Creative Power, Serving Others, and the Stock Market Drop | Full Moon in Aquarius | August 29th, 2015 Vedic Astrology Report

FullMoonOverWaterOn August 14th, the New Moon cycle began in Sidereal Cancer, ushering in a collective cycle of exploring our relationship to love and emotional vulnerability in conjunction with Relationship (Venus retrograde) and how we find happiness.

On August 17th, only days after the New Moon Cycle began, the Sun moved into Leo. This invites the natural evolution of the heart into the Cycle. In Cancer, we (hopefully) learn to discover peace in our Heart, by evolving our emotional connections towards higher states of Unconditional love.

As we move into Leo, we are inspired to share the things we love most with the world. Leo inspires creative energy to flow and the desire to expand the connection gained in Cancer into the world through acting on our inspirations. Creativity, romance, inspired leadership and discovery of the Soul’s Power to radiate into the world all happen through Leo’s influence.

As part of this cycle, a couple of days before the new Moon, the Sun began to close in on Jupiter, creating Combustion. When Combustion occurs, the power of the Sun overpowers the natural energy of the combust Planet. Like a sunburn, the Planet begins to feel irritated. When Jupiter goes combust, it can bring the feeling of frustration around our sense of hope and purpose. It can cause us to feel unworthy of God’s grace. And even make us more sensitive around our personal philosophies and religious inclinations. You may be more susceptible to feeling judged by others or be feeling like your values are inferior to others.

With this sensitivity around your values and beliefs, you may actually be drawn to cling more closely to your values, or to try to put on an optimistic face. Or, you may just find a different philosophy to explain away your sensitivity.

Jupiter’s combustion is a time when our relationship to teachings, philosophy, hope, optimism and our spiritual connection is purified by the deeper light of the Soul (Sun). Much of our sensitives reveals the places where we judge ourself. Where we feel unworthy of God’s love. Or where we have been too rigid or too dogmatic in our philosophies. By being mindful of the sensitivities and the frustration that arises, we are able to bring some unconscious karmic material to the surface to be processed, purified and integrated. The result of this process over time leads us to a more anchored, flexible embodied experience of deeper teachings and spiritual connection.

It is also interesting that the Stock Market has been so prominent in the news as Jupiter is also a main indicator of wealth. Rapid drops have been explained as a “correction” in which the market determines that the stock prices have risen higher than their true value due to enthusiasm of the market. The market “corrects” with a downward trend to bring stock prices back in line with the true value of the stocks. Multiple days of rapid drops with discussions around the stability of the economy, showing lots of fluctuation, insecurity and sensitivity around investments and finances. The combustion of Jupiter here is shown to create sensitivity and instability in the optimism of the long trending Bull market.

The most intense Combustion point will occur the evening of August 26th, and then the effects will slowly decrease until the combustion window ends on September 10th.

In the mean time, this combust Jupiter might be affecting the level of inspiration we have around our creative pursuits of sharing what we love most in the world. You may have more difficulty remaining inspired. Or you may have more difficultly feeling genuinely empowered by the deeper teachings and philosophies you hold dear. You may either hold to them too rigidly or perhaps feel less hopeful about them and less connected to your spiritual center.

It whatever ways they are showing up in your life, in some way this area of your life is being purified and transformed.

This brings a challenge to the New Moon cycle as well because we enter it with the invitation of allowing ourselves to open our hearts and be emotionally vulnerable and explore love, and then share that with the world. But during this time, we may feel less purpose or optimism about our heart’s desires.

As the Moon makes its way into Sidereal Aquarius, we will experience the height of the Full Moon on August 29th. The energy starts to build for about 2 days before, and then soften for the 2 days after.

The Full Moon is the integration point of the cycle. As it enters Aquarius, it will be inviting us to use our Soul’s radiance and Creative energy in ways that serve the larger collective. Aquarius is where we connect to the larger society and are inspired to share our highest ambitions in service of others. The Moon here connects the mind with the these principles, while our Soul’s Power (Sun) stays anchored in its own Sign in Leo. We are invited to connect to the Power of our Soul and True Self, while being mindful of using that power for the benefit of others. Through this balance, we begin to negate the selfishness of the ego and expand towards a more universal awareness of our connection to others.

The caution for this position is to ensure that while we service others, we also stay connected to our Authentic power and Creativity as a way of honoring our own Self. The integration is about honoring and serving others and seeing their value as individuals and their connection through the Collective web of Consciousness. But, as we serve and lift others up, you must not forget that you are also worthy of being loved and served. While moving towards authentic selflessness may allow us to easily focus on the needs of others above our own, it cannot work if we actually don’t see our own reflected power within them. Otherwise, we fall into the trap of diminishing our own worth and becoming “subservient” to others, rather than following a genuine path of selfless service.

Especially with the Combustion of Jupiter, that reduced optimism and connection to purpose could potentially cause us to devalue ourselves and mistakenly see others as more worthy of love and service than our own selves. And at the other end, we may also feel so disconnected that we respond to the idea of serving others with “what’s the point?”…

Mars is still in a challenged position in Cancer, causing frustration around taking action and feeling our true strength. And Venus is still retrograde until Sept 6th, deepening this cycle of reflecting over Relationship and the qualities of True Happiness.

During this time, I encourage you to make a conscious effort to connect with your Soul’s Power and to nurture your own creative power. This may be as simple as visualizing the Inner light flowing from within and radiating into the world for a few minutes each day.

I also encourage you to infuse that radiance with an inner connection to hope, love and wisdom. Even while your relationship to purpose, teachings and connection to God’s grace is being purified through this combustion, you can intentionally continue to invite the higher experience of that energy to flow into your body and your life. In this way, you focus on the Higher Potential and Truth as a way of balancing any sensitivities that the Combust Jupiter may be creating for you.

This is also a wonderful time to explore your relationship to serving others and to your higher ambitions and goals in life. Notice especially if you may be diminishing your own Self worth (Sun) and focusing on only lifting others up instead. We must find balance in all things.

How ever these energies are playing out in your life and in your psyche, try to stay connected and anchored into deeper Truths that you know from your own experience. And be gentle, nurturing, patient and kind to your Self.

As always, listen to your Inner Guidance, follow your heart, and observe how these energies are affecting the world around you.

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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The Sun in Vedic Astrology and Yoga: Attachment, Ego Purification and Enlightenment

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun, or Surya, is the source of our Inner Light. The Soul Essence Sun Planetseeking to shine through into the world. It is the power which illumines our experiences and the source from which we survive, thrive and grow.

The Sun is the Great “I am”, the “One Without a Second”, and as this great force of Divine Power, it is also where our personal sense of Self Identity is formed. The question is, where do we Identify? Does our “sense of Self” come from the outer story of our lives, such as our profession and other roles in life such as parent, spouse, child? Does the sense of Self arise from various labels that we have accepted as true, such as “The one who is good at details”, “the Black Sheep” or “The class clown”?

Or do we follow the wisdom of the Vedic teachings and turn within to explore our Self as the Radiance light of the Sun?

The Sun is not just the “Soul”, but is also the Inner Fire of Truth which burns away and purifies the False Sense of Self. It burns away the attachments we have formed through various lifetimes, and the Vedic Astrology Birth Chart reveals the Karmic patterning that is being purified in this lifetime. But, it helps if we participate in the process. To do so, we must understand both what our True Nature is, as well as what forms and creates the Limited, False Sense of Self.

Karmic Attachments are the primary source of False Sense of Self. Those Karmic attachments form what is referred to as “The Ahamkara”, or “The Ego”. Is is the False sense of Separate Self.


How can we notice our Attachments?

The most obvious identity attachments are the ones we cling to for our happiness and our sense of Self. Sometimes it is easier for others to see our attachments that it is for us. It is the labels we hold dear, the ones that we wish to be seen as and take great pride in. To be “the intellectual”, or “the sexy one”, for instance. To be “rich” or “well traveled” or “very spiritual”. It is whatever we want others to think about us and that would cause us to feel “less than” if we did not appear that way.

I would also like for you to expand your understanding of “attachment”. Sometimes, people think attachments are only what we DESIRE and WANT. If there is something we don’t want, then we might think “I am not attached to that, I don’t want it”. And you might interpret, for your self, that NOT wanting it means you are “not attached”.

It is possible that you are not attached, but you must look at it honestly. In many cases “not wanting it” is actually proof that you ARE attached. You are attached to a Self Identity that is NOT that label or thing. You are attached to some different definition of personality or Identity that you want others to see you as instead.. You are attached to the idea that being and expressing and being seen as “what you don’t want” is not compatible with who you imagine or wish yourself to be.

RESISTANT TO is just another form of attachment. It is attachment to what you think “should be” instead.

The True test of “Attachment” is whether or not there is an emotional charge around it. If someone were to suggest that you had the qualities or expression of “that which you don’t want” and it made you angry or was perceived as an insult: Well, then you are attached.

And if you are wanting to be seen as something, and there is a threat that someone doesn’t see you as that, or that you may lose that status of identity, and you get upset, angry, defensive, etc. Well, then you are attached.


The Sun illuminates attachments and Purifies them through Fire

It is the POWER of the SUN which illumines these attachments. The Great Light of our Inner Awareness which allows us to see into the dark corners of our own minds and finally see what is True. It is our striving after a sense of Self and our resistance to another one that shows where and how the Sun is Purifying our False Sense of Self. The emotional charge, the defensiveness, the feeling of defeat, the lack of confidence, the intense striving to “prove its true”, the resistance, and the chasing after are all signs that Purification is taking place. In short, if you are experiencing craving, discomfort or even the most subtle taste of “suffering”, then Purification is taking place.

The SUN creates PURIFICATION as it tries to reveal to you the TRUE Source of Power Within. This process can be uncomfortable. What makes it most “unfun” is resisting. We suffer when we struggle against what is. If we are able to understand, grasp and embrace it, then the Sun’s purification creates growth that we can surrender to, that expands our sense of Self and dissolves the limited sense that we are either attached to or resistant to. As limitation are removed, we begin to taste more clearly our True Self (Sun) as beyond any limited expression. If we resist, we potentially stifle growth and stay stuck and/or the growth happens anyway, but it is filled with “growing pains”.

ATTACHMENT to a sense of identity is being purified by the placement of the Sun in the chart, and we may discover at some point that we are struggling against the process (which is pretty normal). The Karma is there for you to express a certain set of traits and to be seen that way. These are the Karmic energies at play in your life. And part of the “Purification” process is to find a way to make peace with them. That could look any number of ways. Acceptance. Surrendering to these expressions, but letting go of the Identification with them.

These are all things related to the Sun. And as the evolutionary process happens within each of us, if we are able to more fully connect to the Sun in a health way, then the purification process brings about the changes needed to step into the Full POWER of our inner Soul and align with Atman. Resistance melts. Attachments are burned away, and we begin to Radiate the energy of our Soul.

This process is usually at least a little uncomfortable, but it is designed to bring into awareness the attachments and resistances that you must purify in order to become Free and awaken to your Inner Sun/Power.


The Process of Ego Purification and the Evolution of the Sun

So, now let’s look a little more closely at The Sun in relationship to the Ego and the purification process:

EGO is known as Ahamkara in the Samkhya Chart of the Tattvas. It is another layer of “Mind”, technically. Ahamkara translates to “Little I-maker”. It is a function that happens within creation that causes the larger True Self (Sun) to identify itself as a limited separate being, or the Jiva. Ego/Ahamkara forms the outer personality of the individual expression and is composed of Karma.

The Sun is the Self, and its true Sattvic essence is a Universal Consciousness/Oneness. When the Sun identifies itself with the Ego instead, a limited experience of identity is created and the natural true Power of the Sun is falsely thought to be come from the Ahamkara/ego instead. This false identification of the Source of Power can then lead to various issues around power, confidence, etc (either lack of, overly, or chasing after, etc)

The Purification process is the Authentic Power of the Sun to burn away the false attachments and false identities with the Ego/Ahamkara, and to connect Self with Authentic Power based upon Universal Oneness and dissolve the illusion of separation and competition.

If the individual is disconnected from the Sun, then he may feel even the Ego has no power, and would remain uninspired and feel he lacks direction in life. Here, the purification of the Sun will cause suffering until the individual is finally motivated to change his circumstances, and Karmic circumstances bring about the experience of connecting with some sense of Personal Power.

For those who do have a sense of Personal Power that is identified primarily with the Ego, they will be attached to their own sense of individual power and may appear as overly prideful, egotistical, domineering. Their power is primarily directed towards selfish gains and self gratification. Here, the Purification process of the Sun will eventually reveal to them that their individual sense of Power is limited. It may happen in a way where the tide will turn and they will suffer when all they have been attached to is taken from them. Or, they may be shown by direct experience that serving only the Ego isn’t fulfilling, and thus they become inspired to use their power for the benefit of others.

As the Purification of the Sun continues, the experience of the Universal Self begins to expand. This brings about a feeling of inspiration and a willingness to sacrifice for the good of others. The Purification process here helps to remove the final attachments. It can at times be still be uncomfortable, yes, but there is usually an understanding of the process which makes it clear that the discomfort serves a positive purpose, and thus there is less resistance to the process.

Spiritual practices over a long time are concerned in various ways with refining the ego so that it becomes a servant to the Universal Power of Self (Sun), instead of thinking it is an independent force that operates in the world for its own limited, personal gain. As part of our spiritual sadhana, we also are connecting to the Deeper Universal Self and releasing attachment to the Ego as “self”.


The Ego is not “Bad”

Let’s also be clear about this point: the Ego is not “bad”. It serves a function to allow the appearance of a “personality” here in this world. But suffering arises when we believe it is our source of Power, and that its needs must be served, rather than serving the Universal Self instead.

Even Saints or Enlightened Beings have a thin veil of an ego in order to operate in this world. The difference is that they have no identification with it, and it has been purified to operate for and as Universal Self (Atman, Sun). It operates out of knowledge of Oneness, and not separation.

This ego of a Realized being is said in yogic texts to be like an “ashen rope”, which describes the Purification process of the Sun’s Fire. A rope when it is burned will keep the shape and appearance of the original rope, but it is delicate and fragile with no true substance. A touch or a breeze will collapse the ashen rope, revealing it as hollow and empty. Yet it appears as a rope even after it has been burned up.

The same is for the Purified Ego of a Saint. It appears in the world as “personality” but it is light (sattvic) and empty. The Ego really no longer exists, even though it appears to operate in the world. Instead, the Self-Realized or Enlightened Being experiences the Oneness (Sun) of all creation and beings.


Understanding the Power of the Sun through Jyotish leads to Yoga and Enlightenment

The Vedic Traditions of Yoga reveal to use this deeper Potential of Self and the deeper Reality with which we are connected. And Jyotish or Vedic Astrology teaches us about the Nature of Self through the operations and the Nature of the Sun. When we look look at a birth chart, we can not only see how the Sun may show aspects of the personality and its expression in the world, but it also shows us the Karma which is being expressed and Purified in this lifetime for the native. The area of life being most strongly purified is also revealed through the House which is ruled by the Sun, or where Leo is.

Even though these placements in the chart show highly Karmic themes, also note that the Transit of the Sun through the full Zodiac each year shows the spiraling nature of the Sun to steadily burn attachments within each area of our life in a cyclical nature. And various Dasha cycles will also show times of greater intensity for the purification process as well. There is no part of our life that the Sun will not eventually touch.

This Purification Process is the core of Tantra Yoga and the Kundalini Yoga Traditions. Activating the Inner Fires of Awareness to purify the Ego. Vedic Astrology helps us to more clearly understand this process, as well as more clearly understand the way the Sun operates in the world. By following the Dasha cycles and transits we are given much insight into the perfection and beauty of this evolutionary process which is designed to evolve the Jiva into the Supreme Self.

What has your experience of Purification been?
What attachments in the Sun revealing to you right now in your life?
How can you better participate in this process?

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Jeff Craft (Kali Das) is a certified Vedic astrologer through the American Academy of Vedic Arts and Sciences (AAVAS), and was selected by Sam Geppi to be an Assistant Teacher for his Astrology Certification Courses. Outside of his work with Sam, Jeff is the Founder and Director of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga.

His 23+ years of study and personal practice include multiple certification in the fields of Advanced Yogic methods, Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Energy Healing and bodywork. Through his many years of personal and professional experience with healing and spiritual transformation, he has developed the Ecstatic Union® Vibrational Healing system. He offers Vedic Astrology Consultations as an integral part of the Ecstatic Union® approach to healing.