasure to the strength and courageous actions that arise from our deeper Self. And Mercury in Aries connects our Speech, Communication and intellectual curiosity into starting new projects and taking courageous action.

We could say here that our Heart and Soul is being inspired to forge ahead and start some new projects and become more active in the world. And that our Sense of Joy and Happiness and desire to discover the best course of action and communicate it is linked right into that. Especially with Mercury in retrograde, there is a curious inner reflection being invited to explore the best course of action for the next steps, while also being inspired into action and starting new projects.

The energy of Aries is similar to the Sprouting of a new Seed. And we can see whatever new project or course of action we may be desiring to step into as an inner Seed of Creation. The “seed” is the desire, inspiration and impulse to grow and move into a new direction or to start a new project, or just to re-inspire a more active role towards a goal. And like a seed, there is a large amount of energy needed to “just get sprouted”. It take much more energy to get the seed to germinate and sprout than it does to continue growing once sprouted. And this is also similar to our own “new Projects”. We must overcome the inertia of habits and resistance, and invest a large amount of energy quickly just to get the momentum built into the new direction. And Aries offers us that through inspiration, enthusiasm, courage and strength.

Mercury joined Saturn, Mars and Jupiter as retrograde. This is bring a lot of energy that is inwardly reflecting. Retrograde often invites us to reflect on the theme of the energy the planets carries, as well as can literally invite connections to the past to arise in experience or in awareness. Mercury retrograde invites the reflections on our inner details, perspectives and curiosities. Saturn retrograde invites inner reflection on our experience of time, aging and our ability to commit to what best serves us including how much fear and anxiety we have around those themes. Mars retrograde invites inner reflection on our strength, courage and action and how disciplined we are in channeling it rather than growing frustrated and angry. And Jupiter retrograde invites inner refection on our principles, higher teachings and our relationship to hope, purpose and meaning.

Can you feel that the world is “backing up”? Can you feel the world asking serious questions about where we have been and where we are going as a Nation and as a global community?

Retrograde planets often reflect the inner workings of unresolved Karma being cycled through. Awareness of the “Mistakes of the past” with the invitation to not have history repeat itself.

My observation and also inner feeling is that there is growing global unrest and increasing awareness that “something needs to change”. This energy has been building for a while of course, and Donald Trump’s rise has been fueled by one pocket of that unrest. But there is also a counter movement against him rising with a different perspective on what needs to change. He is both “the poster child” of leader for the original disenfranchised group, and also the motivation for another group to sit up and pay more attention.

Our Entire political system is being questioned. Our medical system is again being requestioned. Our values, our purpose, our fears, our angers, our safety, and our future are all being reflected on in increasingly “urgent” ways.

Within the past 48 hours, Donald Trump has stepped forward as the Republican Nominee. Cruz and Kasich both have dropped out of the race. Interestingly, this final step of securing the nomination has occurred while Venus, Mercury and the Sun are in Aries. Because Donald Trump’s rising sign in Leo, ruled by the Sun, the SUN represents his own self. And it is, by transit, in its strongest position for Individual Power and Self-Will. It is also in his 9th house of grace, purpose and principle in a fiery and inspiring sign. Venus rules his 10th house, and so his Career is also connected to the strength of his Individual Power.

Mercury is there in retrograde. And as he has secured his nomination, he is now reflecting on the way he uses speech in connection to his Power and Career, and has stated that moving forward he wants to shift the campaign to being more “above board”. Meaning that he wants more kindness, less mudslinging and insults, and he wants discussions moving forward to truly be about the political issues effecting our nation. It is an inspired, optimistic and unexpected perspective given his past behavior. But it does reflect what is the inspired Aries energy and transits through his 9th house. And we will also see if this new intention stays in place, or if he returns the “the old Trump” in his behavior.

Notice also the strong Retrograde activity as Cruz and Kasich are both forced to “reflect and step back” from their campaigns. An inner awareness that there is “no path forward” for them coming at a time when such strong inner reflection is being invited and Trump’s transit positions are so strong for his own success.

These retrograde actions invite us to really become more aware of what’s happening inside of us. What is working and what is not working. And the Aries New Moon is inviting us to take those new impulses and find a new path forward.

And Saturn and Mars continue to be in Scorpio, really inviting a strong transformational energy around our fears, angers, actions and commitments.  These 2 planets are fueling the changes, the fears and insecurities that are arising, while the retrograde planets are forcing introspection.  A Powerful combination for growth and evolution if we choose to work with it.

I encourage you to take time to reflect and continue the re-visioning process. And then plant the seeds for the next steps towards on your new direction. Continue to observe what’s happening around you. Notice who, what and how people are talking about change and the need for a “new, inspired direction” at this time. And also use the energy to get connected to your own new, inspired direction.

I have created an “Aries Empowerment” Guided meditation to help you do just that. I encourage you to download it, and work with it during this New Moon window especially. 3 Days in a row if you can. It can also be helpful anytime you just need to connect to the part of your self that is capable of courageously taking action in the world. Look for the link to download it on this page.

In the mean time, share with me your own observations of the current Aries filled, retrograde world we are living in. And also share with me your experiences of the Aries Empowerment Meditation. 🙂

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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New Adventures and the Balance of Self Power and Other | Full Moon in Libra | Vedic Astrology Forecast for April 22nd, 2016

full moon, moon, night, Libra, full moon in libra

The recent New Moon in Pisces invited the falling away of old and outdated ways of using power, along with the letting go of anything else that doesn’t serve our growth and happiness. This energy allowed you to turn in and connect to your deeper dreams, intuition and vision for what is next to come.

As the Sun transitioned into Aries on the Evening of April 13th, 2016, the Power (Sun) began the next phase of rebirth. In Aries the Sun finds one of its highest functioning positions in the Zodiac. The Sun represents our Power, our confidence and our sense of individual Self. In Aries, we begin the Journey of individuation, and there is a fresh start of (re)birth into a new adventure and a new experience. Aries as a Fire sign provides the enthusiasm, courage and strength to step onto this new path with confidence and excitement. The ruler of Aries is Mars, which is our strength, courage and action and it adds to the fiery action oriented nature of Aries.

The Sun in Aries is like the enthusiastic, passionate youth who sees only possibilities and a path towards success. And here, our individual strength and capacity for action and being bold and stepping into the world to explore and create our vision is at its height. Here we learn the “magic” of embracing our own individual strengths and embracing the Empowered Self in a full way.

Clearly this position of the Sun is very supportive the initiating a new phase of life, new projects and a new level of confidence and self empowerment. And thus, is supportive of any new directions that have arisen in your own inner vision during the Pisces reflective stages. Hopefully, you have felt this strong passion to “move forward” into some new phase of doing or being based upon the recent shifts.

Early in the morning, around 1:30am EDT, the Moon will move into its Fullest position across from the Sun. The Full Moon in Libra connects our mind to experiences of other people, relationships, beauty, shared happiness and beauty. It is ruled by Venus, which teaches us about happiness, enjoyment, beauty and learning to compromise with others. It is an Air sign which deepens its social nature. It is the natural point of the Zodiac that brings the opposing experience of “Empowered Individual Self” that Aries represents. And the Full moon in Libra is the integration point where we are invited to explore that balance between living a life from Self Empowerment as an individual (Sun in Aries) with being emotionally aware of other people and the happiness that having shared, connected experiences in relationship to others can bring. (Moon in Libra)

The questions arise in finding this integrated balance: How do I remain true to my own Individual needs and remain confidence and passionate about my own actions in the world, while also enjoying the shared connections with other? How do I remain confident and true to my own needs and truth while being in relationship to others, so I don’t compromise my own happiness to please another? How does the lure of connecting to others and sharing pleasure and happiness potentially cause me to lose my own balance or my own sense of Self?

In the Journey of Sadhana, person transformation and Spiritual growth, we are always being invited to find the balance between these expressions. Sometimes that is finding “the middle way”. And sometimes it is learning to be flexible and fluid and move between different expressions without getting stuck in only one side of the puzzle. Can I “Be true to my individual self and truth” when it matters, while also “compromising and being flexible in relationships when it creates deeper, healthy mutually shared connection and happiness”?

This is the invitation that is in process right now. So, as this Full Moon window becomes active from April 20 – 24, you may find these themes arising in your life. You may find experiences and situations being created that are inviting these questions. Perhaps noticing places where you are having trouble speaking up and being clear about your own needs for fear of displeasing others. Or perhaps becoming so lured into the connections of pleasure and enjoyment with others, that you find yourself forgetting your own needs, and caving in to what feels good in the moment with another.

The remaining planets are still located in the same signs as 2 weeks ago. Mercury is with Sun in Aries, encouraging deeper connection to Speech/Communication (Mercury) to our individual Power (Sun).

Venus is still in a strong position in Pisces, encouraging us to find a deeper connection through relationship and happiness. It encourages us to seek those connections through a more spiritual model of deeper universal oneness and mystical wisdom. Jupiter is still retrograde in Leo with Rahu, inviting a deeper obsession and some confusion (Rahu) into inner reflection around our inspiration, hope and higher teachings (Jupiter)

And Saturn is still retrograde in Scorpio encouraging reflection on fears and insecurities and inviting a deeper opportunity for transformation. The only other major change that has occurred is that Mars, which has also been in Scorpio, also turned retrograde on the Morning of April 17th. This is inviting reflection around themes of strength and courage, and further amplifying the Cosmic Invitation to face fears and insecurities and use them to Transform and Evolve. With both Saturn and Mars retrograde in this sign of Scorpio, there is also a heightened feeling among the collective of the need for “safety, protection and defending” against anything that feels threatening. This will both be in our global communities, such as conversations around terrorism, border controls and the like. As well is bring up our own individual Primal “protective” mechanisms. The reptilian brain that lashes out when it feels pushed into a corner that can show up as irrational fear and violence in many cases, where the “threat” is really only imagined.

Be aware of your own inner and outer reactivity, as well as any heightened sense of “danger” or resistance to change. Transformation requires change. And of course, with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, a heightened sense of protecting our own Individual Values and Self identity may also be active right now.

Remain aware of all of these things around Self empowerment, compromise in relationship as well as the invitation for Higher vibrations of mystical connection. And keep in might the potential for those irrational parts of yourself to be defensive and fearful in connection to these energies and themes.

How are you experiencing this current cycle of energy? Observer yourself, those around you, as well as the global stage for how this may be manifesting. And take come time to notice ways that you may get thrown off center by the connections to other people, and how you can find balance in maintaining your own Self of Empowerment and Truth while still playing nicely with others. 🙂

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Preparing for Rebirth | New Moon in Pisces | Vedic Astrology Forecast for April 7th, 2016

new moon, moon, skyThe New Moon in Sidereal Pisces occurs on April 7th, 2016 around 7:25am EST. The recent Eclipse cycle has invited the opportunity for a profound shift in our relationship to Power and serving others. And the Sun (Power) quickly moved into Pisces after the recent Lunar eclipse which invited a change of structure and increased action to bring about transformation at this level.

This New Moon brings the chance to let go of what has fallen away from the recent Eclipse shake-up effects, and consciously plant some new seeds in preparation for a new Cycle of Growth. As the Sign of Pisces itself represents letting go, loss, and surrender, a natural end to a previous cycle is being supported now. The energies of the old, previous struggles, outdated expectations, and unfulfilling goals are invited to dissolve into the Deep Ocean of Peace here. Pisces brings the final peace, the dissolution of the worldly struggles and the awakening of Liberation and Enlightenment.

While it points to “Liberation and Enlightenment” in the Spiritual sense, as the final culmination of the Spiritual Path, it also mirrors that same energy in the worldly experiences. The same principles of death and rebirth occur at every level of Creation. All things come to an end. And just as the Spiritual Path may say that “Enlightenment” is the final culmination and the end of suffering in the world, we can also point to specific aspects of our suffering and allow them to come to an end as well.

In the same way that a long argument can finally be resolved and forgiven, bringing peace to the previous struggle and conflict, so Pisces can help balance previous struggles and illusions in specific areas of our lives. Peace comes when we stop struggling, accept what is and open to deeper wisdom and allow what no longer works or serves us to fall away gracefully.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which brings expansion of wisdom, meaning and purpose. In Pisces, Jupiter operates through the field of expansive water which represents emotion. So, wisdom, mean and expanded consciousness expressing itself through deep emotion with the intention of serving the highest good. Here, a cycle of struggle comes to an end.

And like the death of an estranged relative, sometimes loss of even something that caused us conflict and suffering can feel painful. The human experience of loss is uncomfortable. So while the old and that which no longer serves is falling away, it is possible that there may still be some grieving of the old. After all, a part of loss is also not knowing what is coming next.

At the New Moon, the mind and emotions are at their lowest energy point. This allows a more inward access to the unconscious mind. This low light of the Moon also represent the “winter” before the “spring” within the Lunar Cycle. Things are have been falling away since the Lunar eclipse just through the waning Moon. And now, the New Moon represents a new starting point – a new potential for rebirth. And it happens to be occurring within Pisces, which is the natural Sign of the final letting go.

On March 31st, Venus also transitioned into Pisces. Venus represents our happiness and capacity for pleasure, and is said to be best situated in Pisces. It functions at a higher vibration in Pisces because here the drive to seek happiness is connected to the inward impulse to connect to a deeper spiritual truth and wisdom. Here, happiness is experienced as merging with the Oneness of Consciousness and finding happiness for no reason in the expanse of deep spiritual feelings of peace.

This potential will be vibrating into the side point of the new Moon, while Mercury shifted from Pisces into Aries on April 2nd. Mercury was at it weakest placement in Pisces, but now moves into Aries where it curiosity and intelligence begins to anticipate and articulate the upcoming cycle of rebirth. Here, speech and communication begin to align with the new potential and enthusiasm that exists at the beginning of a new Journey or project.

On March 25th, 2 days after the Lunar eclipse, Saturn turned retrograde. This brings a more inward focus to reflect on our fears and limitations, which will be especially helpful considering the transformation that was initiated during the Eclipse itself. Additionally, it will invite the inner reflection on our capacity for hard work and commitment, as well as our relationship to solitude. Saturn and Mars are both still in Scorpio, where their natural expressions are fueling deeper transformation, the facing of fears and the need to strengthen and transform our fears into emotional strength.

Jupiter is still retrograde in Leo with Rahu, where is continues to create reflection on our highest teachings, purpose and meaning. And Rahu creates a higher level of focus, obsession and adds a cloud of confusion that makes us pay even more attention to it is order to really figure it out. Jupter and Rahu in Leo encourage us to find deeper meaning and purpose and infuse that energy into our personal creative expression.

All of the energy available at this New Moon cycle supports an opportunity for a deep transformation and a deep letting go. A new cycle is about to begin. And the choice is there to consciously embrace the change by letting go of the old and nurturing the new seeds of change. Or, of course, you could also just resist it and cling to the old ways. But, in the end, the wisdom of Yoga teaches us that clinging is the actual cause of suffering. So, letting go and surrendering IS the path to peace. And Pisces is operating through our Power (Sun) and Mind (Moon) while being connected to our capacity for Happiness (Venus) as we are invited to plant new seeds.

The caution here is that if you aren’t remaining present the energy in Pisces can create a temptation to escape.  Faced with loss and the letting go, if it becomes uncomfortable, one might just numb out and attempt to avoid the discomfort.  Take care of yourself. Be gentle.  And also remain aware of any temptation to turn away from the natural process of letting go that is happening.  Instead, try to embrace the process.  Give yourself rest and solitude if needed, but allow yourself to experience the letting go in a conscious way, while allowing the new Vision of the next steps to begin to form.

For you, what conscious intention and seeds are you wanting to plant for the next wave of rebirth? Reflect over what is ready to fall away, and offer it back to the Earth and back to Spirit. And also reflect on the new vision you have for moving forward. What are the seeds of transformation that you are ready to plant? In what way can this next cycle allow you to “Be the change that you want to see in the world”?

In every aspect of nature, there are cycles of expansion and contraction, death and rebirth. When we align with and flow with these cycles we grow, evolve and feel in harmony with the world around us and with our own Nature. When we resist it, or remain unconscious, we are more likely to experience conflict, challenge and suffering as a result. It’s exhausting to swim up stream, but letting go and allowing the river to carry you along its Natural course requires no effort on your part except to pay enough attention to avoid little obstacles along the way.

This New Moon is about letting go of the old, and allowing the new vision to arise into your awareness. Is it time to stop struggling and embrace the natural order and wisdom that is revealing itself to you?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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Collective Power Shift | Lunar Eclipse in Virgo | Vedic Astrology Forecast for March 23rd, 2016

lunar eclipse, moonlight, celestialThe recent Full Solar Eclipse in sidereal Aquarius shook up our relationship to Power and our relationships to others in society. The energy continues to resonate for Months, and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse will add to the vibration of this, shifting towards new focus.

So, the Eclipse took us deep into the Subconscious mind around our power, our relationship to society and our ability to serve the collective. Less than 5 days after the Eclipse, the Sun moved into Pisces early in the morning on March 14th. This carried our power (the Sun) into the Sign of endings and letting go. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which operates through expansive water, taking our deeper consciousness into the depths of the unconscious spaces of existence. Here, dreamlike fantasy can arise. As can a desire to escape.

Here our power may potentially want to dissolve and be released. We may potentially feel a loss of power. Or, we may also be inspired to use our inner Power to connect to the Unconscious, to let go, to be free and to bring our past relationship to power to an end. It is a chance to infuse our sense of power with deeper meaning and purpose (Jupiter), and to allow a deeper emotional connection to flow through our sense of power. Can power arise infused with love? Can it be motivated to free and liberate? Can Power be expanded to touch into a meaning beyond the nature of the individual self?

In Pisces, power has the chance to dance in these ways, and as it does, the old models of power have a chance to fall away and dissolve. Past karmic impressions of what Power is can be dissolved here, cleansed in the depths of the inner Ocean of Consciousness.

On March 18th, Mercury moved into Pisces as well. Mercury as the capacity for speech and communication is said to be most challenged in Pisces. Mercury’s natural way of functioning is to be detail oriented, focused, discriminating, curious and quick to observe and report. In Pisces, the dreamy nature of emotion can cause its focus and clarity to wander and expand away from details. In Pisces, the nature is expanse and openness of feeling, rather than analytical, detail focused perception. Pisces is quite the opposite of “attention to details”. So Mercury is challenged here. Communication and speech can become unclear or general and vague.

On March 23rd around 8am EST, the Moon will reach its highest eclipse point in the Sign of Virgo. This creates a stronger infusion of transformational energy as part of the eclipse cycle, as the natural balance point for the Solar eclipse in Aquarius would actually be Leo. Had the Lunar eclipse occurred in Leo, I would be telling you about the natural balance of Serving others while also (Leo) learning to honor and expresses our own creative individual power. (This is the primary theme of the Current Nodal axis.)

But, instead, the Sun has shifted to Pisces, and the Moon will have a partial eclipse in Virgo. The Power to Serve others and the needs of the collective and society that have arisen from the subconscious during the eclipse are now going through a transformation. The Sun in Pisces transforms this relationship to power as mentioned above, and the Moon’s eclipse in Virgo connects the process to finding the details and the structured actions required to create a lasting implementation of this new relationship to power.

So, the collective relationship to Power at the levels of Government, Community and Religious Leadership, as well as within the collective consciousness is being changed. And action is required to implement and create the new structure and order that is arising to align with a Power that is more aware of the Collective needs of society.

The Moon (mind and feelings) is invited into the details of making it happen, and the motivation to do the work needed to change the past experiences of power. The Moon’s placement in “the details and hard work” helps to counterbalance the Piscean nature of wanting to escape and dream life away because the Moon sees “there is work to be done”, and is still holding the seeds of “Serving others and society” that were planted through the Solar eclipse/New Moon.

Since Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo are aspecting eachother through this eclipse, this will help Mercury be a little more focused as it connects to the deeper wisdom of Power (Sun) that Pisces inspires.

Eclipses themselves are known to bring shifts and shake things up. And the specific configuration of the Moon being eclipsed in Virgo instead of the natural balance point of Leo reveals an even greater level of Transformation is being activated. Transformation through planning and self effort in do the work needed to improve our circumstances. Or the work needed to “Run the kingdom” in the case of the Government/political process.

Remember of course that the Eclipse energy sets off an intense Vibration into the collective that continues to resonate for months. Transformation often includes the “falling away” of the old to make room for the new thing, and can sometimes be uncomfortable. Also, remember that for many “change” brings about fear, insecurity and sometimes even resistance. In these times, some will cling to “the old way”. Some will also move into very primal reactions and will be motivated to “do ANYTHING to feel protected from the Threat”… Whatever that imagined threat may be. And, in most cases, what that primal fear responds most to is “Other – the unknown”. A primal reaction to feel “safe again”.

With the Sun in Pisces, we can try to rise above this “primal” fear, and instead connect our Power to a deeper sense of Self that is aware of Oneness and the deeper Spiritual Truth of our collective experience. Sun in Pisces can help us connect to deeper spiritual meaning and access the inner wisdom needed to remain centered while experiencing life from a more expanded perspective of Consciousness.

These energies will also run through your personal experiences. Perhaps a motivation to re-evaluate the way you use your own power, the steps and actions needed to serve the collective, as well as the steps needed to manage and care for your own energy and resources. With Virgo type energy, themes around health, diet and self-care also arise. And the ability to balance your inner Spiritual Power with the management of your outer world and body.

For yourself, reflect on these themes. Notice how they are operating with the political process and the conversations and news stories that are arising around the ways that “power” is being shaken up. And, also notice the motivations you have to get your own Power managed and the inner shift you are likely feeling around your own sense of Power, whatever that may be for you at this time. How can YOU create a plan to live from a new, more globally aware space of compassion that is linked to a deeper spiritual Consciousness than before? And how can you care for yourself during these times of change and transformation while stress and insecurity may be higher in yourself and/or the ones around you?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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The Power to Serve | Solar Eclipse in Aquarius | Vedic Astrology Forecast for March 8th, 2016

solar eclipse, sun, moon

With this New Moon we also get a Full Solar Eclipse, which will be visible somewhere over the Pacific Ocean in its height around on March 9th in the local time zone. That ends up being around 8:54 PM, March 8th on the East Coast of the United States. We won’t be able to see it from here, of course, but that’s when it happens.

Eclipses have long been considered an “omen” of sorts, and the reason is they bring a disruption in the “normal flow of things”. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the Sun. And the Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) represent the axis where the eclipse can occur. So astrologically, the Solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Ketu all enter the same visual space in the sky.

Ketu is said to “have the power to block the Sun”, and it literally occurs through this association in the Solar eclipse. Ketu, in Vedic Astrology, is associated with dissatisfaction and detachment. It is a force which seeks to reject and scrutinize everything and can lead to a critical nature. In its highest expression, it is a spiritualizing force which wishes to be free of material and mental attachments. But along the path to get there, it can create a sense of loss and confusion, and brings confusion to force us to look at the areas it touches in order to make us pay attention.  Only by looking and bringing the Truth into awareness can we finally gain clarity.

The Sun represents our Power, confidence and our sense of Self Identity. And the Moon is the Feeling nature, our inner heart as well as the mind.

For this eclipse, the Sun and Moon will join Ketu in the Sidereal Sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign of humility and can inspire the desire to serve others and have a more humanitarian or societal approach. It is ruled by Saturn, which brings about a practical awareness that understands the consequences of time and the long term affects of our actions.  And thus also, the long term effects of how our choices and actions impact the collective as well as future generations.

So the placement of the Moon and Sun in Aquarius would inspire the ideal of serving the larger collective, and being more aware of the needs of others. It would connect our Power and our Heart and Mind to this energy. And of course, this IS where our minds are being focused. But, in this case, Ketu casts a shadow over the whole thing. It creates doubt, confusion and criticism. We can certainly see these themes in the political process. If nothing else, the conflicting opinions, the critical natures of candidates as well as the high levels of controversy and debate among the people as they all fight to let their Power be seen and put into place.

In fairness, this is somewhat built into the political system, but many would agree there is something “different” happening right now. It seems a bit more intense, a bit more unexpected and a bit more divisive and controversial. And the Eclipse will only shake things up a bit more.

But, at the collective level, this is all forcing us to look at out own relationship to service and the welfare of the collective. To look at the values we have in place, and the way we wish to see our personal Power used for the benefit of the society that we value and wish to protect, defend and/or evolve.

Interestingly, the Sun, while representing our own individual Soul’s Power, also represents “the government” because it is the “Power of the People”. And the candidates and policies that we want to “put in place” are a reflection of our own relationship to power. Either the Power that we value, or perhaps the Power we feel we don’t have. One question to be self-aware of is whether we are looking for a “power to protect us” out of fear, or if we are looking for a power that will take decisive action as a means to improve our lives, serve the greater good and evolve us as a nation and a people?

Are we “defending against a perceived threat”, or are we “trying to build a better nation”?

These types of themes, both collectively and personally around power and our relationship to the collective society are being purified at this time. The Sun purifies by itself. And the eclipse will thin the veil, taking us deeper into the unconsciousness relationship we have to these themes. Thus “the shake up”.

On March 7th, Venus also entered Aquarius along with the Moon. And on March 1st, Mercury entered Aquarius. These also bring our personal happiness and experience of relationships (Venus), along with our intelligence, speech and powers of mental discrimination (Mercury) in connection with Power, Emotional Heart, Service and Society in Aquarius. In conjunction with the Sun, these things are also being purified.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is still retrograde in Leo with Rahu, bringing reflection on our deeper values, principles and teachings (Jupiter) in a way that is linked to an obsessive search (Rahu) for creative power, leadership and control (Leo). This amplifies the inner conflicts around power, and whether it benefits the “individual person or structure” (such as the government), or if that power best serves “the people and society”. The ultimate understanding is to realize that both sides need to be healthy and vibrant for true balance and success. It isn’t about “one or the other” as the better choice, but rather “how can we make both sides strong and effective so they mutually support and benefit each other”.

This inner conflict and search to find balance is being highlighted by the Rahu/Ketu axis in Leo/Aquarius in general, and the large number of planets along this axis at this time of the eclipse will make it even more intense.

Mars and Saturn are still in Scorpio, inviting the opportunities to face our fears and insecurities, and transform them into emotional strength, courage and clarity.

The energy is intense right now. The eclipse process always “shakes things up” and will be especially unstable for the 2 weeks leading up to the Lunar eclipse in Leo. From there, things will begin to settle again, but the impact of the Eclipse cycle continues to effect the collective for month following the actual event.  And Saturn and Mars will be in Scorpio for a while.  So, the opportunity to face insecurity, uncertainty and fear will be heightened for a while.  The more conscious of the process of transforming them the better we can be navigate these experiences and evolve ourselves through them.

Be mindful, as always, that these types of transits have a specific effect on the Collective which can be discussed in a general way, but that the impact upon each individual will vary due to how these positions interact with your birth chart. So the areas of your life that it touches and “shakes up” will be more specific for you, in addition to the effect on the collective.

How are you experiencing this energy? What is being “shaken up” in your world?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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A Crisis of Confidence | Full Moon in Leo | Vedic Astrology Forecast for February 21, 2016

FullMoonOverWaterAs the current lunar cycle hits its midpoint around 1:20pm EST on February 21st, 2016, the Full Moon with reach its peak in the sign of Sidereal Leo. The New Moon Cycle began in Capricorn, inviting us to focus on unwavering success. To connect to our public reputation, and to create the discipline and responsibility to create long term projects. This also means, in a practical way, the need to become aware of and manage our fears in doing so. And then connecting to that vision, we take that energy into Aquarius, where we expand it into our highest ambitions. We ask, how can I use my skills, my reputation and my status in the world for higher levels of success? How can I use what I have achieved in service of others and to benefit the collective?

Around February 13, the Sun moved into Aquarius. The Sun shows were our Power is focused. It reflects our deeper soul nature. And in Aquarius, our power wishes to express through a higher lens of humanitarian awareness. To nourish others with the waters of wisdom and lift them up. But Ketu is also in Aquarius. And Ketu creates a sense of dissatisfaction and confusion, and is said to have the power to block the Sun. While not yet the correct degrees, we are moving towards a Solar eclipse in a couple weeks. The energy is being setup with the Sun and Ketu both sharing the sign of Aquarius.

It is said that the Sun trembles with fear as in nears Ketu. This conjuction negates or casts a shadow on the light within, creating self-doubt and lack of confidence. It can even create a reaction of self-aggrandizement as an ego defense from feeling the inner doubts of appearing weak. But the nodes help bring out our subconscious fears and desires. Ketu, in this case, helps to reveal where we are critical of ourselves and others around power and confidence. It forces us to see our inner doubt and places of low self-esteem so that we may bring them into the light of awareness and cast them off.

This process is evolving in Aquarius, which is often associated with serving others. There is an interesting configuration with Rahu in Leo with the Full Moon, along with the still retrograde Jupiter. Rahu brings obsessions and confusion to the Mind (Moon). It pulls us towards something in a way that we don’t feel rationally in control.

All of this is happening along the Nodal axis of Aquarius/Leo, which alone brings out a strong inner Karmic conflict. The conflict here is one of “Should I serve other people, or should I seek to develop my own creative power?”. And with Sun conjunct Aquarius and the Moon with Rahu, we add to that “Am I even good enough to do either of these things?”

The current placement of Rahu and Ketu has us focusing on our own power, and wishing to reject or be critical of the needs of others. Yet, adding to this conflict now we have the Sun, which rules Leo, with Ketu in Aquarius. The Power is trying to operate through the balanced place of serving others, but there also sits Ketu creating doubt and a lack of confidence.

The Moon, meanwhile is with Rahu and Jupiter in Leo, connecting our Mind (the Moon), with our higher teachings and principles (Jupiter) and reflecting upon them (retrograde). And Rahu is amplifying our desire to connect to our creative power (Leo), in connection to our Mind and Principles. All of this energy pulling us towards a finding and expressing what is most true in our hearts, in a rather obsessive, confusing way. And yet, our Power (the Sun) is trying to find a way to serve others through the pursuit, but feeling unable, unworthy, and under confident.

The inner struggle is magnified. And the Axis of the nodes gains deeper nuance. How can I serve others if I feel that what I have to share with the world is not valuable? Or that I myself am not qualified to share it? The struggle to be “all I can be”, and at the same time lacking the confidence to do it. The power and confidence instead feeling critical and low, which could potentially have us feeling the negative side of Aquarius which cause us to serve from a feeling of being “less than” others. Instead of serving others to lift them up, one serves from a feeling of worthlessness because of the false assumption that the happiness of others is more important than ones own happiness.

This Karmic collective inner conflict will touch each of us differently, of course. But at a deeper level, it is activating the need to find balance between our own Creative power and the service of others. We can’t serve others if we ourselves feel empty. We can’t empower others if we don’t feel Self-Empowered. The happiness, hope and dreams of others is not more important than our own. What we wish to offer to others, we must learn to also offer to ourselves as well. And, in fact, in most cases we must find our own self worth and confidence before we are able to lift others up.

On February 20th, Mars moved into Scorpio where it joins Saturn. Mars is comfortable in its own Sign. Here our strength and Courage (Mars) is allowed to dive deep into the emotional realm, where we learn to strengthen out emotional capacity. Scorpio is the sign where we learn to face our fears and insecurities, and transform them into strengths and confidence. It is a sign of deep psychological transformation, and in many ways marks the beginning point of the True intentions of Tantra Yoga.

Saturn is still here, forcing us to deal with fears. It’s putting pressure into the area. And Saturn itself can have a nervous disposition. But as it develops and evolves us, it also helps us to rise above and detach. It invites us to commit and create determination to succeed. With both Saturn and Mars here, it is a good time to face any fears and insecurities arising. And, of course, the current placements of the Nodes with the Sun, Moon and Jupiter along that axis is likely to invite much to work with. It may be uncomfortable to see what lurks beneath the surface of our awareness, but bringing it up into awareness and finding ways to grow and evolve IS the core process of transformation. We can’t grow if we don’t step beyond our current understanding of self and life.

The Full Moon is encouraging the balance. Our Power (Sun) is serving others. Our mind and feeling nature (Moon) is focusing on developing our own power and creative expressions. And the Nodes are bringing and interesting opportunity to peak behind our normal way of thinking and see what lurks in the subconscious around our own levels of confidence, self-esteem, and ability to serve other from a place of balanced self-power.

Explore these themes in your own life. Observe for yourself what is happening around your own self-confidence. Are you being more self critical? Are you wanting to puff out your chest to appear more confident that you really feel? Are you experiencing feelings of weakness or wanting to just give up? Are you wanting to isolate and withdraw? And how are you feeling about your own creative genius? What do you want to share with the world? How does your soul want to radiate in the world? And how can that fill you up, and at the same time serve others?

Use these energies to invite greater awareness, face your fears and take action towards your deeper desires of sharing your gifts with the world as a means of empowering yourself and others. Take action in spite of any fear that may exist. Be willing to find the courage to continue even if you are feeling less than confident.

Share with me how these themes may be showing up in your life below.

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Success, Commitment and Finding Balance | New Moon in Capricorn | February 8th, 2016

New MoonThe New Moon in Sidereal Capricorn will reach its exact degrees mid morning on February 8th, 2016. This begins a new Lunar cycle, and the energy around it is active 2 days before and 2 days after the New Moon itself.

The New Moon is a time to “plant new seeds”, if you will. It starts a specific energetic theme in the collective consciousness. It joins together the Subconscious mind (The Moon without light) with our deeper Soul’s power (the Sun) inside a specific Sign. In this case, it’s happening in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn brings a practical nature to Capricorn, where it is easily able to set boundaries, be responsible and commit to long term projects.

Saturn also reminds us of our limitations and causes us to face our fears around them. The limitations of time as well as our own capacity for work. The fear of managing deadlines, as well as fears of taking action without certainty of the outcome. There is only so much time in a day, and so much time in a lifetime. We can never truly know whether our strategy will succeed until we try it. We cannot effort 24 hours a day and expect to maintain focused, enthusiastic and successful.

Capricorn teaches us how to create success on a larger scale. The ability to set boundaries helps to define strategies towards success, and it also allows us to set emotional boundaries so that the actions we must take to succeed remain focused and unwavering. This energy supports the creation of a new strategy or plan towards success in business, or even personal projects that you may have.

With Saturn’s support, we can literally put structures into place, both with the strategies we create as well as the final results that come into form as a result of those strategies. That final form may be a business, or a marketing campaign, or a book. But, it manifests in such a way that it impacts others. This is also a time to re-commit to things that you know will bring you long term success, especially in ways that will impact others and expand your reputation in the world.

We must also learn to work within limitations. We grow through facing our fears and limitations, and that growth leads to success. The most recent Full Moon in Cancer showed us the balance point to this Capricorn energy. It reminds us that we must learn to be flexible. That we must take time to nurture ourselves and to balance our work life with our home life or our emotional center. Yes, the Capricorn energy helps us succeed by creating emotional boundaries and committing to our project. But, we must also allow for other areas of our life to include a healthy connection to others and to allow space for feelings, emotions and health vulnerability. Our greatest success will actually come through the balanced ability to remain emotionally open and connected, while also remaining committed, determined and focused in our actions. So keep that in mind.

On January 25th, Mercury returned to direct motion from its previous retrograde position. So it has been connecting our intelligence, speak and communication with a higher sense of truth, purpose and hope due to its location in Sagittarius. In the late afternoon of February 8th, several hours after the New Moon point, Mercury will transit into Capricorn also. This brings extra intelligent to our strategies. It also brings extra curiosity, and will support using the flexibility of mind to see multiple perspectives and find new ways of looking at your path to success. It will also support your ability to communicate your ideas and your vision.

Then, on February 12th, Venus will also transition into Capricorn. This will bring extra diplomacy and support for compromise. It will also bring in the themes of shared happiness, enjoyment and beauty. It can help to refine the final form of your projects or vision.

In the early Morning of February 13th, the Sun will transit into Aquarius. This shows the natural progression of taking our reputation and blue prints for success that are developed in Capricorn, and then carrying them into Aquarius where we activate our higher ambitions and become more motivated to serve others. Aquarius brings a greater humanitarian mindset, greater humility and motivation towards service. It reminds us that through our success, we can also have an impact on the world and that our efforts can do more than just serve our own needs for status, fame and wealth. In Aquarius we connect with society, with others and through that our success can be expanded as well.

With the recent Nodal Axis Shift, Ketu is also sitting in Aquarius. As out Soul’s power (the Sun) connects with Ketu it is likely to bring out some challenges. Ketu can connect us to Past Karmic wisdom, but often shows up as a feeling of dissatisfaction. It can cause us to feel critical or make us scrutinize things very intensely. So, in terms of connecting to and serving others, be aware if this critical energy may arise within you, and don’t allow it to create an obstacle towards your success.

At the same time, this Ketu energy may also create a feeling that even your highest ambitions don’t seem to bring the satisfaction and happiness you imagined they would. This is a natural, although often uncomfortable, part of the natural evolution of the Soul. Ketu’s truest desire is to let go of the world and dissolve into the peace of Consciousness. It brings about “dissatisfaction” as a way of causing us to question our attachments. To question where our true source of peace and happiness comes from. When we are honest with ourselves, or when life forces us to look at the deeper reality, we will eventually be forced to see that the things of the world that we have imagined to be the source of our Happiness will eventually fall away. There is no permanent “thing” in the world that can always make us happy. This is something we must all face eventually.

With Sun and Ketu in Aquarius, it can bring about that awareness towards our highest ambitions as well. That even when they are manifest, they may not be as satisfying as we imagined them to be. Ketu also eclipses the Power of the Sun. It may cause us to feel disconnected to our power. And it may also bring to awareness that our true Source of Power is not based upon our Ego-based individual Will, but rather there is a deeper Power that flows through us and all things.

Despite the challenges Ketu can bring, it also brings an intense amount of Karmic energy into the areas it touches. It can open us into deeper connection with our subconscious mind, and create a purifying effect which takes away the obstacles and blocks we have towards evolving into higher states of Consciousness. In this case, it will be purifying our relationship to Power, to serving others, to ambitions, and to our ability to remain humble. And despite it’s association with being “bad”, it can actually connect us to our latent Karmic talents and support us in success by knocking out obstacles and channeling these karmic powers towards higher expressions.

So, take some time to reflect on your own blue prints of success. What are you ready to commit to or recommit to that will create a new structure of success in your life? What strategy needs to be implemented? And how does that feed into your highest ambitions and your ability to serve others through your own vision?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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