Ecstatic Union® Personal Empowerment Program

A 10-Week Journey to unlock your Inner Power so you can live a more Vibrant Life filled with Joy, Love and Passion!

What would your life be like if you were given the tools to create the life you have always dreamed of? How will you apply the skills of self-empowerment and self-mastery in your own life so that you can live into new levels of freedom, joy and abundance?

Wouldn't it be GREAT if you could:
  • Have the foundational principles of Tantra, Yoga and Alternative Healing explained in practical, every day language, ending the confusion once and for all!
  • Instantly put them into practice so you can break free of limitations and live the life you have always dreamed of!
  • Do all of this from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere in the world!) in a powerful, easy to work with, affordable on-line program that lets you adjust it to your own schedule and pace!
  • Share the healing journey with an on-line community of like-minded explorers!
  • Retain access to the program for LIFE, so you can review it, refresh yourself, and deepen your experience with these foundational principles whenever you want or need!

Now YOU CAN with the Ecstatic Union® Personal Empowerment Foundational Program!

This value packed 10 Week On-line Program will lead you step by step into a practical, experiential understanding of THE MOST CRITICAL ELEMENTS OF PERSONAL HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION. Without this foundation, all of the esoteric wisdom and talk of Chakras, Kundalini, Law of Attraction, Sacred Sexuality and other healing concepts can lead to confusion or seem impractical or ineffective.

Would you try to put a roof on before the foundation and frame were even built yet? NO! Would you let a surgeon operate on you if he never learned basic anatomy and biology? HECK NO! Trying to work with more Advanced Tantric and Yogic practices before you understand the building blocks of self-empowered healing and transformation is just as impractical, ineffective and potentially dangerous as these. At the very least, it is simple putting the cart before the horse. You must understand what you are working with and how to work with it before you can begin the fuller journey and path of healing and transformation.

The Ecstatic Union® Personal Empowerment: 10 Week Foundational Course gives you this practical, life changing wisdom, and helps you put it into action immediately. Not just concepts, but the tools to apply it to your life, right now!

Even if you are content with your current life, this program will show you how to unleash a deeper level of fulfillment. Let me show you how to take your life to the next level!

“From the moment I stepped through the door, I was drawn by the energy and I felt an ease. Jeff's explanation of karma made it so understandable for me... The meditation was amazing. Jeff is an excellent teacher and facilitator, and the space and the group were very welcoming. Incredible experience, and I am already looking forward to the next time.”

-Robbie Jones / Cumming, Georgia

With a super low price and a 100% Money Back Guarantee, you have EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND NOTHING TO LOSE. This minimal investment in yourself is nothing compared to the months and years of lost time accepting less than the life you deserve.

During this 10 Week Foundational On-Line Course you will:
  • Take the Mystery out of Healing and Transformation, so you can easily awaken your fullest potential
  • Understand the Energetic Nature of Life and the Spiritual Laws so you can direct them towards your desired outcomes
  • Discover the primary causes of Suffering and the primary methods for shifting into a more Ecstatic State of Living
  • Learn to Embrace Desire as a Creative Force and bring your deepest longings into Reality
  • Awaken Authentic Power and learn powerful tools for reclaiming the power that you have been losing on a daily basis
  • Discover why so many people fail to fulfill their dreams and the keys you need to ensure your dreams come true
  • Finally Understand the True Power of your own SELF and learn to activate and direct that power for greater health, wellness, abundance, joy and success

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ONLY $997.00!!

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Here is how this Transformational and Empowering 10 Week Journey unfolds:

Week 1
  • Discover 3 Foundational Keys to Understanding the Deeper Process of Healing, so you have clarity about what you are REALLY trying to accomplish
  • Learn 5 Critical Perspectives which create the Foundational Mindset of Empowered Transformational Success
  • Learn a powerful metaphor to help put the multitude of Tantra Yoga Practices and Healing methods into proper context
Week 2
  • Unveil the Single Most Powerful Intention which will fuel your healing and transformational journey at every step of they way, from beginner to advanced
  • Learn the 5 Evolving Stages of this Intention, and how they bring greater levels of freedom, balance and health
  • Discover the 3 Keys to working with this Intention, so you can confidently and safely navigate into deeper levels of healing and transformation
Week 3
  • Begin a Conscious Exploration of the 3 Most Foundational Principles of Tantra and experience how they are determining your state of health and happiness right now
  • Discover 3 Main Ways these Principles show up in your life and how to work with them for great peace and balance
  • Initiate a powerful healing journey towards deeper wisdom and balance of these Principles
Week 4
  • Discover the True Source of Healing and Transformation, and how you can directly access it for greater health, joy and love
  • Uncover the 5 Main Ways we lose our connection to this Source of Healing Power and how to know when it is happening
  • Experience the 3 Keys to staying connected to that source, and a powerful self-healing tool for pulling your Power back
Week 5
  • Discover the most powerful tool you have for shifting from disease to wellness, and creating the life you dream of. (You may surprised what it is!)
  • Learn why mastering this tool is CRITICAL to your Empowered Healing Journey, and how lack of mastery leaves you open to danger and suffering
  • Remove blocks to effectively using this tool, so you can begin the road to Self-Mastery

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ONLY $997.00!!

All credit cards accepted.

“I can't wait to see what more Jeff has to offer. I was hanging on his every word. Jeff will take you to the next level. You'll step outside your box, and like it!”

-Keisha Hall / Lawrenceville, Georgia

You may be asking yourself "Why is Jeff Craft offering these on-line programs, and why are they so affordable?" My primary motivation is to help you in the most effective way I can, at the most affordable price.

You see, after over 16 years of working in the field of vibrational healing, spiritual transformation and personal growth, I have noticed two primary types of clients:

1) I have clients who have amazing openings, transformation and growth by discovering their Inner Power and learning how to use that Power to create a more balanced and joyful life.


2) Those who fail to create the changes they are needing to live a more joyful life.

After so many years watching this process, seeing many clients succeed while others gave up, I finally began to realize where the difference came from.

In order to be someone who succeds in awakening deep transformation and creating a new life for yourself, it is critical to understand and embody these foundational principles.

Those who really made rapid change were already coming to me with this mindset, or had enough "preparatory life lessons" to grasp in quickly and easily.

This deeper understanding is

Week 6
  • Learn how this often ignored part of your own inner experience is a critical tool for directing your own life towards joy and peace
  • Discover how greater conscious awareness of this aspect of your Self can nourish and enrich you life
  • Explore the causes of your disconnection from this innate wisdom and begin to heal the blocks which have kept you from harnessing this power
Week 7
  • Explore the nature of the Body from the perspective of Tantra and Alternative Healing
  • Discover the Wisdom of the Body and how this knowledge can assist you in destroying illness and building health
  • Begin to shift and heal your relationship to your body, and learn how it can assist you in your personal healing and transformational journey
Week 8
  • Discover the parts of your innate self, that when put into synergistic motion can make your path towards joy, health and transformation unstoppable
  • Learn to find the blocks to your success and how to access and develop this secret to inner strength so you can create the positive changes you have been longing for
  • Explore why ignoring this ability has prevented you from reaching your goals and held you back from the thriving life and abundance you deserve
Week 9
  • Learn how to align your Inner Powers with your Self's deeper desires so you can bring them into reality
  • Discover why this alignment is critical to your success in anything, and learn the ways we come out of alignment
  • Put all of the pieces together, and learn the 5 Key Alignments that must be in place for you to really utilize the Law of Attraction
Week 10
  • Discover the foundational mindset for creating life long changes
  • Learn why knowing this ONE Critical thing can make all the difference between failure and success
  • Experience a practice to allow your deeper wisdom to help guide you to the best steps for your own personal success

You can get instant access to this program by signing up today!

ONLY $997.00!!

All credit cards accepted.

So I realized that the "learning curve" of understanding this new mindset became the breaking point for those that gave up. I also realized I was spending a lot of time in private sessions just trying to help people understand the process. So I began to ask myself "Is there a more effective way to help those who come to me get the foundation they need to succeed? And can I do that in a way that is even more economical for them?"

The answer seemed obvious. I need to create a program that will not only explain the principles of healing, transformation and self-empowered living, but that will help you embody it and experience it. And by helping you establish this strong foundation, you can maximize the benefits of private sessions, because you can spend less time on explanations and more time on creating the healing and the shifts you are desiring.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I got because I began to see the incredible benefits for everyone involved.
  • You get the convenience of studying and learning at home, when it is convenient for you.
  • I can deliver an even more powerful learning experience for less cost to you.
  • I can help you succeed where others have failed!
And then I got even MORE EXCITED! I realized through this way of teaching, I can deliver this life changing information to even more people than would be possible "one at a time". I can expand the class offerings to include additional specific healing and transformation processes, helping you explore and find joy in any and every aspect of your life, all at a very affordable price.

My goal as a healer and tantric teacher has always been to empower and support as many people in living a balanced, joyful life as possible. And this format of teaching will finally allow me to live that dream, while at the same time making more teachings and self-empowerment practices available to you for far less than I could have ever been able to do before.

I cannot express in words how EXCITED I am about beginning these programs. And I am so happy that you are choosing to be a part of this!

About Jeff Craft
Over the last 22 years, Jeff Craft has engaged a process of ravenous Self-study, intensive Professional Trainings and Certifications, plus regular Self-Healing and Self-Practice. This process of Self-development has included traveling the country and the world to study and experience various bodywork methods, multiple energy and vibrational healing modalities, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Tantra Yoga, along with in-depth study of Mystical Wisdom Traditions, Non-Dual philosophy and their applications for Healing, Spiritual Awakening and Personal Empowerment.

The breadth and depth of his studies has been consolidated into the Ecstatic Union® Vibrational Healing System, which can address healing and transformation at all levels of body, mind, emotion and spirit. Applicable to transform and empower any area of life experience, this powerful system operates with a core focus of leading people from illness, suffering or general dissatisfaction into a Self-Aware Experience of Personal Empowerment and Awakening the Full Potential of the Human/Spiritual Experience.

It has taken me well over 22 years of conscious study, personal practice, and inner exploration to learn what I now know. During that time I have seen both success and failure. I have experienced the heights of joy, as well as magical and mystical experiences that I would be challenged to put into words. During those years, I also experienced heart-break, financial problems, failed business pursuits and the extreme ups and downs of life. I have travelled the world in pursuit of greater Self-knowledge, greater depth of understanding and the most powerful tools for self-transformation. For all the years of study, the countless hours dedicated to my personal self-transformation, the joys and the heart-breaks, the small fortune I have invested in my quest, and the years of honing my skills, I come away with deep gratitude. Gratitude not only for the blessings I have recieved personally, but for the vast wealth of knowledge and experience that I am now able to pass on to you.

Gratitude for knowing that all I went through serves a greater purpose and can benefit others. And hope that from my own experience, I can lead you to your own Self-Empowerment and Inner Awakening in a much faster and smoother way than the journey that I undertook. Hope that I can help you avoid the frustrations and pitfalls I encountered by pointing you to the deepest, most profound truths of your Self and Life, offering you the most powerful perspectives, practices and tools available, and inviting you to experience that deeper level of reality for your own Self.

Now that you undestand WHY I am doing this, I am very EXCITED to announce the program that begins it all. The foundation of everything that I offer and will offer.

Introducing: The Ecstatic Union® Personal Empowerment Program

The Ecstatic Union® Method of Healing and Transformation is a powerful synergy of:
  • The Profound Wisdom and Consciousness Expanding Practices of Vedic and Tantric Spiritual Sciences
  • Powerful Energy Healing and Intuitive Awareness techniques derived from Shamans, Tantriks and Yogis
  • Holistic, Naturopathic and Vibrational Healing Wisdom from the past and present
  • The Most effective modern pastoral counseling, coaching and motivational methods
  • Modern Body/Mind/Spirit approaches to health, wellness, transformation and personal growth

Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. Left on our own, it can take years or even lifetimes to figure life out by trial an error. Ecstatic Union® Personal Empowerment: 10 Week Foundational Course helps you pick up the pace of your growth and expand the vitality and joy that is available to you NOW. It reveals the profound secrets to life that are often unknown or misunderstood and then shows you how to use that wisdom to create a more fully ecstatic life. The Introductory Course is the foundation that prepares you for deeper Ecstatic Union® Personal Empowerment Programs as well as the Professional Trainings.

“I have been having a truly amazing experience on the spiritual path, and have witnessed my sensitivities to subtle energies growing as I move with increasing awareness. I would also like to express my gratitude for what I have already learned and experienced with you. You have been both effective and a pleasure to learn from as a teacher and I feel fortunate to be your student.”

-Swami Dhyan Tilopa / Atlanta, Georgia

The Foundation of your Journey towards
Wholeness and Self-Empowerment BEGINS NOW!

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ONLY $997.00!!

All credit cards accepted.

Even if you have some background in personal and spiritual growth already, continuing to be reminded of and strengthen the foundational principles always benefits you. It helps you anchor the principles into your daily living, rather than just knowing them as "ideas". Be open to the possiblity that you WILL learn something new about you Self and how to live a more full life NOW!

In this 10 Week On-line Course you will:
  • Learn and practice the Foundational Keys to unlocking your own Inner Power and Creating a life filled with Passion and Love
  • Discover why it is truly easier to live a Joy-filled life, and how to overcome the common obstacles to living into your True Self's vision
  • Finally understand where Authentic Power, Healing and Transformation comes from and how you can Activate it in your daily life
Using these simple methods, you can:
  • Experience Greater Personal Happiness and Life Fulfillment
  • Overcome past obstacles to creating a life of Success and Abundance
  • Take control of your own destiny and create a life that is totally aligned with your deeper values, desires and passions

Once you begin the Personal Empowerment Program, and discover the way it transforms your ability to THRIVE in life, you will become motivated to go into deeper areas of personal healing and growth. There are an expanding array of additional specific programs to help you focus on balancing, healing and thriving in multiple areas of your life. You will want to continue the journey and bring every part of your being and your life into harmony so that you can direct that unified focused power into living the life you have always dreamed of.

The Full Course is conveniently offered through the On-line Campus of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga. Each of the on-line weekly lessons will include any or all of the following:
  • Audio Lessons
  • Video Lessons
  • Guided Self-Healing processes
  • Creative Projects
  • On-line Interactive tools and coursework
  • Opportunities for sharing and discussion within the On-line Community
  • Suggested Personal daily practices to deepen the process between classes

The powerful foundational material you are getting access to in this Course would take 10 Private Sessions to cover. To cover this material in 10 Private Sessions would cost over $1350! Even at the regular course price of $297, that is a saving of well over $1000 off the investment of 10 Private Sessions!

You can get instant access to this program by signing up today!

ONLY $997.00!!

All credit cards accepted.

“Thank you! This was an extraordinary experience for me. I am still trying to find words to describe what happened to me that night. I felt a connection to a higher essence that was beautiful. Thank you for having a group like this. I wish the whole world were ready to connect like this. It would be a completely different place.”

-Roz P. / Austell, Georgia

Years ago, you would have had to travel the world and spend a lifetime in search of this profound knowledge and how to use these practices. People have literally lost their lives in the quest for these Secrets to Developing the Highest Human Potential.

Because of changes in technology, you can now safely learn these powerful, Life Changing secrets from anywhere in the world, without the expense of travel and without the added search for the many teachers you would probably run into before you found one who could offer you the fullness and depth offered in this system. For only a small investment, you will be able to join the growing number of people from around the world who are learning to live Self-Empowered lives and awaken to their Fullest Potential through the Ecstatic Union® Vibrational Healing System.

Because the 10 Week Course is On-line, it is:
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Portable and easy to fit into a travel schedule
  • Easily adaptable to your own daily schedule, so you choose the class day and time that works for you
  • Possible to completely self-pace the course material lessons if needed.
  • Accessible by mobile devices, so you can stay up to date with courses and communication on the go
The On-line Campus is set up to be as easy to work with as possible and to encourage active learning and healing within the On-Line Community. Some features of the On-line campus include:
  • Discussion Forums, Group Check-ins, and possible Shared Activities to help build an active on-line community and provide opportunities to connect to other students and share the healing journey together
  • High accessibility with recent browsers on computers and portable web capable devices (including the iPad and iPhone) for most course materials and activities
  • Cross Platform compatibility of audio and video formats for ease use

I know once you begin the process, you will quickly realize that this Powerful 10 Week Course is worth much more than this small investment of ONLY $997.00. To make this an even more obvious no-brainer for you, I am also adding the following valuable bonuses when you sign up today.

Plus, you get these great bonuses and added value features:
  • Multiple downloadable Guided Meditation audio programs to help support the weekly personal healing practices
  • Ability to download most Media features of the class for off-line viewing with a compatible Tablet, Phone or personal computer
  • Lifetime access to the course material for as long as you maintain your student account so you never have to worry about keeping a backup
  • $25 Credit towards a Private Healing session with Jeff Craft to deepen your personal healing process (in person or via Skype)
  • Downloadable and Printable "Self-Healing Reminders" mini-posters to help anchor the principles in daily life

That's the full 10 Week On-line Course, plus all of the Bonuses for ONLY $997.00!

This is a truly unbelievable value for the Life Changing Wisdom and Practices offered in this 10 Week Course. I am so positive that you will absolutely love this course and agree that it is worth so much more than the asking price, that I am offering a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Don't let this amazing, life changing offer pass you by!


You can get instant access to this program by signing up today!

ONLY $997.00!!

All credit cards accepted.