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Growing Your Spiritual Practice:

Finding Time, Energy, and Focus Within a Modern Lifestyle

Discover the secrets to sustaining and growing your spiritual practice and accelerating spiritual awakening while also managing daily distractions and thriving in life.

Recorded Live at 2pm EST on Sunday, April 19th, 2020.

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About The Teacher

Jeff Craft (Kali Das) is an American-born spiritual teacher and healer who has been guiding others since 1997.

In early June of 2002, Jeff first encountered the man that was to become his Guru. On September 16th of that same year, he was formally accepted as a student by Chris Chambers and received Shaktipat initiation.

Jeff was blessed to have regular, personal access to a Self-Realized teacher for 15 years before his Guru took Mahasamadhi and left the body in 2017. During this time, Chris guided Jeff's personal Sadhana while also preparing him for his role as a Spiritual Teacher.

Jeff's teachings are based upon the wisdom transmitted by his Guru combined with his own studies and experiences of walking the Tantric Path. Drawing primarily from the teachings of Tantra Yoga and Advaita Vedanta, he uses modern language to invite a direct experience of the freedom that exists as universal truth beyond the limitations of any specific tradition.

His kind-hearted approach maintains a clear focus on spiritual awakening through the transformation of consciousness, while also honoring and harmonizing the daily experiences of contemporary life.

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Growing Your Spiritual Practice: Finding Time, Energy, and Focus Within a Modern Lifestyle

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