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New Moon in Gemini – Cycles of Conscious Communication, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and more

july15thThe Moon entered Sidereal Gemini on July 13th, 2015 and will reach the full degrees of the New Moon on July 15th. This, just after Jupiter transitions into Leo on July 14th.

The day or two prior to the New Moon represents the final completion of the previous Moon cycle. And the New Moon itself is the beginning of a new cycle. It is the Sun and Moon coming together in the same sign at the same degrees, where the dark side of the moon is facing the Earth.

It represents the lowest point of light, where the Mind is turned inward, and rest happens after the last cycle. Within that inner space, we can connect to the infinite potential of the subconscious mind and potentially close the old cycle and plant new seeds for the next cycle.  The themes and karmic influences are created by the sign and planetary interactions.

In the light of Tantric practice, this New Moon window is an opportunity to consciously participate in a new wave of energetic opportunity. The actions we take, the thoughts we have, and the intentions we invite in during the New Moon Window will be the seeds that are planted for this next Moon cycle.

This New Moon takes place in Gemini, which is an Air Sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini is the outer, masculine expression of Mercury which shows communication, speech, the intellect and curiosity. Quick minded, clever and a bit of a jokester, Gemini is a sign of playful curiosity. It loves to explore multiple perspectives on philosophy, and also loves to be entertained. His playful desire for new ways of being stimulated intellectually can also lead to a rather experimental sensuality.

Gemini is also a master communicator, as he seeks to take what he has explored intellectually and share his insights and understanding with others.

The Moon itself entered Gemini on July 13th just in time for the 2 day window leading up to the New Moon. Within Gemini we also find Mercury itself, the Sun and Mars. Mercury represents our speech and communication. The Sun is our Power. And Mars is our Strength.

Mars is also a natural indicator of things related to war. Sun is a natural indicator for leaders. Is it any wonder that Six Major world powers were able to reach a nuclear agreement that could be a major step towards peace?

The Mind (Moon) coming into Gemini to explore, communicate and share ideas (Mercury) around Power (Sun) and War (Mars). All happening on the same day that Jupiter enters Leo, ushering in a more expanded balance between power/leaderships and principles/legal/higher teachings. And Jupiter is joining Venus in Leo, which brings the influence of compromise and the pursuit of happiness to the inspiration towards higher ideas and principles. This configuration has created communication and new level of understanding between nations, just as 2 powerful new cycles (New Moon, and Jupiter in Leo) begin in very close proximity.

But the influences of Mars and the Sun also have the potential to introduce some strong will, anger and harshness to the situation.  And we are already seeing “pushback” about this deal, with some politicians getting fired up about their own version of principles and truth.

Despite this, the optimism of Jupiter in Leo at the time of the New Moon will hopefully impact you in a positive way. This New Moon provides an opportunity for you to explore more deeply your own relationship to Acting on Inspired Principles, and how you wish to communicate those to the world.

This New Moon also begins a new cycle in Communication for the collective. A new cycle of curiosity, exploration and understanding. If used in a conscious way, this could be a powerful window to anchor in these positive energies and reflect on your own principles and refine your capacity to communicate (Mercury) from a place of power and Courage (Sun), Strength and Passion (Mars).

The caution to us all, though, is that Gemini energy can easily be scattered. In its pursuit of more experience and more ideas, it can bounce from concept to concept or experience to experience. It can be pulled into entertainment very easily. For instance, surfing the Internet for hours at a time with no clear purpose, or being so sucked into your smart phone that you ignore the people all around you is a very Gemini thing to do. The mind rapidly seeking more stimulation, new ideas, amusement and entertainment.

The high level of Gemini entering the mind’s (Moon) awareness could potentially be rather ungrounded and lead to this type of behavior, or even overexcited thoughts running through your head creating difficulty to focus or fall asleep.

And since we are being given a collective karmic lesson in Communication, you should also be mindful that the Sun can also bring more Ego and self-will into the experience. And that Mars can potentially create irritability and anger.

For those who are very unconscious about themselves, this New Moon window could likely create some head butting, potential arguments and harsh words being thrown at others. These will be the seeds for their Karmic evolution and the experiences that are required to try to wake them up and see what is not working and what creates pain rather than peace.

For those of us who are creating the intention to become more conscious and evolve spiritually, it is the opportunity to stay present. A chance to choose the higher forms of the Sun’s spiritual power instead of ego and the higher form of Mars as strength and discipline rather than harshness and anger. It is also a chance to draw upon that focus and inner power to direct your thoughts towards higher ideals and principles rather than being scattered into mindless entertainment or erratic thoughts.

This New Moon Cycle happens to begin within the last couple of degrees of Gemini, which means that in the 2 day window following the exact point of the New Moon, the Moon (on the 15th) and the Sun (on the 16th) will quickly be entering Cancer.  This will bring a different flavor to the Communication Cycle by infusing the energy of emotions, the inner Heart, nurturing and love.  This is the natural progression following Gemini, where many ideas and outer activity is balanced by turning within, feeling and finding that which feels most peaceful and nurturing to the Inner Self.

It is a chance to consciously choose to be present and communicate with your friends, your family and the world around you, rather than being caught in your own inner world of thoughts and ideas. The invitation is to connect with the world and others through ideas in communication and also with genuine emotion. To share of yourself through your perspectives, your beliefs, your values and your highest ideals and principles. To find compromise and learn to know yourself and others better through these exchanges. To respect the differences in perspectives and recognize the sacred in other people, even when there is disagreement rather than reacting with harshness and anger. And to be seen through your communications in a space of emotional vulnerability that vibrates at the level of Truth and Authenticity.

How do you desire to show up in connection to and in communication with others? What do you want to communicate with the world? What do you want to communicate to those you love?

What actions, thoughts and intentions do you want to continue into the future that will help you grow and create a more fulfilling life? Plant them now.

Try to remain conscious at this time.  Remain focused, and choose where you direct you awareness, your thoughts and your words.  Remain grounded and stay connected to your own Inner Light and Power. Be present to your feelings and allow communication to arise from the Inner Heart. Be mindful of any feelings of anger or harshness that arise. And also allow yourself to observe how these energies are playing out in those around you and in the news.

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Jupiter Enters Leo – Acting Upon Inspired Principles

JupiterFor the past 13 months (since June 19th, 2014), we have been experiencing Jupiter in the Sign of Sidereal Cancer. Here, Jupiter is said to be exalted or operating in it’s highest placement because it connects our highest principles and purpose (Jupiter) through our emotional heart (Cancer). In its highest expression we find that love, compassion, sensitivity and intuition become the guiding principles, which then operate through our experience and expression of the higher teachings, principles, legal justice, spirituality and religious impulses that Jupiter represents.

As the planets move through the Zodiac, there is an intelligence operating within the process. Each sign placement is an evolutionary experience of that Planet’s energy. It evolves through the sign, which also prepares it for the experience of the next sign.

The hope is that over the past 13 months, our principles have become more connected to our inner heart. We have seen “seeking justice” and connection to principles filled with emotion in such national events as the very emotional reactions to the treatment of African Americans by the Police. We have seen “seeking justice” in connection to religious beliefs around Love and marriage through the legal shifts around Gay Marriage. And the coverage of Bruce Jenner’s public acknowledgment of transitioning from male to female as a transgendered woman now known as Caitlin Jenner shows an example of joining heart with principles and values. It arose within the collective as a lesson for our culture of how “I must live by my own Truth and Values” where the inner heart of compassion and self acceptance cries out for peace and freedom to live by one’s own truth.

And with that opportunity for growth in place from Cancer, on July 14th, 2015, Jupiter will steps into Sidereal Leo – the sign of Power, inspiration and uplifting energy. In Leo, we learn how to activate our deeper spiritual power and use it for leadership both internally and externally.

Leo is like a king. In its highest expression, it seeks to serve those who he leads. As a Sattvic sign, Leo is oriented towards doing what is right and good. As a fixed sign, it is more focused on inspiring and building upon what is present. So, it is more interested in expanding and improving the kingdom, rather than knocking down old structures and starting over. It is large, influential and has strength to persevere and move forward. As a Fire sign, it is motivated towards action and uses inspiration and intuition as fuel for what it shares with the world.

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the planet of Power. The process of evolving the Sun within our lives and our spiritual practices is one of purifying the ego and discovering that our True Power comes not from our small individual sense of self in the world, but instead the deeper spark of Spirit which dwells within our spiritual Self.

As Jupiter enters Leo, it brings inspiration and motivation to our deeper principles, our spiritual path and our own sense of Truth and Purpose. It will inspire action based upon these things, and through those actions we will be invited on a journey of purifying our ego attachments and limited notions of Truth, and instead connect with our deeper Power as Radiant Consciousness.

But we must also remember, that within our Collective experience, there are various degrees of wisdom and understanding. Some are more attached to a sense of ego power. And some also have “higher principles and spiritual teachings” that are still based upon judgment and dogma.

From July 14th, 2015 through mid August 2016, Jupiter will make it’s way through the sign of Leo, activating the above energies within the Collective experience. There will be higher levels of motivation to take actions towards creating your higher ideals and to be inspired by the teachings and principles that are closest to your own heart. Passion and courage arise here.

For your personal life, you may feel more inspired to “go for it” with what you most love based upon your deeper principles and the knowledge of what brings you peace and harmony. Try to connect to the “wave” of this inspiration and use it to propel you forward towards your soul’s passions.  The Truth and Principles that dwell in your inner heart now long to radiate into the world, to be seen by others in all their glory.

But let us also remember, that not everyone holds our values. Leo energy, when not evolved, pushes the individual through an experience of greater Ego and deeper attachment to the sense of individual power. At this stage of evolution, the “kings” can become tyrants and seek to dominate and control others by forcing their own principles and dogma onto others.

I expect the next 13 months to be a very interesting journey. Inspired Jupiter will continue to expand and solidify many of the recent changes in law around gay marriage equality. It will also continue to expand our awareness of the dynamics of power in leadership, such as the use of power by police and government. But, it has the potential to move us away from the more emotional reactivity and attachment that Cancer could potentially bring, and instead create an infectious sense of enthusiasm towards finding a more balanced relationship to power and principles.

Jupiter also represent Teachers, Spiritual Teachers, trusted advisors and things connected to the legal system such as courts and lawyers. So a time to connect to inspiration about Higher quality spiritual teachings, or to gain deeper education around things that are connected to your deeper purpose and principles. It also acts as a support for the legal system to be more inspired and motivated to do good things.

But also be aware that it will give rise to religious zealots and fundamentalist who will also be inspired to act upon their own principles in their role as leaders. We must remember that everyone has their own unique karmic journey. As the Sun purifies our principles, spiritual teachings and legal systems, there will be resistance and even stronger insistence on “what is right” from those who are not yet willing to let go of their ego’s investment in dogma. In the end, this placement supports a higher evolution towards more Universal laws of Truth, but there may be some “fallout” as the process unfolds.

Those who are still attached to dogma with be purified by experiencing their resistance and forced to eventually realize that their approach is not working. And those that are more connected to the inner light of the Spiritual Self can use the reflection of resistance, judgment and dogma as a mirror to remind ourselves that we are seeking the higher promise of Jupiter – expansive consciousness guided by wisdom, compassion and Universal Truth.

For you, use this time to bring out and discover the highest, most compassionate teachings and put them into action. “Lead” by example. Allow your own creative inspirations to rise to the top so that you can enthusiastically pursue your soul’s deepest passions and longings. And keep these principles in mind as you observe your friends, families, coworkers and the actions of our spiritual leaders and the courts over the next 13 months.

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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