Tantra Yoga Classes

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If you have not already done so, please read What is Tantra Yoga? so you may more clearly understand the goal of Traditional Tantra Yoga.

The Tantra Classes offered by Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga are based upon the teachings of Traditional Tantric philosophies and techniques. The goals of these classes are to present Tantra Yoga and related Yogas as a system of Spiritual Advancement. Related Yogas include Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga (Raja) Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Gnana Yoga and Advaita Vedanta. In all classes, emphasis is placed upon proper understanding of the intentions and philosophies of Tantra as well as the Practices themselves.

Tantra offers many different methods and techniques to help each individual person find tools that he or she feels most connected to and will therefore be most beneficial. Some students may feel more drawn to Contemplation and Meditation practices, while others may enjoy the transformational power of Asana (Yogic Postures) or any number of other practices. Whatever your interests, each student will be guided to get the most out of practice.

Another unique feature of Tantra is that many Tantra Yogic practices are integrated into daily living. In this way, every experience in life becomes a potential Tantra Yogic Practice. The combination of methods is what makes Tantra such a powerful force for Spiritual Awakening.

The Tantric approach encourages regular practice with crucial importance placed upon direct experiences. Therefore, in addition to verbal explanation and the introduction of specific techniques and practices, the classes will include directed self-reflection of your own experiences in both daily living and in Tantric Practice.

For most people, many new concepts and practices will be introduced. All attempts will be made to help you explore your own experiences to discover these concepts as true for your self.

Some practices may seem familiar, such as Asanas (Yogic Postures) and Pranayamas (Yogic Breathing), but they may be approached from a different perspective than you have previously experienced. You will get all of the traditional benefits from them, such as improved flexibility and muscle tone, relaxation, etc, and you will also learn of their deeper intention and how they fit into Tantra Yoga as a method for Spiritual Awakening. They are not just exercises, but powerful methods for transformation. Success depends upon proper understanding and the correct Tantric approach in practice.

In order to provide the greatest benefit and the deepest experience, classes will be presented in a particular sequence. Please make a special note of classes which either suggest a class prior or which have actual prerequisites. This is done to ensure adequate preparation and continuity in your exploration of Traditional Tantra Yoga. By laying a strong foundation in the philosophies and practices, you will feel more strongly connected to your practices and it will therefore advance more quickly and produce greater effects and deeper experiences.

Classes will include introductory classes to lay a foundation in the philosophies and beginning practices. Other classes on specific subjects or more advanced practices will be introduced as they are needed. Class formats will vary from short classes on a specific day or evening, full day events, to weekend or week long intensives.

Additionally, regular weekly classes will be introduced as they are needed to help support regular practice.

Please Contact Jeff with any questions you may have and to set up your first session.

Upcoming workshops and regular classes are listed below. Tantra Yoga Training is also available in Private Tantra Yoga Coaching Sessions is also available for individuals and small Groups. If you are interested please Contact Jeff.

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Man is not important for his ego and personality. He is important because, as a soul, he is a part of God.

- Paramhansa Yogananda, The Essence of Self-Realization