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Feeling More | Full Moon in Cancer | Vedic Astrology Forecast for January 23rd, 2016

FullMoonOverWaterThe Full Moon with reach its peak in Sidereal Cancer on the afternoon of January 23rd, 2016. This is the mid point of the current lunar cycle, and brings integration towards balancing our dutiful, practical and accomplishment focused impulses with our deeper feeling nature.

The Sun transitioned into Capricorn on January 14th, where we discover Power (Sun) in terms of a more ambitious, responsible expression. Capricorn is thought to be like a corporate leader, where the bigger picture can be seen and the effort and determination to reach the goals are committed to in order to accomplish them. In order to do this, one must be steadfast and determined, operating off of a structured, practical plan. This means the ability to take emotion out of the equation, because emotions can create fluctuation in mind and determination. But, when this is taken as the only side of the equation, this can lead to a disconnection from the Heart.

Cancer is the balancing point for Capricorn. In Cancer we experience the nurturing, emotional nature of the Inner Heart. In Cancer the mind softens into an intuitive space where we can be guided by our feelings, out insights and impressions from within our deeper wisdom and awareness.

The Full Moon in Cancer brings the integration of these two opposing experiences. It invites our Power (Sun), Courage and confidence to operate within the practical, committed and strategic realm of Capricorn, while the mind (Moon) stays connected to the inner Heart space of intuition and compassion. With this balance, we are able to avoid the “success by all means” mentality. And we are also able to enjoy success in our career and in the world, while also having a healthy experience of emotion to keep us thriving and feeling nurtured. It also allows us to ensure that the commitments and ambitions we take on “feel good” as well and bring us peace rather than guilt and regret.

We can also see this as the ability to balance our work with our home life.

With the Moon in its home in Cancer, a stronger emotional current is being activated for the Collective. We are all being invited deeper into feelings and the themes of love, peace and and connection to others. The emotional realm is connected with the Element of Water, and we can understand through that the ways in which our experience of emotion can nourish us like water quenches thirst. When the heart is shut down to feelings, we suffer. When we fail to connect to others in meaningful ways, we can become depressed.

The balancing point of Full Moon in Cancer reminds us that we can be healthy humans with emotional needs, while also creating success in the world through determined and practical steps. It is not “either/or”… but instead can be “Both and”. We must find the balance. Sometimes that means we are “serious and determined” at work, but are able to let our heart open in our personal life so that we can receive the rejuvenation of the emotional waters. In this case, it’s about flexibility and the ability to flow between the two experiences and choose the correct expression for the correct circumstance.

We can also learn balance here by literally allowing both to come together. We might see this with a serious and ambitious business executive that is wanting to succeed, but is also open hearted enough to be compassionate towards employees and is truly wanting to benefit the lives of the end customer.

Meanwhile, Mercury and Jupiter are still in their retrograde state. Rahu entered Leo on January 8th shortly after Jupiter in Leo went retrograde. Jupiter represent our principles, purpose and higher teachings, as well as wealth. As they have been rather close together, they have created some instability in the financial markets. Rahu creating some confusion, and the retrograde giving more internal reflection around it. Hopefully what we are seeing is a “correction”, but the stock market fell a good bit since the beginning of the year.

This connection to Jupiter and Rahu will also create confusion and instability in sense of purpose and meaning. And there has continued to be an amplification of the Presidential candidates in their approach to delivering their messages, and the debates and insults that have arisen within the process.

Mercury’s retrograde motion returned it to Sagittarius on January 14th. Here it was joined by Venus on January 18th. This position brings a reflection, or more internal dialog, around speech and communication (Mercury) in connection to happiness (Venus) operating within the realm of Principles and higher purpose (Sagittarius). It has been a time when people should really be listening more than talking, as the retrograde movement of Mercury can create miscommunication and issues with details being overlooked or connected incorrectly. Although Venus’s influence can bring a little more diplomacy and charm to the process, mindfulness around this is advised.

With the retrograde motions of Mercury and Jupiter inviting us to turn within and reflect, along with Moon in Cancer, this is a great time to take a little retreat, even if that is just making some quiet time for yourself. Time to reflect on the details of life, on your principles, and also to connect more deeply with your inner heart and intuition. And ask how can you balance your own practical, serious side with being able to move into emotional experiences with an open heart? Creating emotional boundaries, but also learning to be vulnerable in healthy ways so that the heart can open when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

How are these themes showing up in our politics as well as your life and in the lives of those around you?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Major Shift for Rahu/Ketu, plus New Moon in Sagittarius | Vedic Astrology Forecast for January 9th, 2016

New MoonOn January 8th just before Midnight, we had a Major shift happening less that 24 hours before the height of the New Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius. This links the Nodal Axis Shift with the New Moon Window at the beginning of a new Lunar Cycle. This in addition to multiple other changes happening in the sky.

First, lets clarify what the “Nodal Axis” is, and why this shift is a big deal:

The Nodal Axis refers to the positions of Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node). They are always 180 degrees from each other in the Zodiac, and they represent a strong Karmic activation that brings a strong focus into a specific area or theme of life. They reveal a karmic inner conflict where we are obsessively focusing on one thing to the exclusion of something else. It creates confusion and obsession and activates deeper unconscious parts of ourselves and the collective. Its function is to bring these deeper parts of our self into awareness so that we can evolve and integrate them. Thus, confusion forces us (hopefully) to pay attention which leads to clarity…

While there is always an effect when any planet moves into a different sign, there are 3 “Major players” which are Jupiter, Saturn and the Nodes. They move more slowly in the sky, so their effect in a single sign is felt for 1 year, 2.5 years or 1.5 years which gives more time for it to really deliver its lessons. When one of them changes signs, it has a long term impact on the collective experience.

On January 8th, just before midnight on the East Coast in the US, the Nodes will shift signs. Rahu will enter Leo where it joins Jupiter, and Ketu will enter Aquarius. Just a few days before, on January 5th, Mercury went retrograde. And Jupiter went retrograde a day before the Nodal shift. What this means is that quite a few shifts have taken place in a short time just before the New Moon. So let’s break each change down.

Mercury is the indicator for Speech and Communication. It is quick and related to the mind’s ability to sift through details and explore a variety of perspectives. The retrograde motions shows a time when that becomes more internalized. Instead of speaking, we should be listening and reflecting on our own inner thoughts and perspectives. While often thought of as “bad”, Mercury retrograde is just inviting us to pay attention and to reflect on things so we can improve our understanding and clarify the details for ourselves.

Jupiter is the indicator for Higher teachings, wisdom, purpose and optimism. It is expansive and motivated to do good things. The Retrograde motion of Jupiter invites us to turn within and reflect on our values, and sense of meaning and purpose.

Rahu shows obsession, attachment and exaggeration and is now joining retrograde Jupiter in Leo. Here Jupiter is motivated by its higher principles to take action. (You can read more in detail from my Jupiter in Leo forecast). Rahu’s energy will amplify this feeling, but in a way that is obsessed, distorted and confused. Rahu can bring great enthusiasm and motivation, because it doesn’t like to rest until it has met its goals. Out of its enthusiasm, it can accomplish a lot. Sometimes, out of that obsession and confusion arises something beneficial. Other times, it can bring destruction.

What Rahu in Leo has the potential to do is create a strong focus on our individual creative power and potential. In Leo we become a warrior for Truth. It will amplify the feeling of hope and enthusiasm, but may also amplify the qualities of overpowering and domineering. It depends upon what Truth we are fighting for. And where we are directing our creative intelligence. And to what degree we are evolved in our sense of self. Are we genuinely connected to our deeper Spiritual Truth? Are we attached to our individual identity and wanting to prove ego power? The question is always one of how to find balance. And my hope is that with Mercury and Jupiter both in retrograde, that we will be collectively reflecting on what is truly beneficial for everyone and how our individual self is interconnected to everything and everyone else.

At the level of individual creative power, this is a time where we may be learning how to access our own intelligence and creative flow and learning how to shine and radiate like the Sun into the world. This, of course, is a positive thing and something we can all strive for. For someone with a healthy sense of Self, this can be a powerful boost of courage and motivation. With Rahu’s influence, its also possible these lessons and this growth opportunity may come about in confusing ways. For instance, maybe it will amplify our feelings of low self-esteem first as a way to bring the inner obstacles to awareness. If we resist acknowledging our inner obstacles, we may become defensive and try to assert our intelligence and soul’s radiance through effort of ego, rather than through true a more Authentic connection.

The other layer of balance is seen in Ketu’s placement in Aquarius, showing the inner conflict or duality being karmically activated. While Rahu in Leo is taking us towards amplifying our creative powers and inspiration towards greater self-empowerment, Ketu in Aquarius is rejecting the idea of serving others or seeing the larger impact on humanity. Ketu in Aquarius will make us more critical of larger social structures, and potentially less interested in humanitarian notions of humbly offering to help and support our fellow occupants of this Earth.

This placement of Rahu and Ketu creates a focus on developing and expanding Self Power and a dismissal of supporting the happiness of others on a larger scale. Now, let’s be clear about something. Every planetary position is “Good for something”. While what I just described may sound like the energy is about being “selfish”, we want to understand it is a broader context. We can’t assume that everyone on the planet is about to become selfish because the Nodes have shifted. What it will do instead is activate each individual’s karmic relationship with these themes around Individual Creative Power vs The Larger Collective of Society.

If someone is karmically programmed to feel “less than” and is always lifting other people up while avoiding their own sense of self value, then this transition can bring a positive outcome of greater self-love, respect and self-acceptance of ones talents and ways they can share their gifts and what they love most with the world. On the other hand if someone is already a narcissistic egomaniac, well, this could potentially amplify that. And probably in a way that will be confusing and disturbing to themselves and those around them.

So, this energy shift is not about “good” or “bad”. It’s about understanding what its potential benefits are, and also what its potential challenges could be. Many people will benefit and grow because of this energy. And even with challenges, it is inviting us to become self aware and ultimately choose a higher expression of happiness and Truth.

With all of the Retrograde activity and Rahu in Leo, we will then experience the height of the New Moon in Sagittarius a bit before 10pm on January 9th. This starts off a new Lunar cycle that will be also be connected to the themes of finding deeper meaning, purpose and higher teachings. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is all about those things. It’s a fire sign which promotes actions and higher levels of enthusiasm. And it is motivated by doing good things and seeking higher truth. This is the seed point of the Lunar cycle which will evolve over the next 30 days.

As this cycle begins, it is helpful to reflect over the balancing point that I shared in the Full Moon in Gemini forecast. The general idea being that as we evolve our own sense of religion or connection to higher truth, that it is important that we test our beliefs and the teachings in practical ways to ensure they work. And with all the Retrograde activity of Mercury and Jupiter, there is a lot of support for reflecting over our values and discriminating what is valuable from what is not.

I will also point out that the Sun and Jupiter are in exchange, which is amplifying the link between our Soul’s power and the search for higher purpose and meaning. They are both in fire signs which encourages enthusiasm and action. And because of both the retrograde motions, as well as the specific distance of Jupiter from the Sun and Moon, I am inclined to believe that a deep collective reflection around our cultural and global values is about to take place, and that a transformation or big shift is being set up to happen through this New Moon energy in connection with the Nodal axis shift.

I will also remind you that the Retrograde motion can literally connect our mind to the past as well. And perhaps there will be a reflection around purpose, values and lessons in relationship to past historical events. The current election process comes to mind in relationship to this. And the reminder that the Rahu placement in Leo will now make those already inclined to focus on “individual power” at the expense of others even stronger. It will make those with power who are programmed to be more self serving, even more self serving.

I invite you to reflect upon current events and campaign promises, and ask yourself “Do these ideas remind me of another time in history? And if so, how did that turn out?” Was there ever another time when a leader wanted to isolate groups of people based upon religion or nationality and build a wall to defend our borders?

Whatever the outcome of the Republican and Democratic Conventions may be, I think it is clear to most that this has been an unusual process. Trumps platform has created a polarity of opinions, even within his own party. And lots of controversy. And Hillary Clinton has her supporters and opponents as well.

In Trump’s birth chart, he has a Leo ascendant with Mars, and his Sun is with Rahu in the 10th. What we are seeing in his campaign approach, is a very Self-Willed, Courageous Leo energy, with a Rahu obsessed influence on his own sense of Individual Power. He is also strongly connected to a sense of “truth and purpose”. As Rahu moves into Leo, this will amplify his own sense of self importance and taking the radical actions he believes that we need. Rahu’s transit will also make him more Self Interested, and could potentially have some negative impacts on his health. It could also create more “confusion” that amplifies his perceived charisma and power.

With the current energies, its a wonderful time to really reflect on the Values that these potential leaders have, as well as to observe how they use their power. I think something is about to shift. It’s important for each of us to reflect and try to see through the confusion that may show up, and gain clarity of the values and motivations that are truly in the best interest of our country.

On January 14th the Sun will shift into Capricorn, showing evolution of our higher values and teachings. In Sagittarius, we connect with purpose, meaning and our highest understanding of what is important and valuable. We then take that into Capricorn, where we develop a reputation based upon the values we have acquired. This might traditionally be thought of as “career”, but it is more than that. It is our reputation and how the world sees us and what impact we are able to have upon others.

So, the New Moon lunar cycle begins by reflecting on our Values and Higher truth, and then carrying our power into the world to see how those Values impact others. And this reflection is being amplified by Mercury retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde in Leo, and Rahu transiting into Leo.

Are your values focused on benefiting generations after you? How committed are you to those values? And what reputation are you earning in the world through the actions you take and the values that you express?

How has this energy been playing out in your life? What are you noticing in yourself, in others and on the global stage that reveals the workings of these shifts?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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