Western Tantra Sacred Sexuality Classes

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Please read What is Tantra Yoga? if you have not already done so. It includes additional information about Western Tantra as well. Western Tantra, sometimes called Neo-Tantra or Sacred Sexuality, is a modern creation. It incorporates some specific techniques from the Left Hand Traditional Tantra Practices and uses them to explore sexuality.

Western Tantra or Sacred Sexuality offers a unique and beneficial way to explore our relationship to our bodies, our sexual expression, our desires, our relationship to pleasure and our capacity for love.

Classes will be offered in celebration of the many ways that we love and will be available for both individuals and couples. Class offerings will honor a diversity of Sexual Orientations. Straight, Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual people are all honored and welcomed.

Classes will include such topics as the History of Tantra, the modern creation of Western Tantra/Sacred Sexuality, and how Sacred Sexuality relates to Traditional Tantric Practices as well as exercises to explore and deepen your relationship to your own body and sexual expression. Practices to help create balance both within yourself as an individual as well as within the context of a relationship will be provided.

Additionally, classes will lead the participants through experiences of creating and sustaining intimacy, deepening awareness of erotic energy and sensuality as well as providing tools to exchange healing erotic touch in both Tantric Erotic massage as well as during lovemaking.

Through Western Tantric Sacred Sexuality techniques, couples can become more relaxed and open with each other while at the same time enhancing the pleasure of lovemaking. Individuals will also benefit as you learn more about your self and your relationship to sexual expression, pleasure and love. Both couples and individuals will learn to be more confident, intuitive lovers. Learning Western Tantric Techniques is a great way to deepen your love and connection with your Partner both in and out of the bedroom.

Some of the Benefits of Western Tantra Practice Can Include:

If you are in a relationship, it is recommended that both partners take Western Tantra classes or Private Sessions together.

In order to provide the greatest benefit and the deepest experience, classes will be presented in a particular sequence. Please make a special note of classes which either suggest a class prior or which have actual prerequisites. This is done to ensure adequate preparation and continuity in your Exploration of Western Tantra Sacred Sexuality as well to deepen your understanding of its context within Traditional Tantra Yogic practices.

Please contact me with any questions you may have and to set up your first session.

Currently, Western Training is available only in Private Tantra Yoga Coaching Sessions. If you are interested in group classes, please Contact Jeff and express your interest.

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...the main emphasis in Tantra is on channelling every kind of desire, feeling, urge and instinct and giving it spiritual colour, not worldly colour.

- Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, of the Bihar School of Yoga