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Test | , Sara H.
Posted 3 months ago
Spiritual Awakening

This course is a beautiful unfolding of spiritual wealth from an experienced, qualified teacher. I've read many books on Tantra as a spiritual process but never came away with a clear concept of what that practice could or would be. Following this course was an experience of total consciousness expansion. The possibilities of spiritual awakening that opened to me are immense.

Test | , Deb Zaccheo
Posted 5 months ago
I am witnessing myself awakening and transforming

I find Jeff’s teachings to be deep, thorough, well prepared, and well presented. With mastery of language, he can eloquently and rapidly present it in an easy to understand way. His Spiritual teachings based on Tantric Principals have solidified the truth of my being and I am witnessing myself awakening and transforming on a now noticeably clear Spiritual path.

Test | , Alexa Garcia
Posted 7 months ago
Structure & Perspective Needed to Guide a Seeker

In a decade of spiritual seeking and practice, I had no idea what I was missing until I took this course. Jeff's teaching style grants much needed structure and perspective to guide any seeker in their path. My paradigm on the "why"s and "how"s of spiritual awakening is changed forever, and for the better. I finally have the Roadmap I always needed for my journey. Thank you Jeff!

Test | , stan brodka
Posted 7 months ago
Better than expected

I would highly recommend this course. There are great discussions on the big picture goals as well as the steps along the way. Jeff does a really great job in explaining abstract concepts as well as providing meditation/practices with the goal of learning from experience...It is actually hard to give a review because there is so much value in the program.

Test | , gary lawson
Posted 8 months ago
Finding Peace

I always enjoy your classes. You talk about things I would never know about. You make me think, you make me smile, but most of all you make me feel good about myself. Thanks!

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