Ecstatic Relationship® Coaching for Couples

  • Do you long for more fulfilling relationships?
  • Want to take your relationship to even greater heights?
  • Ready for deeper connection, intimacy and love with your partner?
  • Long for more passion and spark that has you both enjoying life and each other more?

  • Relationships are one of the most important areas of our lives. Through them we seek the promises of sharing happiness, love, pleasure, security and deep connection with another human being. When relationships are going well, they create a sense of aliveness, connection and fullness. When we have challenges in relationships, we often feel frustrated, insecure, stressed and exhausted.

    Often times, as we get more success in different areas of life we, we might run into challenges. For instance, you have likely found good success in many areas of your life. A good career, financial stability, a nice house and car, and perhaps even the freedom to travel and enjoy your life. You also likely have a spiritual side that isn't connected to mainstream religious ideas, or you are at least very open minded to different ways of seeing the world.

    And yet, despite these successes, and despite your spiritual interests, there is a nagging inner feeling that there is more to relationship than what you are experiencing.

    Maybe you have been experiencing some frustration with conflict or a feeling of distance between you and your partner. Or perhaps you just recognize that there could be more to your relationship. Whatever your current experience, you long to create a deeper connection and cultivate more passion and intimacy.

    It is very likely that there is a growing hunger within you that desires to discover the deeper meaning and potential for relationships.

    So, to that wise part of yourself that knows there must be more to relationships, I say that the good news is there is hope! You just need the tools and perspectives for successful Relationship Mastery, and the motivation to commit to a process of putting them into action.

    One of the biggest obstacles to creating these things is believing that you can or "should" be able to do this by yourself. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to realize that you need support from someone who is qualified to help you navigate the path towards greater Relationship Mastery.

    Client Testimonials

    "Your guidance opened up each of us to new levels of expansiveness and connectedness."

    - Lindi, Atlanta, Georgia

    "It has certainly put us on a whole new path of commitment to each other - and we have a whole new outlook."

    - Butch and Todd, Atlanta, Georgia

    With the proper guidance and support of Relationship Coaching, you can:
    • Discover ways to consciously cultivate and expand love, intimacy, connection and trust
    • Replace old hurts, grievances, insecurities and feelings of unworthiness with greater self-acceptance, confidence and peace
    • Create a life and relationship together that allows you both to thrive and experience greater joy, love, abundance and vibrancy
    • Learn to awaken and harness your sexual power as a path to inner freedom, passion and ecstasy
    • Turn your relationship into a vehicle for accelerated Spiritual Growth and Awakening

    Just imagine what your life and relationship could become! And, this is just the beginning of what Ecstatic Relationship® Coaching can create in your lives.

    Does imagining YOUR relationship at this level light you up with excitement?

    Are you ready to find out if an Ecstatic Relationship® Coaching Package is a good fit for you?

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    Please note: Ecstatic Relationship® Coaching for Couples is not intended to be a substitute for marriage counseling, couples counseling, couples therapy or relationship counseling. Instead, it is a Modern Tantric approach for assisting committed couples to overcome common relationship challenges and obstacles while learning to consciously create the Highest Potential possible within their lives and relationship. If you are in a relationship that has repeating patterns of abuse or active untreated addiction, please find the proper support for these serious issues. Should you be concerned about your physical or mental health, please seek a licensed health care provider for your concerns.