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This information is for the Living With Awareness: Tantric Meditations for Expanded Conscious Living guided Meditation CD by Jeff Craft.

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Beginning Meditations: Expanding Peace by Jeff Craft

Techniques Used in this CD

"Meditation One: Morning Meditation" (Tracks 2-9) introduces three important practices:

1) Balancing Shiva and Shakti

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2) Expanding Awareness of the Energy Bodies

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3) Surrendering to Guidance and Greater Awareness

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"Evening Meditation" (Tracks 11-17) introduces two additional practices which will aid in deepening the meditative experience:

1) Daily Review

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2) Building Gratitude, Joy and Love for your life experiences.

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For a detailed video series on Tantra, Mantra Meditation and the practice of Chanting OM, you can CLICK HERE. The first video in the series is at the bottom of the page, and the last is at the top. View them all for a detailed education on OM and Mantra. Or look at video number 5 only if you just want instructions on the technique of chanting AUM itself.


The CD has been created with multiple tracks per meditation experience. This was done keeping in mind the modern "playlist" option found on most MP3 players, iPods and computer based audio players. You can adjust the meditations to suite your needs. While I encourage you to work with both experiences in their entirety, you do have the flexibility to shorten them to fit your schedule, remove sections that you aren't ready for yet, or extend the experience by adding more silent time. Any changes will need to be intuitive, and well planned as some changes would create an experience that isn't cohesive.

To get the most out of your meditation practice, and working with this CD, it is suggested you find a regular time and practice daily. This CD is designed to give you both a morning and an evening practice that work together to teach you greater awareness, surrender and flow. The morning practice invites full awareness of your multi-dimensional Self to be carried into the day, and the Evening practice is an opportunity to reconnect with all the parts of your Self, and review and release the day. It is possible to work with only one or the other and recieve benefits, just be mindful of the intention behind it and select the correct time of day to work with it.

I enourage you to use each in their fullness, or work towards that as your goal in working with this CD. As your experience with the CD and Meditation progresses, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your experiences, or need guidance with taking your meditation practice deeper.

Thanks for exploring this Guided Meditation CD as part of your practice and I hope to have more opportunities to assist you in your Self discovery.

If you do not already own this CD title, then CLICK HERE for additional details and purchase options.