Ecstatic Union® Healing Sessions

  • Wanting to create deeper levels of Joy, Vibrancy and Peace in your life?
  • Do you sometimes feel your greater potential isn't being realized?
  • Does something in your life feel stuck or stale, and you long for new freedom?

  • These are common feelings. And, unfortunately, our current culture doesn't really teach us how to overcome these challenges or how to live a more vibrant life. This is because it doesn't really understand the true causes and therefore doesn't have many real solutions.

    During your Ecstatic Union® Healing Sessions, I will lead you into deeper understanding of your Self and the deeper causes of frustration, limitation and suffering. And through that, I will also help you to experience lasting change and growth. I will assist you with identifying and removing the causes of frustration, pain and stuckness. And empower you to take more control over your own happiness and the experiences that you have in life.

    The sessions will assist in reclaiming your Authentic Self and creating a life that is aligned with your deepest desires and highest aspirations. You can use these sessions for empowerment and healing in any area of your life. Common session goals include:
    • Overcoming lack of confidence and connecting with your Inner Power
    • Creating greater abundance and flow in your life
    • Creating healthier and more fullfilling relationships
    • Finding your True Sense of purpose, rather than feeling lost in life
    • Healing shame and self judgement around your body and sexuality
    • Overcoming addictions, fear and phobias
    • Breaking Self-defeating habits and patterns
    • Awakening greater creativity and excitement
    • Manifesting your hopes and dreams
    • and more.

    Whatever your reason, the Ecstatic Union® Healing process is a powerful method for accelerating your personal healing and Spiritual awakening. It helps you bring your Soul's deepest desires, hopes and dreams into reality.

    During the Session, you will experience Powerful Healing methods that release the deeper causes of your personal challenges and frustrations, while activating a true balance and harmony at the levels of body, mind, emotion and spirit.

    You will be guided into the process of opening a powerful flow of healing energy within yourself while Jeff amplifies that energy and facilitates the opening and flow of the energy. This includes releasing energy blocks through various methods of coaching, vibrational healing modalities and body activation methods. At the same time, we are cultivating and nurturing the higher potential that is longing to express itself.

    Ecstatic Union® Healing helps to clear out negative energetic patterns, past traumas and self defeating karmic conditioning. At the same time, it helps you create a more confidence, peaceful and joyful version of your Self. This allows for deeper access to your own inner wisdom, while teaching you how to activate healing power within your Self.

    Client Testimonials

    "The most awakening experience I've had in years. Gave a new hope to life."

    - Cheryl B., Marietta, GA

    "I just have to add high praise for this... I am quite serious when I say this experience is changing my life."

    - Penn Collins., Georgia

    As an integral part of the Ecstatic Union® approach, these Healing Sessions have the ability to create rapid shifts towards greater vibrancy, joy and wholeness while accelerating the evolution of Consciousness towards awareness of your Deepest True Self.

    Each session will be unique based upon your goals and your own unique path.

    Ecstatic Union® Healing Sessions may include Ecstatic Union® Breathwork, Ecstatic Union® Life Force Activation, Ecstatic Union® Reiki, Chakra Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Ecstatic Union® Spiritual Counseling and Coaching, and a multitude of additional Powerful Healing and Transformational Methods. As part of assessing all possible causes, we may also employ Ayurvedic Assessment and Counseling, as well as Vedic Astrology Counseling.

    Don't let another day go by! Commit to a deeper level of healing, empowerment and vibrancy today!

    To schedule a private session use the link below.

    Ecstatic Union® Healing:
    90 Minute Session - $195
    Two Hour Session - $260

    Ecstatic Union® Healing Packages
    (4) 90 Minute Ecstatic Union® Bodywork Sessions - $680
    (4) Two Hour Ecstatic Union® Bodywork Sessions - $920

    Please note: Ecstatic Union® Healing is not intended to be a substitute for proper medical or mental health care. Instead, it is a Modern Tantric method to increase the flow of Life Force energy and facilitate the removal of energetic blockages. Should you be concerned about your physical or mental health, please seek a licensed health care provider for your concerns. Additionally, Ecstatic Union® Breathwork requires that you be in generally good physical health, such that your physician would grant permission for regular aerobic exercise. If your health and fitness level is below this, then we should discuss other session options for you.