Reiki Level One Workshop

Are you ready to empower your life with healing energy? Reiki Level One Training provides you with a powerful foundation of skills, experience and understanding to help you use Reiki to consciously participate in your own healing and personal growth process. Reiki training will help you more deeply understand and experience our energetic nature and teach you how to use that understanding to create a more balanced life for yourself and others by using Reiki to heal through the energetic layers of the body, mind and spirit.

“The Reiki attunement has been a blessing for me. I've really seen a solid shift in my thinking and have been practicing the Reiki on myself just about everyday. It has been remarkable how much better I have felt mentally and physically overall. This was a wonderful, nurturing experience and I would recommend this to those looking to learn energy healing modalities.”

-Angela W. / Atlanta, GA

“The Level 1 workshop was an amazing experience from beginning to end. Jeff's teaching style was friendly, professional and thorough. I would encourage anyone interested in Reiki to open up to this experience as an avenue of genuine self-exploration and healing.”

-Andrew Payne / Atlanta, GA

During an exciting day of supervised hands-on practice, partnered exercises, guided meditation and energetic play, each participant will receive the level one Reiki attunement and have an opportunity to explore and discover the unique ways that the Reiki energy is wanting to work with them.

Additionally, during the course you will learn: Past participants have indicated that the workshop gave them a deeper understanding of the healing process and empowered them to work consciously with the Reiki energy to create healing and transformation. They also experienced increased trust for their intuition and a greater level of surrender and letting go.

Come join a supportive community of loving, open-minded people who are in conscious search of a more joyful way of living through integrated wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Invite Reiki into your life and awaken a deeper understanding of your Self, life and the process of holistic healing.

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