Amplify Your Inner Power.
Transform Your Self and Your Life.

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Accelerate My Spiritual Awakening
Access Deeper Truth and Nagivate an Authentic Spiritual Path.
Awaken My Highest Relationship Potential
Attract a New Partner or Strengthen Your Current Relationship.
Enhance My Practitioner Skill Set
Professional Training for Healers, Counselors and Coaches.
Discover My Karmic Blueprint
Increase Self Awareness and Align With Your Soul's Evolutionary Path.

My Most Popular Courses

Tantric Transformation Foundations
Accelerate Spiritual Awakening. Discover Tantra and an Authentic Nondual Spiritual Path.
Introduction to Sacred Sexuality
Awaken Your Capacity for Pleasure and Discover the Higher Spiritual Purpose of Sexual Energy.
Ecstatic Union® Personal Empowerment Program
Unleash Your Inner Power and Experience Profound Healing and Transformation.

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