How to find an amazing partner who accepts and cherishes you.

Attract My Ideal Relationship Partner

If you are single and have been frustrated trying to find someone to share your life with who is actually worth your time, then Ecstatic Relationship® for Singles was created with you in mind.

This powerful process takes the guesswork out of calling in your soulmate and creating the relationship of your dreams.

Along the journey, you will discover the mindsets, teachings and tools that support taking positive steps for attracting and sustaining a loving relationship. At the same time, Ecstatic Relationship® helps you deepen and embody authentic spiritual wisdom as an integral part of the process. You will be guided to tap into your own inner wisdom and access your deeper spiritual power to accelerate healing and spiritual growth.

By engaging in the Ecstatic Relationship® process, you will transform both your outer and inner world so that you can awaken your highest potential for love and joy in relationship. As you are taking the steps of calling in your soulmate, you will also learn how to live a self-empowered, spiritual aligned life. You will learn to navigate relationship, and also life itself, with more confidence, grace and ease. And you will discover how your relationship journey can be used as a vehicle to accelerate your personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Through the Ecstatic Relationship® Process your will discover...
  • The real reasons why you have trouble creating a fulfilling relationship.
  • How to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from attracting your soulmate.
  • The core spiritual truth that helps you create a higher potential for love and relationship.
  • A powerful 3 step process for healing and transformation.
  • And much more...

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Here's What Some of My Clients and Students Say

Dave Lesinski


"Jeff has supported me in many ways. First, through explanation of my astrological makeup he's helped me understand more about myself and how I show up in intimate relationships. He highlighted a few areas in need of improvement and provided me with real, practical and powerful steps to find balance in these areas. And they've worked. I'm currently enjoying the most significant intimate relationship of my life."

Ama McKinley

Advertising Professional

"I was in a place in my life where I needed support through grieving - life as I'd known it was dying, and I needed support to create something new. The key takeaway in my work with Jeff was the realization and visualization of my full, authentic self. For years of my life, I have felt out of place in my 'bigness', and I have attempted to shrink to make others more comfortable. Jeff challenged me once to reinvent myself, and the possibility to do so began on the day that he helped me to see who I am as a spiritual being... I gained Confidence. Peace. Grounding. And the increasing bravery to be authentic, no matter how it effects other people. I recommend Jeff's work for any person ripe with the desire for change."

Tom Yaroschuk


"I was skeptical if it would be effective, but the experience changed my perception. Jeff helped me recognize that I had a self-defeating relationship with the universe. He taught me how to pray. How to view my suffering. How to navigate a difficult emotional storm that had me in its grip. I learned to trust and see the goodness in things I was afraid of."

Roz P.

Austell, Georgia

"Thank you! This was an extraordinary experience for me. I am still trying to find words to describe what happened to me that night. I felt a connection to a higher essence that was beautiful. Thank you for having a group like this. I wish the whole world were ready to connect like this. It would be a completely different place."

Swami Dhyan Tilopa

Atlanta, Georgia

"I have been having a truly amazing experience on the spiritual path, and have witnessed my sensitivities to subtle energies growing as I move with increasing awareness. I would also like to express my gratitude for what I have already learned and experienced with you. You have been both effective and a pleasure to learn from as a teacher and I feel fortunate to be your student."

Kathryn Adams

Austell, Georgia

"After my consultation, I have greater clarity, insight, and understanding about my personality, my relationships, my life path, and why I handle certain life situations the way that I do. I would recommend this to anyone looking to have more insight about themselves, looking for answers, or wanting to grow as a person."