Reiki Level Two Workshop

The Reiki Level Two training deepens your understanding of your Self, the healing process and the Reiki Energy. It expands and increases the Reiki energy available to you for healing your Self and others. It makes healing more powerful, more specific and it expands the possibilities of how healing can happen.

During the Reiki Level Two Training, you will receive the level Two Reiki attunement and be given new tools, information and experiences that will empower you as both a healer and a spiritual seeker.

“Jeff's teaching continues to deepen my awareness and understanding of Reiki energy in a positive direction. He has a gentle and patient way of keeping the workshop flowing and interesting throughout the day by creating opportunities for sharing, reading from specific learning materials, asking questions, and hands-on-training.”

-Andrew Payne / Atlanta, GA

During this course you will learn:

Join us as we seek greater depths of understanding and experience in integrated wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Allow Reiki Two to reveal a clearer vision of your Self as a spiritual being and a healer. Invite this new set of powerful healing and self-discovery tools into your heart and mind.

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