Vedic Astrology & Jyotish FAQ

For your convenience, you can schedule all Readings and Consultations through the on-line booking system 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week using the link below.


At the time of ordering your Session, you will have the option of choosing from one of the following methods to recieve your reading:

1) Pre-Recorded Readings
The most convenience option if you have a busy schedule, or if you are an international clients whose timezone makes it challenging to schedule during normal business hours within the Eastern Time Zone of the USA.

Once your recording arrives, you can listen to it when it is convenient for you, without the need for a commited time. Unless otherwise noted due to Jeff's travel schedule, your reading with be recorded and delivered to you by MP3 file via an email link within 10 - 14 days of ordering.

2) Via Phone or Video Chat Service (Skype, Yahoo Video Chat)
For those preferring a Live reading, phone or Video Chat method is also available. This method avoids traffic and travel expenses, allowing you to schedule your session from anywhere in the world. Simply choose to schedule your appointment based upon Jeff's availability.

A good internet connection is needed for the video chat or VoIP options. Phone calls must be free from additional charges such as international per minute fees, etc.

3) In Person at Jeff's Home Studio
Consultations and readings can also be done In Person at Jeff's home studio. Select "Incall" when scheduling online.

You will receive links to download an MP3 Audio Recording of the Reading and a PDF version of your Birth Chart within 48 hours after the session/recording takes place.

For your convenience, at the time of booking you will be provided with a Link to Pre-pay. Pre-Recorded Sessions must be pre-paid before the reading with be recorded. Live Remote Sessions must be pre-paid in order to keep the appointment.

When you schedule your Vedic Astrology Reading, you will be given a link to complete the required Intake Forms. You will need to provide the following information when scheduling your first reading:

  • Name
  • Birth Date
  • Birth Time (As accurate as possible)
  • Birth Location (City, State, Country)
    Plus, General Background and life information to include:
  • Current life situation (current job, relationship status, etc)
  • Questions related to the primary reasons for your reading

The following information can be helpful in general, but may not be required if the birth time is known. If a more detailed Rectification becomes necessary, then the following information will be required:
  • Dates for Major life transitions (changes of jobs, relationships, residences, marriages, divorces, birth of children, etc)

You will need to schedule at least one week in advance for live session formats. This ensures that there is proper time to prepare for your reading. Pre-recorded sessions will be normally be delivered within 10 - 14 days after receiving the payment and compeleted intake information. If Jeff's travel schedule will create a delay in delivery, it should be noted at the time of scheduling. Jeff does not offer same day or "emergency" readings. Please plan accordingly.

If you don't know your Birth Time, then we will need to rectify your chart. The fee will be based upon the amount of time needed to research and arrive at the Birth Time through investigative methods. This service is billed in half hour increments following the standard sessions fees. The closer you know the time, usually the less time it will take.

Jyotish in the Sankrit term for Vedic Astrology or Hindu Astrology. Generally described as "The Science of Light", this form of Vedic Science reveals the workings of Karma, including the timing of events based upon past actions. These Karmic forces also reveal personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and different lessons that the Soul is here to learn as part of its growth and evolution.