New Moon in Pisces - Intuition, Letting Go and Relationship Healing - Vedic Astrology Forecast for March 27th, 2017

New Moon in Pisces: Intuition, Letting Go and Relationship Healing | Vedic Astrology Forecast for March 27th, 2017

new moon in pisces
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The exact moment of the New Moon in Sidereal Pisces will occur a little before 11pm on Monday March the 27th, 2017.

The New Moon is the reset point or beginning of a New Lunar cycle, and evolves its primary theme through the course of that cycle.

Pisces is a Water sign that is ruled by Jupiter. The element of Water connects us more deeply to our emotions. And Jupiter itself is the part of us that is seeking higher truth, wisdom and wishes to expand in consciousness.

As Jupiter operates through Water, it takes our seeking of truth into a deeper intuitive and emotional level. It invites us to connect deeply into the deeper mysteries of life and Self.

In Pisces, we learn the final implications of Karma and the spiritual wisdom of releasing attachment. A deeper connection to our true Spiritual nature is sought in Pisces, and letting go of the world of attachment is necessary.

Pisces teaches us surrender in the mode of the famous Serenity Prayer. We learn to accept the things we cannot change, to have courage to make the changes that we can, and we develop the wisdom to know the difference.

Pisces also takes us deeper spiritually, because in order for us to expand our inner experience of True Self, we must shift our relationship with the outer world. This comes through letting go of the world. We must release our obsessive attachments to the things of the world we have imagined our the source of our happiness. As we do, we becoming freer within our Self and able to navigate the world with less expectation and attachment. Thus, we suffer less because we are less attached to what happiness “should” look like.

This is designed to be a process of maturation and evolving discrimination of Truth from falsehood. But the desire to surrender and find that inner freedom sometimes takes the initial desire of just wanted to escape from the world. And this become a potential challenge for Pisces energy, in that we may find ourselves creating unhealthy ways to be free of the world.

A healthy way would be a consistent meditation practice. An unhealthy way would be using sensual indulgence, alcohol and drugs in an obsessive and unconscious way.

As Pisces teaches us surrender and the release of attachments, we may sometime experience this energy as Loss. It can be painful if the attachment is strong. As we evolve, we become more accepting of the natural process of loss, and begin to recognize and accept that all things must come to an end. Pisces is a sign of Completions in this way. It brings cycles to an end and invites us to consciously release that which no longer serves us.

And so here in Pisces, the Sun and Moon will join together for the New Moon. The New Moon is a dark moon, which represent the opportunity to turn within and connect more deeply with our subconscious and inner wisdom. And Pisces itself is one of the most inwardly reflective signs, inviting a deep opportunity to access our intuition and connect to our innermost Wisdom and Spiritual Self.

What the New Moon in Pisces Means for Us?

This New Moon is a great opportunity for Meditation, for accessing spiritual insight and for cultivating a deeper connection to your Spiritual Self. It’s also a great opportunity to allow that deeper connection to express itself through you and into the world. Because of its connection to wisdom, emotion and the deeper nature of Spiritual Consciousness, Pisces opens a quality of compassion, love and the desire to express that kindness and love into the world.

Because Retrograde Venus in in Pisces also, the energy of this specific New Moon will have a deeper reflection around relationships and the search for happiness. You may find yourself reconnecting to past relationships, or maybe just having past relationship experiences coming to mind or maybe reflecting in your dreams.

With the position, it’s a great time to release old relationship patterns and re-establish new ways of being in relationship that are based upon honoring the Spark of Spirit that dwells in others. It’s a chance to bring greater compassion and love to current and past relationships. And it’s also a great time to allow yourself to bring past grudges to completion and allow the deeper love to flow into forgiveness.

These themes will be evolving over the next 28 days through this lunar cycle. Take time to recognize what is being revealed to you around relationships. Also be aware of the call to connect more deeply inward to your Spiritual Self, while also being mindful that it doesn’t turn into unhealthy escapism.

Reflect on what is wanting to be released from your life. What cycles of your life are coming to a completion? And how can you use the inner intuitive wisdom to begin to recognize the seeds for what is wanting to awaken as you move into rebirth? Connect to your inner vision for the next steps of your life, your spiritual path and your relationships.

How are you experiencing this New Moon in Pisces window?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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