Full Moon in Taurus - Rest and Enjoyment Brings Balance - Vedic Astrology Forecast for December 13, 2016

Full Moon in Taurus: Rest and Enjoyment Brings Balance | Vedic Astrology Forecast for December 13, 2016

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The exact point of the Full Moon will happen at 7:06pm EST on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016. It will be in Sidereal Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio. The effect of the Full Moon will be felt most strongly for two days before and after the exact time.

What does Full Moon in Taurus Bring

The Full Moon is the midpoint in the Lunar cycle and is an integration point. It is when the mind and feeling nature (Moon) try to balance and harmonize with the power of our soul and sense of self (Sun).

This Lunar Cycle began with the New Moon in Scorpio, and we are now at the midpoint with the Full Moon. The New Moon invited a deeper awareness of the fears and insecurities that are dwelling below the surface of awareness, while also inviting us to explore more deeply our hidden power and potential. This process creates transformation, although it sometimes comes with emotional ups and down, unexpected experiences or sudden changes.

The Sun as Soul’s power is still in Scorpio, but the Mind and feelings shown by the Moon have come into Taurus. The Moon and Mind are given greater groundedness and stability here to help harmonize the instability often created by Scorpio.

As the Moon comes into Taurus, it reminds us that comfort, pleasure and enjoyment of family and our material resources helps us to feel more secure and more stable. Good food, a massage, some sensual indulgence of pleasure, nature, and good times with our family and friends helps to bring some enjoyment back in to life. It reminds us that life can be good, and makes the ups and down of life easier to handle.

Enjoying the Most of Life and Reflections

So, I encourage you to allow yourself to relax, to rest and to enjoy the things that bring you happiness and pleasure in the world. Allow your senses to enjoy the tastes, the pleasures, the textures, the beauty and the smells that are most expanding, inspiring and delightful to you. Reconnect with the joys and pleasures that life has to offer, and see how that helps to stabilize your mind and balance out the changes and unknown factors we have all been experiencing recently.

Mercury is currently in Sagittarius, which brings some inspiration and hope to our speech and communication. And Venus is in Capricorn, reminding us of the need to create proper boundaries in relationships, and to be practical in pursuing happiness and pleasure.

Mercury will also be turning Retrograde on Dec 19th. So, it will begin slowing down between the Full Moon and the 19th. You may feel communications slowing down also, or coming to a halt in preparation for deeper inner reflection during the retrograde period.

What experiences are you noticing with the Full Moon energy and the current lunar cycles? Have you been feeling the ups and downs and the instability of change in the last couple of weeks? And are you also feeling the fullness and the stabilizing forces of the Full Moon and the desire to enjoy life again?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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