Reiki Level Three Workshop

The Reiki Level Three or Master Level completes the Reiki system and takes the energy and healing potential to a whole new level. While again expanding the Reiki energy available, it adds the final pieces to understanding the Spiritual nature of the Self, and empowers you to work with the Reiki energy from that place of deepened Self-awareness.

Additionally, Reiki Level Three prepares you and gives you the tools to become an active Reiki Teacher, or Reiki Master. You will receive the Reiki Master Level attunement and be given all the information and tools needed to work with the Reiki Energy at the Master level as a healer as well as teach others to do the same.

“My experience from taking Jeff Craft's Reiki 1, 2 and 3, courses has been nothing short of excellent! Working with Jeff has cleared up the virtual fog that was hovering over my head! I now view life in a more loving and less judgmental manner.”

-Keisha Hall / Lawrenceville, GA

During this course you will learn:

Join us as we expand the possibilities of what healing is and more deeply explore your relationship with your Spiritual Nature. Reiki Level Three is for those who wish to teach. It is also for those who are walking a path of self healing, self empowerment and spiritual discovery.

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