Yoga Asana: The Basics

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Yoga Asanas, or Yoga Postures, are a core practice in the Tantric Hatha Yoga tradition. They are the foundation for improved physical health, increased energy and reduced physical tension.

This evening is an opportunity for those new to Tantric Hatha Yoga or those wishing to review the Basic Yoga Asanas, to learn the postures in an environment that will allow for questions and fine tuning of alignment.

Each of the standard yoga postures presented during the evening will be demonstrated and then practiced. Some opportunities for partnered assisting will also be presented.
Tantra Hatha Yoga Asana - Postures, beginning level, surrender
Who should attend?
  • Those new to Tantric Hatha Yoga wishing to learn Asana
  • Intermediate or Experienced Yoga practitioners wanting to fine tune the Basic postures
The level of presentation will be determined partially by the average experience level of the group. This class will focus on the physical aspects of the postures as a foundation for more advanced work in the future.

Tantra Hatha Yoga Cobra Posture The evening will begin with a brief group introduction and an overview of Yoga Asana as a Yogic tool.

Following the introduction, we will approach one posture at a time. At the end of class, there will be time for a brief relaxation and meditation.

The location of this event will be in a private group workshop space near the intersection of Sheridan Road and Cheshire bridge road close to the I-85 exit at Cheshire Bridge.

This event is open to anyone regardless of previous Tantra Yoga or Yoga Experience. You are encouraged to invite and bring interested friends and family members.

Please bring your own yoga mat and a towel.

No payment is required to attend, but a suggested Love Offering of $10-$20 per person would be appreciated to help cover the costs of the group space.

The ending time is approximate and may end sooner or later depending upon the flow of events and the number of questions.

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