Attention Spiritual Seekers Feeling Overwhelm and Self-Doubt...

Searching for Clarity, Healing, and Direction 

on Your Spiritual Journey?

No more feeling lost: Discover how over 1000 seekers have escaped confusion and uncertainty using our unique 5 Stages of Spiritual Awakening and Personal Transformation Framework.

"In a decade of spiritual seeking and practice, I had no idea what I was missing until I took this course. Jeff's teaching style grants much needed structure and perspective to guide any seeker in their path. My paradigm on the "why"s and "how"s of spiritual awakening is changed forever, and for the better. I finally have the Roadmap I always needed for my journey. Thank you Jeff!" - Alexa Garcia

The True Price of Uncertainty and Self-Doubt

Are you trying to break free from the negative effects of your past and embrace joy and spiritual fulfillment?

Navigating the challenges of emotional healing, relationship issues, and spiritual awakening can make you feel disoriented, unsure, and unsatisfied in your life.

The stress, anxiety, and fear can be daunting, but the deeper pain stems from their impact on your life: a sense of disconnect from yourself and your loved ones, persisting conflicts, and difficulty in finding everyday peace and joy.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Cycles of insecurity, conflict and disconnect in relationships
  • Feeling like you’ve hit a block or standstill in your healing and spiritual growth
  • Sleepless nights filled with anxiety, fear, and incessant thoughts
  • Struggling to cope with the daily emotional triggers, hoping they will eventually fade from your life
  • Resurfacing old problems that you believed you had resolved
  • Thinking that despite all your efforts to heal and foster spiritual growth, your life seems to be in disarray
  • Feeling overwhelmed by too many practices, resources, and paths to follow
  • Uncertainty about whether you're reacting from ego or intuition
  • Countless chakra healing videos, healing practices, and contradictory explanations that offer little comfort or guidance
  • Surges of energy, involuntary body movements, strong emotions, and unexpected coincidences leave you feeling lost and confused

Trapped in The Endless Cycle of Self-Healing and Recurring Distress

You strive to "do the healing work", hoping you can experience meaningful relationships, find inner peace, and cultivate a deeper connection with your Divine purpose and True Self. You dream of a life abundant with love, vitality, and the freedom to live authentically.

However, at times it feels as though the more healing work you do, the more complex and confusing it becomes. Maybe you even think, "I'm doing all this to heal and support my spiritual growth, but my life seems to be falling apart!"

So, you look for more spiritual teachings and healing techniques, hoping to find an answer, only to return to square one.

This frustrating cycle leaves you feeling stuck, questioning your path, and wondering if something is fundamentally wrong with you…

Many people on a journey of healing and spiritual awakening grapple with these same issues.

The good news is, there is a better way.

The Spiritual Path Doesn’t Have to Feel Overwhelming and Painful

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Imagine a path that allows you to break free from your past, undergo genuine transformation, and live your best life with grace and simplicity.

A path that leads to sustainable healing, helping you finally move past the painful effects of past traumas, anxiety, and fear. 

On this journey, you'll realize that healing work needn’t be an endless process. There exists a method to encourage growth and healing peacefully, enabling you to transition seamlessly into living your most fulfilling life.

Now is the time to eliminate obstacles on your path and discover the key elements that will empower you to heal from the past, awaken to freedom, and step into a deeply embodied experience of your Higher Spiritual potential.

Mainstream Spiritual Teachings

Often Cause Confusion

Did you know that mainstream spiritual teachings often lead to confusion and keep you spinning in circles?

It's like trying to piece together dozens of different puzzles without a clear image of the end result.

Without understanding what you are doing and why, you're likely to continue struggling. Genuine emotional healing and spiritual awakening call for a unified, trusted spiritual system that provides the big picture and helps you focus on what truly matters at each stage of the journey.

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By gaining clarity on the most effective practices and mindsets, you can unlock your full potential and experience the inner peace, joy, and happiness you deserve.

More Information Isn’t Always The Answer

When you're overwhelmed with a vast array of practices, philosophies, and teachings, it's easy to lose direction.

You may find yourself lost in a sea of contradictory advice, struggling to discern which methods truly align with your spiritual growth.

Escape the cycle of confusion and self-doubt by focusing on the core principles that lead to sustainable growth and lasting transformation.

If you’re not clear about where the spiritual path is leading you and how to align yourself with the deeper spiritual truth, you may unknowingly hinder your own progress.

If you don't know the most crucial principles and practices to focus on, your mind may complicate the process, leading you to seek more information.

The answer isn't finding "more" information.

It's about having the "right" information, at the "right" time, presented in the "right" context.

Only then can you escape the cycle of struggle

and find the clarity you've been seeking.

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Simplicity is the Key. On the Spiritual Path, Less is Truly More.

If you aren’t aware of the specific methods to create balanced, harmonious emotional healing and karmic clearing, you might continue to struggle with repeating patterns and feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

By focusing on a clear, authentic spiritual system, you can create a life filled with peace, joy and a deep connection with the world around you.

Imagine being able to:

  • Heal past traumas, emotional pain, and recurring karmic patterns
  • Overcome self-doubt and manage your energy effectively
  • Maintain inner peace even in adversity
  • Experience profound self-love and create higher vibrational relationships
  • Develop unshakable trust and confidence in your inner guidance
  • Effortlessly connect with your higher self
  • Utilize your intuitive senses for healing and harmony
  • Master practical tools for spiritual growth and evolution
  • Awaken your Kundalini and energy channels safely and effectively
  • Walk a spiritual path confidently, grounded in a deep understanding of Spiritual Truth

The Journey Shouldn’t Be Walked Alone

Feeling alone and disconnected in your spiritual journey can be as challenging as dealing with emotional pain and information overload.

We all want to feel accepted as we are, seen and understood as we awaken and step into our unique Authentic expression and Higher Spiritual Potential.

Connecting with a community that provides grounding and support can remind you of your deepest Truth when you feel isolated or disconnected.

A community of like-minded spiritual seekers can offer encouragement and shared experiences, leading to transformative breakthroughs.

This nurturing, supportive environment can be the key to overcoming challenges, and fully embracing your spiritual growth and personal transformation.

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Unlock Your True Potential and Embrace Your Spiritual Path with Confidence

The time has come to overcome the obstacles and experience newfound clarity, focus, and trust on your path of spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

Transform your life, awaken to your highest spiritual potential, and leave behind the emotional pain, confusion, and isolation. Cultivate peace, love, and joy, and deepen your connection to higher states of consciousness.

Embrace a clear, authentic spiritual system that offers the right tools to dissolve emotional pain, the clarity to navigate life confidently, and a supportive community.

Focus on what actually matters, allowing you to navigate the spiritual path with confidence and clarity.

Hi! I'm Jeff...

My journey spanning three decades has taught me the profound value of personal transformation and spiritual growth.

As the founder of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga and the brain behind EcstaticU, I've had the privilege of walking the spiritual journey with thousands of individuals. In the process, I've been a witness to the transformational power of combining spiritual wisdom with practical tools, expert guidance, and a nurturing community.

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The Puzzling Maze of The Spiritual Journey

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Over the years, I observed that many spiritual seekers were struggling to find a clear path and the right guidance on their journey. They were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of spiritual teachings, practices, and resources, and often felt isolated and disconnected without a supportive community.

My own journey, too, was overflowing with challenges—intense emotions, taxing relationships, a crippling lack of confidence, and a sea of confusion over how to heal and grow. I believed that “something was wrong with me” and I was constantly applying healing practices trying to “fix” myself and “manifest” my desires.

A Light in the Darkness: Meeting My Guru

In my quest for peace and deeper spiritual truth, my journey led me to my Guru in 2002.

He initiated me into Shaktipat and helped me get off the spiritual hamster wheel of endlessly chasing after more healing techniques, more practices, and more information. 

Under his guidance, I discovered that true healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening were within my grasp.

This profound realization became the cornerstone of my work with healing clients and spiritually focused students, guiding them to focus on what truly matters and into the light of transformation.

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Unraveling the Secrets to Profound Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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In this newfound light, I identified common elements amongst those who saw significant transformations and growth.

These included:

  • A clear, personalized spiritual roadmap
  • Authentic teachings that resonated deeply
  • An insatiable thirst for understanding their Higher Potential
  • A supportive guide and a community for companionship

Charting the Two Paths of Spiritual Exploration

In my exploration, I identified two groups of spiritual seekers:

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The Spirited


These individuals, much like my former self, are abundant with enthusiasm and sincerity. They navigate the ocean of teachings and practices, hoping to progress by amassing more information, techniques, or gurus.

However, their path often lacks the structure needed for effective progress.

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The Purposeful Seekers

This smaller group focuses on the true essence of healing and spiritual development – realizing their deeper True Self.

With a singular focus, they seek teachings that encourage the embodiment of their True Self.

Building the Roadmap to Spiritual Awakening

Inspired by the path shown by my Guru and the insights from my journey, I set out to create the most powerful compilation of teachings, healing methods, and spiritual practices.

The result is the "5 Stages of Spiritual Awakening and Personal Transformation."

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The Proof Is In The Transformation

When I shared these practices and teachings with others, they too started witnessing profound changes in their life:

  • Steady Progress: They overcame old patterns, emerging into a more focused and joyful existence.
  • Fulfilling Relationships: Breaking free from conflict, they embraced love, connection, and intimacy.
  • Greater Peace and Joy: They learned to navigate life's highs and lows skillfully, deepening their understanding of self and the world.
  • Alleviating Emotional Pain: They were better equipped to manage stress and anxiety, embracing challenges with grace.
  • Clarity and Trust: They gained confidence in their spiritual path and a deeper understanding of healing and growth.
  • Daily Transformational Experiences: Every situation became a stepping stone for their growth and the awakening of their True Self.

The Life-Changing Impact of a Focused,

Clear Proven Path

These teachings have already helped others just like you to deepen their spiritual practice,

enhance self-awareness, and experience profound personal growth.

And the results speak for themselves…

Igniting the Flame of Spiritual Transformation

Alexa initially found herself wrestling with skepticism about the cost of the EcstaticU Membership. Yet, as she ventured on, she discovered a value that far outweighed the investment. Alexa's story is one of deep and continuous spiritual awakening, fueled by Jeff's teachings. Today, her spiritual journey has become an integral part of her daily life, infused in her meditation and prayer practices.

Dismantling Doubt, Unearthing Authentic Growth

Confronted by the deluge of free information online, Stan doubted the necessity of the EcstaticU Membership. His story unfolds as he immerses himself in the program, revealing a rich landscape of personal growth opened up by the structured, experiential approach. Under Jeff's caring and insightful guidance, Stan has been able to chart a clear path in his spiritual journey, experiencing profound growth through energy and healing meditations.

Mastering Life's Challenges with Spiritual Balance

Deb, swamped by her professional commitments, questioned her ability to embrace the EcstaticU Membership. But her narrative tells a story of surprise and triumph. With the program's inherent flexibility and the unwavering support of the community, Deb carved out her own spiritual path, pacing her journey at her own rhythm. The EcstaticU Membership has not only offered her a newfound balance in life but has also empowered her to overcome personal challenges and deepen her growth.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey,

the EcstaticU Membership is designed to guide you

toward profound spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Unleashing the EcstaticU Membership

to the World

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The desire to bring these teachings to more people led to the creation of the EcstaticU Membership. If you join us, I’d love to help you, too.

  • If you're on a path of healing wanting the most effective tools
  • OR you are a spiritual seeker looking for a clear path and expert guidance
  • OR you are a professional healer aiming to deepen your practice...

The EcstaticU Membership is designed for you!

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EcstaticU is Right Beside You!

Here’s the Reality. Walking a path of personal healing and spiritual discovery can seem like a maze without the right guidance and support.

Chances are, you have a big heart. You're not only seeking personal healing and inner peace but are also driven to uplift others, making a lasting, meaningful impact.

Those of us drawn to an authentic spiritual path eventually recognize it’s not just about our personal evolution. As we unlock our highest potential, we also radiate joy, love, and peace that ripple out to our families, communities, and beyond.

This profound, lasting impact is the driving force behind my passion. And it is the very reason I created EcstaticU.

Witness Real Transformations with EcstaticU

Every spiritual journey is unique, filled with struggles and victories that mold us into the person we are meant to be. See the positive impact the EcstaticU Journey has had on others.

“What I learned from Jeff’s program truly changed my life for the better. And I know that I’ll take these teachings with me and build upon them, wherever I go.”

Alexa Garcia

Member since 20XX

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“It gave me the tools to start to transcend my own suffering into a response-ability that I was unaware I had. Jeff has a wonderful ability to be compassionate but still pushes you to dig deep on painful subjects. I am truly grateful for Jeff and his knowledge on awakening.”

Jessey Clark

Member since 20XX

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“His Spiritual teachings based on Tantric Principals have solidified the truth of my being and I am witnessing myself awakening and transforming on a now noticeably clear Spiritual path.”

Deb Zaccheo

Member since 20XX

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Why Choose EcstaticU Membership?

EcstaticU is not just a learning platform; it's a spiritual sanctuary that empowers you to awaken your highest potential. We offer you clear teachings, powerful healing resources, and a supportive community that ensures you never walk alone on this journey.

Unlike other options, EcstaticU is committed to providing a comprehensive roadmap that guides you every step of the way, regardless of your experience level.

Your Personalized EcstaticU Membership Journey

The EcstaticU Membership journey, designed around the 5 Stages of Spiritual Awakening and Personal Transformation, offers you a personalized roadmap for your path of healing and spiritual growth.

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Our Five Stage Journey is the heartbeat of the EcstaticU Membership. It forms the foundation of our transformational Spiritual Awakening Accelerator Program, guiding you to refine your spiritual practices, focus on what truly matters, and ultimately accelerate your spiritual awakening.

Let's explore the stages in detail:

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Stage 0

Mastering the Art of Being Human on a Spiritual Path

This stage sets the foundation for your spiritual awakening by addressing the very essence of your human existence. By acknowledging and nurturing your fundamental needs and emotions, you lay the groundwork for unobstructed spiritual growth.


  • Develop self-awareness of your unique human experience, allowing you to address needs that may block your spiritual development.
  • Attain physical, emotional, and mental well-being, creating a strong foundation for joy, awakening, and enduring transformation.
  • Cultivate emotional and psychological wisdom, transforming your relationships and inviting inner peace.
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Stage 1

Mastering Inner Transformation

Step into your innate power, connect with the true source of healing, and unlock your untapped potential. This stage offers potent practices that foster emotional freedom, resolve karmic patterns, and transform your relationships with yourself, others, and the universe.


  • Foundational principles of spiritual awareness, helping you awaken the True Source of Healing, fully experience the present moment, and tap into your hidden potential.
  • Effective techniques to purify karmic patterns, heal past traumas, and align your intentions with your authentic self.
  • Practical strategies that promote clarity and compassion in your relationships, enabling conscious communication and the peaceful resolution of conflicts and power dynamics.
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Stage 2

Mastering the Acceleration of Transformation

During this stage, you'll solidify your inner guidance, deepen your Divine connection, refine your meditation practice, and safely harness increasing levels of spiritual energy to accelerate your journey.


  • Learn to dissolve the illusion of separation from the Divine, opening yourself to profound levels of love, acceptance, and intimacy in your spiritual practice.
  • Unlock the secrets of successful meditation, accelerating your spiritual transformation through the cleansing power of karmic purification and personal healing.
  • Discover Techniques to amplify your spiritual energy, expand your intuition, awaken your creativity, and access higher states of consciousness.
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Stage 3

Mastering the Embodiment of Spiritual Reality

Delve into the depths of your inner being, prepare for Kundalini awakening, and cleanse subtle karmic limitations. This stage guides you to transcend the ego, expand your awareness of your True Self, and directly experience the Divine.


  • Purify the ego, eliminate false identities and attachments, and unveil the joy, richness, and peace of your True Self and the deeper Spiritual Reality.
  • Direct your awareness inwards, increasing the flow of Spiritual Energy, accessing and purifying the subtle realms of consciousness that shape your experiences.
  • Work with Chakras and prepare for Kundalini awakening, spiritualize your body, facilitate effortless karmic removal, and embody your highest spiritual potential.
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Stage 4

Mastering the Art of Ultimate Spiritual Freedom

Immerse yourself in oneness with the Divine, transcend limitations, and attain full spiritual awakening. This final stage empowers you to dissolve residual karmic obstacles, deepen direct experiences of ultimate truth, and integrate this newfound awareness into everyday life.


  • Techniques to dissolve the final false identities, expand your sense of Self beyond individuality, and embody the peace, love, and freedom of your True Self.
  • Stabilization of the direct experience of your True Self, accelerating the release of false identification with the individual self.
  • The final steps towards spiritual liberation, merging with your True Nature to experience oneness, and align with the Divine Power of Consciousness.
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This course was utterly transformational! Jeff's teachings led me deeper into both personal growth and intimacy with the Divine -- helping me understand and shift my overall relationship to life and those I share it with. I am deeply grateful for the practices and perspectives I gained through this class, which continue to serve me daily.

Alexa Garcia

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I always enjoy your classes. You talk about things I would never know about. You make me think, you make me smile, but most of all you make me feel good about myself. Thanks!

Melanie Barclay

My expectations have been surpassed as I look back and recognize the journey unfolding in learning the material, while also having a deeper understanding of my own personal journey of spiritual growth. I am so excited to be in this course and to share these teachings with others.

Gary Lawson

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The Life-Changing Treasures Inside Your

EcstaticU Membership

Clarify and focus your path of personal evolution and spiritual awakening with EcstaticU. We’ve lovingly crafted and organized our offerings into seven inspiring themes, designed to guide you towards your highest spiritual potential.

Course Library

Your Step-by-Step Journey to

Transformation and Embodied Awakening

Embark on a journey that transitions you from scattered spiritual learning to a coherent and progressive path of transformation with the EcstaticU Membership’s extensive Course Library.

At the heart of our Course Library, you'll find the Spiritual Awakening Accelerator Program – an expanding curriculum that delivers clarity and deep understanding of your spiritual journey.

With the Full Course Library, you are empowered to:

  • Delve into a treasure trove of over 150 hours of profound course content, meticulously designed for deep healing and accelerated spiritual growth
  • Navigate your transformation with our proven Spiritual Awakening Accelerator program
  • Explore our standalone courses, tailored for both spiritual novices and seasoned seekers
  • Benefit from specialized teachings and integrative practices with The Gathering library
  • Revel in the lifelong journey of spiritual exploration with unrestricted access to all future course additions
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Meditation Library

Journey to the Heart of Inner Peace

Uncover the boundless potential of your inner being through our Meditation Library, a sanctuary where your mind meets spirit.

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  • Navigate a user-friendly platform, designed for practitioners of all levels
  • Meditate at your leisure, choosing from diverse styles to align with your personal preferences.
  • Experience potent, heart-centered meditations, carefully designed by our knowledgeable founder.
  • Maintain vibrancy in your practice with fresh, regularly updated content.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of on-demand access, perfectly aligning with your personal meditation schedule

Resource Library

Your Spiritual Wisdom Well

Begin a deeper exploration of your spiritual path with our expansive Resource Library, a treasure chest filled with enlightening insights.

  • Seamlessly browse your preferred spiritual topics on our intuitive platform
  • Engage with a diverse range of spiritual resources, available whenever your spirit seeks wisdom.
  • Gain enlightening perspectives on varied spiritual and healing-centric topics
  • Stay current with spiritual wisdom through regular resource updates and new additions
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Live Events & Interactive Workshops

Energize Your Spiritual Potential in Real-Time

Immerse yourself in profound insights and deep understanding through our online live events and workshops, meticulously curated for your spiritual evolution.

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  • Engage directly with Jeff Craft (Kali Das) in our interactive workshops and events
  • Ignite your spirit through immersive, hands-on transformational activities
  • Dive into dynamic spiritual exploration within a nurturing, like-minded community
  • Enjoy priority access to new courses and workshops as an esteemed member

Social Networking & Community Connections

Embrace Your Spiritual Family

Enter our vibrant community of spiritual seekers, and thrive in a nurturing, stimulating environment filled with kindred spirits.

  • Engage in community forums for shared learning and growth
  • Build lasting bonds with like-minded members using our social networking features
  • Chart your progress and inspire others with personalized timelines of your spiritual journey
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Group Coaching & Personalized Guidance

Ascend to New Heights of Spiritual Growth

Deepen your spiritual journey with our robust group coaching and personalized guidance program, a pillar of support in your spiritual evolution.

  • Attend regular group coaching and Q&A sessions with Jeff, fostering wisdom-guided growth
  • Connect more deeply with our community through accountability and connection calls
  • Enjoy exclusive interactions with Jeff through a dedicated members-only online forum
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Mobile App & Member Community Website

Your Spiritual Growth Companion, Anytime, Anywhere

Stay attuned to your spiritual practice on the go with our mobile app and member community website, your digital home for spiritual growth.

  • Stay connected to your spiritual evolution with our mobile app (COMING SOON!)
  • Seamlessly navigate your spiritual journey with our intuitive member community website.
  • Commit to your spiritual progress, regardless of your schedule.
  • Connect, share, and learn from our community members, enhancing your spiritual journey.
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Unique Opportunity:
Become a Founding Member of EcstaticU

Commit to Your Spiritual Journey and Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

Choosing to become a Founding Member is more than just signing up—it's a commitment to your spiritual growth, healing, and self-empowerment.

Here's an opportunity to prioritize what truly matters: taking action, embodying wisdom, and applying spiritual insights in your daily life.

With EcstaticU, you're backed by the support and guidance you need to step into your spiritual potential with confidence and clarity. We recognize this leap of faith and, as a token of our deep gratitude, we're offering an unbeatable lifetime rate to our Founding Members.

Exclusive Benefits of Being a Founding Member:

  • Incredible Value: As a thank you for your early trust, we offer an unmatched Founding Member rate—only $39 per month or $399 per year. This lifetime rate will never increase as long as your Membership remains active.
  • Complete Content Access: Enjoy unrestricted access to our ever-expanding library of resources. Be the first to experience our newest additions aimed to nourish your spiritual journey.
  • Guided Path to Growth: Commit to personal evolution and receive continuous guidance, powerful tools, and support to make your spiritual journey smooth and meaningful.
  • Close-knit Community: Engage in enriching interactions with Jeff and form deeper connections with like-minded spiritual seekers during this more intimate stage.
  • Shape EcstaticU’s Future: Your ideas and feedback are vital. Influence EcstaticU's content and future direction, and help us serve you better.
  • Founding Member Recognition: Stand out in the community with special badges and recognition that highlight your unique role as a Founding Member.
  • Leave a Legacy: Make an impact, inspire others, and leave a lasting imprint on a community dedicated to fostering spiritual growth.
  • Contribute to Collective Awakening: Deepen your spiritual journey while aiding others on theirs through shared wisdom and experiences.

By becoming a Founding Member at EcstaticU, you're not just nurturing your own spiritual awakening—you're contributing to a wave of authentic spiritual transformation worldwide.

You will personally benefit from the program and make a significant impact on the journeys of countless others.

Take the exciting leap today, carve your unique spiritual path, and help us build a powerful spiritual community from the ground up!

Annual Founding Member Special: Unwrap Your Incredible Bonus Gift

As a token of our appreciation to those who support us at the beginning of this journey, we offer an exclusive benefit for founding members.

Private Coaching Session With Jeff Craft

$250 Value

Exclusively for those joining as ANNUAL Founding Members. Available for a limited time only.

Complete the 4 Lesson "The Spiritual Awakening Roadmap" Course within your first 60 days of membership to unlock a Private Coaching and Healing Session with Jeff. This session will deepen your understanding of the foundational teachings and customize your spiritual roadmap.

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The Path to Spiritual Evolution:

Your Investment in Self-Transformation

Consider this: the quest for authentic spiritual growth could lead you down various paths.. From retreats and workshops to books and YouTube videos, trying to figure everything out on your own using mainstream teachings could easily lead you down a time-consuming and costly path of trial and error.

At EcstaticU, we offer an alternative path - one that is clear, potent, and affordable, focusing on your journey to self-realization. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your transformation, backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

We invite you to join the EcstaticU membership, not merely as a purchase, but as an invaluable investment in your spiritual journey.

EcstaticU Transformer Membership

Fuel your spiritual transformation with:

  • Full access to our extensive Course Library.
  • Exclusive admittance to all Live Events & Interactive Workshops.
  • Comprehensive Spiritual Awakening Accelerator Program.
  • Priority access in our Social Networking & Community Connections forums.
  • Additional Meditation Library resources and past Gathering event recordings.
  • Access to any future courses and materials added to the platform.

Intro Pricing:




(paid annually)

Just by becoming a Founding Member, you'll save $20 per month or $200 per year compared to the future regular price. 

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Our "You're Fully Covered" Guarantee:

Try the EcstaticU Membership for a Full 14 Days, 100% Risk-Free.

If, for any reason, you're unsatisfied with your EcstaticU Membership during the first 2 weeks, we'll gladly give you a full refund.

Unveil the Riches of Your

EcstaticU Transformer Membership

The value you will receive from the EcstaticU Transformer Membership far exceeds the investment, both in monetary terms and personal growth:

Spiritual Awakening Accelerator Program: $7200+ VALUE

Additional Course

Library Access:

$2000+ VALUE

Exclusive Meditation Library:

$1000+ VALUE

Resource Library:

$500+ VALUE

Live Events & Interactive Workshops:

$1500+ VALUE

Social Networking & Community Connections: $1000+ VALUE

Group Coaching & Personalized Guidance: $1500+ VALUE

Mobile App & Member Community Website:

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Bonus: Private Coaching

Session with Jeff:

$250 VALUE

This offer is for a limited time only.

Secure your spot now to unlock your spiritual potential!

Your Next Step on the Path to Spiritual Transformation

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Billed $399 per user Yearly

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Total $479.88 per user Yearly

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  • Lifetime Low Rate Guarantee: Your rate will never increase while your membership is active
  • BONUS Not Included for Monthly Enrollment *

Enroll now to focus your path toward profound transformation and spiritual awakening!

If you have any questions or concerns about the membership, please reach out to us.

We're always here to help:

Payment methods accepted:

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"You're Fully Covered" Guarantee:

Try the EcstaticU Membership for a Full 14 Days, 100% Risk-Free.

If you're unhappy with your EcstaticU Membership during the first 2 weeks, we'll gladly give you a full refund.

But Act Now!

EcstaticU's Special Introductory Pricing Won't Last Forever

This exceptional offer is available only for a limited period. Seize this golden opportunity to reignite your spiritual path at an incredible price.

Let’s Walk This Path of Transformation Together

Choosing EcstaticU means you are saying “YES” to deep healing and transformation.

“YES” to a clear, focused spiritual path. 

“YES” to impacting those you love positively.

I am here to guide you every step of the way. 

Register now, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Find Your Path to Peace and Unlock Your Ultimate Spiritual Potential

Embrace the Transformation Awaiting You!

Imagine a life abundant with peace, love, and joy, where you're deeply connected to higher states of consciousness. With the EcstaticU Membership, your higher spiritual potential isn't just a fantasy - it's a reality you can experience!

You're not just signing up for a membership. You're embarking on a journey of profound transformation, emotional healing, and spiritual embodiment. Our commitment is to guide you to live a life of purpose, passion, and deep spiritual connection.

With the EcstaticU Membership, you're not just investing in resources, but embracing transformation:

  • Unearth clarity and purpose: Navigate your spiritual journey with a new depth of understanding, focus, and support, masterfully overcoming the complexities of the modern world.
  • Realize your highest potential: Deepen your relationships, rekindle your passions, and confidently manifest the life you've always dreamed of living.
  • Simplify your spiritual practice: Cut through the noise and center your focus on foundational principles that foster sustained growth and transformation, ending the exhausting pursuit of more spiritual solutions.
  • Heal and grow: Harness the power of a clear, cohesive system of spiritual development, offering you the tools to address and overcome emotional stressors like depression, anxiety, and past traumas, facilitating meaningful progress on your spiritual path.
  • Venture into the spiritual unknown: Uncover the often-overlooked aspects of spirituality, exploring teachings and practices that inspire deep growth and transformation, fulfilling your desire for profound spiritual wisdom.
  • Discover your spiritual tribe: Immerse yourself in a nurturing community, embracing acceptance, encouragement, and shared experiences that will propel you toward transformational breakthroughs on your spiritual journey.
  • Embrace your True Self: Cultivate and maintain a state of peace, love, and joy. Deepen your connection with higher states of consciousness by overcoming life's obstacles and simplifying your focus towards what truly matters.

Begin a focused journey towards a more purposeful, joyous, and spiritually aligned life with EcstaticU.

The time is now.

Say YES to Peace, Clarity, and Your Higher Spiritual Potential!

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Swami Dhyan Tilopa // Atlanta, Georgia

I have been having a truly amazing experience on the spiritual path, and have witnessed my sensitivities to subtle energies growing as I move with increasing awareness. I would also like to express my gratitude for what I have already learned and experienced with you. You have been both effective and a pleasure to learn from as a teacher and I feel fortunate to be your student.

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Ama McKinley // Advertising Professional. Dallas, TX

I was in a place in my life where I needed support through grieving - life as I'd known it was dying, and I needed support to create something new. The key takeaway in my work with Jeff was the realization and visualization of my full, authentic self. For years of my life, I have felt out of place in my 'bigness', and I have attempted to shrink to make others more comfortable. Jeff challenged me once to reinvent myself, and the possibility to do so began on the day that he helped me to see who I am as a spiritual being... I gained confidence. Peace. Grounding. And the increasing bravery to be authentic, no matter how it effects other people. I recommend Jeff's work for any person ripe with the desire for change.

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Kate Will // Pre-School Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner

My life has been a Spiritual Path from very early on. The understanding and expanded awareness given through these 6 classes has been very impactful in my day-to-day awareness. I have been able to release and relax even more into life as it is, without forcing or trying to change anything or anyone, including myself! My understanding of Tantra has grown exponentially, from 0-100 in just a very short time. Tantra delivers a framework and conceptual understanding that can be shared with anyone regardless of place on the path or off the path which produces personal results, as well as greater growth and awareness of the sacred nature of all of life. Life changing!

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Christine Drysdale

Gratifying experience... a dedicated time and space to gain insight from others as to our spiritual journey. Jeff possesses great insight as to the conflicts that may arise with a person's healing journey and addresses them with great intuition.

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Dave Lesinski // Teacher

Jeff has supported me in many ways. First, through explanation of my astrological makeup he's helped me understand more about myself and how I show up in intimate relationships. He highlighted a few areas in need of improvement and provided me with real, practical and powerful steps to find balance in these areas. And they've worked. I'm currently enjoying the most significant intimate relationship of my life.

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Tom Yaroschuk // Producer

I was skeptical if it would be effective, but the experience changed my perception. Jeff helped me recognize that I had a self-defeating relationship with the universe. He taught me how to pray. How to view my suffering. How to navigate a difficult emotional storm that had me in its grip. I learned to trust and see the goodness in things I was afraid of.

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Stan Brodka

I did not realize just how much I did not know... Jeff is an excellent guide/teacher.

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