Lost And Confused On Your Healing Journey?

From Triggered to Tranquil:

Healing Your Emotional Pain and Trauma on Your Spiritual Path

  • Dissolve the root causes of your recurring emotional pain with our simple, proven approach.
  • Experience the peace you’ve been seeking and become empowered to handle life's challenges. This leads to increased self-love, improved relationships, and a deeper spiritual connection.

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Just like so many others, you can finally gain clarity and confidence on your healing journey today.

“This has been amazingly helpful. More than anything so far. Been in a pattern of healing techniques that aren't sustaining. You gave me a gameplan. That's what I've needed.” 

- Michelle

Why you must experience this powerful training:

  • You'll walk away with tools that target and dissolve the root cause of emotional pain. Set yourself free from past traumas.
  • Discover the essential practice needed to unlock the true source of healing and spiritual awakening.
  • Learn techniques to build emotional resilience and preserve inner peace amidst life's challenges.
  • Embrace your higher potential for a freer, more spiritually vibrant life by overcoming past limitations.
  • Build confidence and get clear guidance on your healing path, as you cultivate a deep sense of self-love and acceptance.

Our "From Triggered to Tranquil" course helps you finally build the necessary foundation and discover the one simple practice that is required for effective healing.

Discover the Key
to Effective Healing and Growth

"I thought I had already healed this! Why does this keep happening?"
"What's wrong with me?"

Sound familiar?

I've been there too.

My name is Jeff Craft, and I understand the common struggles people face on their healing journeys. More importantly, I know how to overcome them.

On the path of healing, many continue to chase after more techniques, books, and teachings. They hope they'll eventually find something that works consistently.

Instead, they often remain stuck in cycles of recurring pain and overwhelm. And, they feel confused as the deeper peace and spiritual growth they desire remains out of reach.

Most people think healing is complicated. The reason they can’t actually heal is because they don’t understand how healing actually works.

It’s not about collecting lots of techniques and teachings.

It’s actually very simple. There is really only one thing to focus on.

Today, I am offering you the most overlooked tool that enhances everything else: Access the True Source of healing and use it to dissolve the root cause of emotional pain and trauma.

This one simple practice is required for effective healing, and creates the necessary foundation for authentic spiritual growth and a deeper connection with your True Self.

Learn this one thing, and gain confidence and clarity on your path of healing and spiritual awakening.


December 12th, 2022; 2 PM EST, Sunday

Grow Your Spiritual Practice with Jeff Craft (Kali Das)

Discover the secrets to sustaining and growing your spiritual practice and accelerating spiritual awakening while also managing daily distractions and thriving in life.

What if I told you there was a hidden power within yourself that is the true source of healing?

Once you harness it, you can use it for ongoing healing and spiritual awakening 24 hours a day.

3 Simple Steps to Effective Healing

After years of guiding individuals on their spiritual paths, I've discovered that understanding and proactive action are crucial for profound healing.

Our "From Triggered to Tranquil" course is designed to turn these insights into real-world healing experiences through three pivotal steps:

Step 1

Identify the Root Cause

Understanding the deeper cause of your emotional pain is essential. Recognizing triggers and their nature is the first step to effective healing.

Step 2

Eliminate the Cause

We'll show you a direct  straightforward method to tap into your inner healing source, enabling you to address and clear the root cause rather than just address symptoms.

Step 3

Heal and Transform

Through regular application of these techniques, you'll experience ongoing transformation and deepening peace on your path of spiritual awakening.

Consistent use of these three steps will lead you on a transformational journey to greater freedom, healing, and spiritual growth.

If you’re waiting for the "right moment" to address your emotional pain, or tempted to search for some mainstream "quick fix" healing technique, you might be missing out on the profound peace and freedom that’s available to you right now.

Act now—this special offer is only available for a limited time. Secure your spot today to ensure you don’t miss this opportunity for lasting healing and spiritual growth!

"It gave me the tools to start to transcend my own suffering into a response-ability that I was unaware I had. Jeff has a wonderful ability to be compassionate but still pushes you to dig deep on painful subjects. I am truly grateful for Jeff and his knowledge on awakening." 

- Jessey Clark

It’s time to initiate a new cycle of healing, peace, and accelerated spiritual growth.

Your Transformational
Breakthrough Starts Now

The spiritual path often calls us through increasing moments of uncertainty and emotional turmoil.

As we seek answers, it’s common to find an overwhelming number of teachings, practices, and healing techniques in our search for deeper peace and clarity.

The truth is, that lasting peace, happiness, and healing come from within — not from external events, mental ideas, or other people.

This workshop is your gateway to consistent, year-round healing, offering tools and insights that help you find peace and resilience, no matter the external circumstances.

But without the right strategies and understanding, you might find yourself waiting for a breakthrough that seems always out of reach. Always chasing the next teaching or healing method, having hit-or-miss results.

Stop waiting for the emotional storm to pass.

Stop suffering through the never-ending cycles of recurring triggers and the resulting emotional pain and confusion.

Learn to harness the true source and healing, and discover the foundational practice and process that empowers your path of healing and spiritual awakening.

"The key to being at peace with committing to healing sessions is to know that the person you are committing to working with is an authentic, well educated, intuitive counselor and healer with experience working on themselves as well as other people.

Jeff Craft is exactly that.

- Dave Lesinski

Meet Your Spiritual Healing Guide

Jeff Craft, or Kali Das, is the founder of The Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, and creator of the EcstaticU Community Membership.

Jeff Craft is a seasoned spiritual mentor and healing arts master with over three decades of experience. He has empowered countless individuals to overcome their emotional and spiritual hurdles.

With his compassionate guidance and deep understanding of the healing journey, Jeff invites you on an empowering authentic spiritual journey using his unique Ecstatic Union™ approach.

Step by step he helps orchestrate a harmonious healing experience that aligns with your unique spiritual path.

Real Transformation, Real Stories:

See How We've Helped Others Just Like You

With over 34 years of experience, we've guided thousands on their unique path of awakening. But don't just take our word for it; listen to those who have walked this path with us.

"My expectations have been surpassed as I look back and recognize the journey unfolding in learning the material, while also having a deeper understanding of my own personal journey of spiritual growth. I am so excited to be in this course and to share these teachings with others.."

- Melanie Barclay

"I have been able to release and relax even more into life as it is, without forcing or trying to change anything or anyone, including myself! My understanding of Tantra has grown exponentially, from 0-100 in just a very short time. Tantra delivers a framework and conceptual understanding that produces personal results and greater growth. Life changing!"

- Kate Will

"His Spiritual teachings based on Tantric Principals have solidified the truth of my being and I am witnessing myself awakening and transforming on a now noticeably clear Spiritual path."

- Deb Zaccheo

Are you ready to confidently navigate through emotional triggers and transform your personal challenges into profound growth and peace?

Our "From Triggered to Tranquil" course gives you the often overlooked foundational tools necessary to transition from emotional turmoil to a state of peace and clarity.

As you engage with the foundations and implement the core practice practice, you'll gain key insights and experiences that promote healing and spiritual growth. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Understanding Emotional Triggers: Identify and manage the triggers that disrupt your peace, setting a foundational knowledge for deeper healing.
  • Effective Emotional Regulation: Develop practical skills and techniques to maintain emotional balance , calm your mind and enhance spiritual connection.
  • Healing Emotional Patterns: Transform negative emotional triggers and intense experiences into opportunities for healing and personal growth.
  • Spiritual Alignment in Daily Life: Integrate effective spiritual practices into your daily life, aligning closely with your spiritual goals.
  • Profound Transformation and Growth: Direct the true source of healing towards stuck emotional patterns, inviting profound transformation and freedom in all areas of life.

The core healing approach simplifies the healing process, allowing you to get off the endless hamster wheel of searching for more techniques.

It lays a strong foundation for an effective path of healing and spiritual awakening. It is the cornerstone to an authentic spiritual path, and it evolves with you as it nurtures healing, profound transformation, and the realization of your true self.

Whether you are new to emotional healing or looking to deepen your spiritual practices, "From Triggered to Tranquil" offers invaluable insights and tools to guide you towards a life of greater peace and alignment with your true self.

"In a decade of spiritual seeking and practice, I had no idea what I was missing. Jeff's teaching style grants much needed structure and perspective to guide any seeker in their path. My paradigm on the "why"s and "how"s of spiritual awakening is changed forever, and for the better. I finally have the Roadmap I always needed for my journey." 

- Alexa Garcia

Are you ready to transform your pain into peace?

Enroll in this powerful course now and take the first step towards a more peaceful and empowered life.

From Triggered to Tranquil:

Healing Your Emotional Pain and Trauma on Your Spiritual Path

  • Location: Fully online, accessible from anywhere
  • Instructor: Jeff Craft (Kali Das)
  • Duration: Complete at your pace; typically requires 2.5 hours
  • Course Format: 8 Video Lessons, plus Audio only and Transcripts
  • Support Resources: Guided Practices for Deeper Integration
  • Guarantee: 14-day full refund policy for peace of mind


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Money Back Guarantee

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At Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, we believe in the transformational power of our courses and EcstaticU membership.

You don't have to say YES immediately - just a maybe. From the day you enroll, you have 14 days to explore your purchase. If you find your course or Membership is not the right fit, no worries. Canceling is easy and hassle-free. Simply use our Contact Us page within 14 days to request a full, friendly, and prompt refund. No questions, no complications.

We're here to support your spiritual journey, risk-free.


Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 14 Days Risk Free

At Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, we believe in the transformational power of our courses and EcstaticU membership.

You don't have to say YES immediately - just a maybe. From the day you enroll, you have 14 days to explore your purchase. If you find your course or Membership is not the right fit, no worries. Canceling is easy and hassle-free. Simply use our Contact Us page within 14 days to request a full, friendly, and prompt refund. No questions, no complications.

We're here to support your spiritual journey, risk-free.

Our Commitment To Your Spiritual Awakening:


The teachings offered in our "From Triggered to Tranquil" workshop provide the essential foundational practices required to make progress on an authentic spiritual path and are recognized for their profound impact on our client's and student's lives.


Every teaching and practice shared by the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga is grounded in decades of direct experience and deep spiritual practice. 

Our unique Ecstatic Union™ approach has benefited thousands of spiritual seekers by cutting through the mainstream noise and making authentic ancient wisdom accessible and relevant to our modern experience.


Our teachings are adaptable to where you are on your spiritual journey. Whether just beginning or looking to deepen your practice, our workshop will guide you to the next level, offering profound insights to simplify, focus, and expand your existing knowledge, leading to deeper practice and accelerated transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop for?

Our transformational "From Triggered to Tranquil" workshop is designed for anyone on a spiritual path seeking to overcome emotional pain and step into a life of peace and empowerment.

If you find yourself revisiting the same emotional challenges or feel "stuck" in your spiritual progress or wanting to experience a simpler, more effective process of healing, this workshop will provide you with the clarity and tools you need for breakthroughs.

We promise an enriching experience with actionable insights for your path to healing and awakening.

Will the teachings be relevant to where I am on my spiritual journey?

Absolutely. Our workshop is tailored to meet you where you are in your spiritual journey and guide you toward deeper healing and growth.

The strategies and perspectives we share are those we embody and teach at the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga, benefiting a wide spectrum of seekers from beginners to advanced practitioners.

When & Where is it taking place?

The "From Triggered to Tranquil" workshop is accessible online, allowing you to participate from the comfort and sanctity of your chosen space.

You will get instant access and can easily go at your own pace from anywhere around the world, ensuring you have a quiet space to reflect and engage with the teachings.

Copyright © 2024 Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2024 Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga. All Rights Reserved