10 Things Every Beginning Yoga Student Should Know

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It is so easy for beginning yoga students to be hard on them selves, or focus on non-beneficial things.  I know I did.  Even advanced practitioners sometimes can over-emphasis a particular posture or philisophical point.

I have injured myself trying to do postures my body was not ready to do.  I have compared my ability to do or maintain a posture or a pranayam to others in a class to the point where I became distracted from my true practice: to embrace the present experience with compassion and self-love. I have even become so focused on a philisophical aspect of Yoga, that I got lost and forgot to simply practice and open to the experience it brings.

I have also watched my students be too hard on themselves.  I have suggested someone try yoga, only to have them respond back “I am not very flexible, so I can’t do it.”

Amidst the many postures, practices and techniques, the simple act of being mindfully present and opening the breath and awareness into your experience will do more good for you than any specific “ability” ever will.

I ran across this blog post about the “10 things every beginning yoga student should know”, and felt inspired to share its simple, practical and light-hearted wisdom.

Let me know what your thoughts are after you click the link below and read it.

10 Things Every Beginning Yoga Student Should Know | elephant journal




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