March 24th, 2024; 2 PM EST

From Triggered to Tranquil:

Healing Emotional Pain and Trauma on the Spiritual Path

Dissolve the root causes of recurring emotional pain and develop emotional strength to confidently navigate the ups and downs of life with increased inner peace.


March 24th, 2024; 2 PM EST

From Triggered to Tranquil:

Healing Emotional Pain and Trauma on the Spiritual Path

Dissolve The Root Causes Of Recurring Emotional Pain And Develop Emotional Strength To Confidently Navigate The Ups And Downs Of Life With Increased Inner Peace.


December 12th, 2022; 2 PM EST, Sunday

Grow Your Spiritual Practice with Jeff Craft (Kali Das)

Discover the secrets to sustaining and growing your spiritual practice and accelerating spiritual awakening while also managing daily distractions and thriving in life.

Join us March 24th, 2pm EST for this Empowering Live On-line Training

Why attend this powerful training:

  • Walk away with tools that target and dissolve the root of emotional pain, setting you free from past traumas.
  • Discover the essential practice that unlocks the true source of healing and spiritual awakening.
  • Learn techniques to build emotional resilience and preserve inner peace amidst life's challenges.
  • Embrace your higher potential for a freer, more spiritually vibrant life by overcoming past limitations.
  • Build confidence and get clear guidance on your healing path, cultivating a deep sense of self-love and acceptance.

Share an empowering journey with a community of like-minded individuals seeking healing and spiritual growth.

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It’s time to initiate a new cycle of healing, peace, and accelerated spiritual growth.

Your Transformational Breakthrough Starts Now

The spiritual path often calls us through increasing moments of uncertainty and emotional turmoil.

As we seek answers, it’s common to find an overwhelming number of teachings, practices, and healing techniques in our search for deeper peace and clarity.

The truth is, that lasting peace, happiness, and healing come from within — not from external events, mental ideas, or other people.

This workshop is your gateway to consistent, year-round healing, offering tools and insights that help you find peace and resilience, no matter the external circumstances.

But without the right strategies and understanding, you might find yourself waiting for a breakthrough that seems always out of reach. Always chasing the next teaching or healing method, having hit-or-miss results.

What if we told you there was a hidden power within yourself that is the true source of healing?

Once you harness it, you can use it for ongoing healing and spiritual awakening 24 hours a day.

Discover the Path to Healing, Wholeness, and Emotional Freedom

After years of guiding individuals on their spiritual paths, we've learned that those who take proactive steps in their healing journey don't leave their growth to chance.

With the right foundational understanding, they can finally step away from managing cycles of emotional crisis.

Instead, they learn to stabilize their emotional and spiritual center and become empowered to access and direct the true source of healing to invite greater freedom, healing, and spiritual growth in every single experience life brings.

If you’re waiting for the "right moment" to address your emotional pain, or continuing to search for some mainstream healing technique that will magically end your emotional pain, you might be missing out on the profound peace and freedom that’s available to you right now.

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Stop waiting for the emotional storm to pass.

Stop suffering through the never-ending cycles of recurring triggers and the resulting emotional pain and confusion.

Learn to harness the true source and healing, and discover the foundational practice and process that empowers your path of healing and spiritual awakening.

Meet Your Spiritual Healing Guide

Jeff Craft, or Kali Das, is the founder of The Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, and creator of the EcstaticU Community Membership.

Jeff Craft is a seasoned spiritual mentor and healing arts master with over three decades of experience. He has empowered countless individuals to overcome their emotional and spiritual hurdles.

With his compassionate guidance and deep understanding of the healing journey, Jeff invites you on an empowering authentic spiritual journey using his unique Ecstatic Union™ approach.

Step by step he helps orchestrate a harmonious healing experience that aligns with your unique spiritual path.

"In a decade of spiritual seeking and practice, I had no idea what I was missing. Jeff's teaching style grants much needed structure and perspective to guide any seeker in their path. My paradigm on the "why"s and "how"s of spiritual awakening is changed forever, and for the better. I finally have the Roadmap I always needed for my journey." 

- Alexa Garcia

Our Commitment To Your Spiritual Awakening:


You're stepping into a journey with proven results. The teachings offered in our "From Triggered to Tranquil" workshop offer the essential foundational practices required to make progress on an authentic spiritual path. They are recognized for their profound impact on participants' lives. 

Why do we stand out? It's simple: we offer clarity and focus amidst the overwhelming number of teachings and practices so you can focus on what matters and confidently walk your path of healing and spiritual awakening. 


Every teaching and practice shared by the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga is grounded in decades of direct experience and deep spiritual practice. 

Our unique Ecstatic Union™ approach has benefited thousands of spiritual seekers by cutting through the mainstream noise and making authentic ancient wisdom accessible and relevant to our modern experience.


Our teachings are adaptable to where you are on your spiritual journey:

  • For those just beginning, we provide the foundations to build a strong, healing practice.
  • If you've started your journey and are looking to deepen your practice, our workshop will guide you to the next level.
  • For advanced practitioners, we offer profound insights to simplify, focus, and expand your existing knowledge and experience, leading to deeper practice and accelerated transformation.



You missed out!

Free ONLINE Workshop

Presented through Zoom

From Triggered to Tranquil:

Healing Emotional Pain and Trauma on the Spiritual Path


March 24, 2024: 2PM EST


Jeff Craft (Kali Das)

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Real Transformation, Real Stories:

See How We've Helped Others Just Like You

With over 33 years of experience, we've guided thousands on their unique path of awakening. But don't just take our word for it; listen to those who have walked this path with us.

"My expectations have been surpassed as I look back and recognize the journey unfolding in learning the material, while also having a deeper understanding of my own personal journey of spiritual growth. I am so excited to be in this course and to share these teachings with others.."

- Melanie Barclay

"I have been able to release and relax even more into life as it is, without forcing or trying to change anything or anyone, including myself! My understanding of Tantra has grown exponentially, from 0-100 in just a very short time. Tantra delivers a framework and conceptual understanding that produces personal results and greater growth. Life changing!"

- Kate Will

"His Spiritual teachings based on Tantric Principals have solidified the truth of my being and I am witnessing myself awakening and transforming on a now noticeably clear Spiritual path."

- Deb Zaccheo

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop for?

Our transformational "From Triggered to Tranquil" workshop is designed for anyone on a spiritual path seeking to overcome emotional pain and step into a life of peace and empowerment.

If you find yourself revisiting the same emotional challenges or feel "stuck" in your spiritual progress, this workshop will provide you with the clarity and tools you need for breakthroughs.

Bring your openness and questions, and we promise an enriching experience with actionable insights for your path to healing and awakening.

Will the teachings be relevant to where I am on my spiritual journey?

Absolutely. Our workshop is tailored to meet you where you are in your spiritual journey and guide you toward deeper healing and growth.

The strategies and perspectives we share are those we embody and teach at the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, benefiting a wide spectrum of seekers from beginners to advanced practitioners.

When & Where is it taking place?

The "From Triggered to Tranquil" workshop is accessible online, allowing you to participate from the comfort and sanctity of your chosen space.

Our next session begins on March 24th, 2024, and you can easily join us from anywhere around the world, ensuring you have a quiet space to reflect and engage with the teachings.

Copyright © 2024 Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2024 Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga. All Rights Reserved