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Love, Connection and Emotional Integrity | New Moon in Cancer | Vedic Astrology Forecast for August 2nd, 2016

New Moon In CancerHaving explored new perspectives and tried to understand others points of views through the recent Gemini New Moon Lunar Cycle, we now bring that experience into the Sidereal Sign of Cancer.

The Sun entered Cancer after midnight on July 16th. And the New Moon in Cancer will occur on August 2nd around 4:44pm EDT. This starts a new cycle where we bring what we learned from Gemini into the Inner Emotional Heart and search for what inspires love and peace.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents out Inner heart and our capacity for Love. Through the Moon, we learn to Connect to others through the heart. Cancer is also a water sign, which represents our emotional nature. It has a pure nature, motivated to do good things. Through the energy of Cancer, we learn about the nature of emotions. We learn how to be vulnerable in order to open to love and connect to other people.

The journey of the Heart towards love for most is challenging, because being vulnerable means allowing our inner and private nature to be seen. And the fear of vulnerability can cause us to try to control the world around us to keep ourselves feeling safe. Also, in attempts to experience connection and love, in the early stages we may cling to others with the feeling of needing others or an unspoken plea of “please love me!”.

Through the journey into the heart, we learn that clinging doesn’t work. We must learn to open, trust, and surrender. We must learn to allow others to be as they are, and learn also to love our own Self as the secret to experiencing deeper love from others. Through the experience of Cancer we eventually learn that deep and authentic love requires that we learn how to safely open our hearts and allow our true self to be revealed in safe ways. The deepest part of us longs to be fully accepted and seen without judgment, criticism or expectation. We long for unconditional love. But before we can feel safe letting ourselves be seen, we must be willing to see and love our own self unconditionally as well.

Through this cycle of the Cancer New Moon, themes around love, acceptance, vulnerability and connection to others will be activated. And with its placement in Ashlesha nakshatra, it will contain the exploration of how our hidden subconscious nature conditions us to use our emotional heart in connection with others. Ashlesha adds the question “How do I use my connections and emotional nature?” Do I unconsciously or consciously use others for my own personal ends, through manipulation or cunning? Or do I connect out of genuine love, openness and higher intuitive nature?

This New Moon especially invites us to explore our own personal use and the collective use of emotional energy, trust and connection. It invites us to ask ourselves honestly what our motivations are as we engage with others. It encourages us to be brutally honest honest with ourselves so we are emotionally clear and act with integrity. And if we realize we have been manipulating other people, how can we shift that towards accepting them as they are with love and kindness, rather than attempting to control them? How can we invite connection rather than use them to meet our own needs?

These same questions will become more prominent in the collective experience as well. As the political process unfolds and the global economic and government structures change, who is being honest about their motives? And how do we find the balance between bringing truth to light, while avoiding the emotional manipulation of others to see things our way? How can we find deeper compassion for those who have different opinions that our own? How can we learn to connect and love unconditionally, even when another’s values may differ from ours? And how can we retain peace of mind while navigating the political process?

The Moon and sign of Cancer are ultimately trying to evolve us towards discovering a Love and inner stillness that brings us peace. There are no doubts that there are issues with the political system. Emotionally charged propaganda is sometimes used to convince us of “what is right”, even when the deeper motivation for it is not stated out right. But, when the divisive ploys cause the 2 sides to debate and argue amongst themselves, it becomes a distraction from the deeper question of “how can we all work together to find the best solution?”.

“I am right and you are wrong” doesn’t lead to solutions. How can we connection, be authentic, communicate and hear eachother in a way that everyone feels honored, validated and respected even when there is still disagreement? And then discover a path to compromise and meet the underlying needs of both sides?

Mercury entered Leo on July 26th and Venus followed on July 31st. They join Rahu and Jupiter there, which brings our speech and communication (Mercury), our capacity for happiness (Venus), our higher principles (Jupiter) and our unconscious drive to experience (Rahu) all together in the sign of inspiration, leadership and creative expression. This can support a feeling of hope and inspiration, but still has some confusion (Rahu) infused in it, revealing that we are all collectively struggling to figure out a shared sense of purpose and higher principles to operate from. Venus in Leo feels happy, but can also take on a selfish drive like a Queen that demands her happiness is served by her subjects. “Please me now, my subjects!”

This placement of Venus can bring a selfish edge in relationships and the process of compromise needed for 2 people or 2 groups to find a way to create a win-win situation when conflict arises.

The good news is that, out of the confusion we eventually come to clarity. Life is a process of evolving and growth.   It becomes easier when we consciously participate and embrace change.

I also remind you that Mars and Saturn in Scorpio are continuing to invite us collectively to heal and transform our insecurities and are bringing hidden uses of power into the collective awareness so it can be addressed and rebalanced.

So, during this Cancer New Moon window, especially, I encourage you to feel deeply into these questions. How are you using your emotional energy? What are your experiences of giving and receiving love, and do they serve to take you to deeper peace? What emotionally vulnerable spaces have you been hiding and protecting, and how can you nurture them into safety? How can you use Love to heal your inner conflicts? How can you use love to heal the polarity, confusion and divisiveness that is happening in our country and in our world right now?

What are you noticing happening within yourself and in the world around you in relationship to this Cancer New Moon energy?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Finding Peace within the Storm | Full Moon in Capricorn | Vedic Astrology Forecast for July 19th, 2016

full moon in capricorn, moon, moonlight

In my Gemini New Moon report, I shared that it began a new Lunar cycle around exploring new perspectives and trying to better understand the perspectives and experiences of others. These Lunar cycles last for almost 30 days and the beginning energy or “seed point” of the New Moon tends to reverberate through the whole cycle. I specifically mentioned that the cycle would begin in Ardra Nakshatra which “is a challenging energy that is like a storm of chaos that destabilizes our old understanding of things. Is brings the opportunity for healing and a return to peace and order, but only after the catharsis and crisis of bringing the deeper imbalance into awareness.” Ardra is known for bringing chaos and destruction and is often linked to natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, etc.

Within days of the New Moon, we began to see chaos and catharsis in the form of the death of Philando Castile by shooting in a traffic stop. We have since seen Police shootings in Dallas, the death of Alton Sterling by police, an attempted Coup in Turkey, the many deaths in Nice, France from a terrorist attack using a truck, and the police shot and killed in Baton Rouge.

We are also continuing to be witness to a presidential political process that is bringing great concern and division to our country.

In early November 2014, Saturn moved into Scorpio bringing great pressure into our collective fears and insecurities. Scorpio also relates to “hidden” things, and hidden uses of power. Saturn has been churning these things as an opportunity to bring them into awareness so they can be healed. Many changes in Planetary positions have been bringing more Religious ideology, confused belief systems and added violence into the collective experience as part of the activation of fears and insecurities.

For the Lunar eclipse on March 23rd, I also share that it was initiating a powerful cycle of transforming and shifting our understanding and relationship to Power. These eclipse cycles tend to reverberate and influence the unfolding collective experience for about 6 months. This shift around Power is still underway, and is being revealed in these events as well including the use of power with military, police and our government. The hidden use of power within the very organizations and structures that we have trusted to protect us and keep us safe. And the collective fears for our safety and the abuse of power showing up both through terrorist attacks, as well as without our own “protectors”.

The New Moon in Gemini energy is has brought more communication and awareness to what has been happening below the surface. Until the deeper cause is seen, we cannot heal the wounds that are the cause. It is inviting deeper conversation and communication around what it happening within our nation and around the world. We are also seeing the primal reactions of violence are’t solving the problem, even while many of us can relate to the anger and rage that might inspire such violence in the first place.

Through the recent events following the New Moon, we have seen Venus shift into Sidereal Cancer on July 7th, following by Mercury on July 10th and the Sun on July 16th. And Mars, which had recently gone direct in Libra, returned back to Scorpio on July 12th.

The Mars transition can potential bring more violence in reaction to fears and insecurities. But, it also invites us to evolve its expression and to choose courage to face our fears and heal through them rather than lashing out in violent defence.

The three planets now in Cancer are bringing our happiness (Venus), our speech and communication (Mercury) and our Power and Sense of Self (Sun) into the deeper emotional heart of feeling. Cancer is a sign where we are invited to feel more deeply, to open our hearts and develop compassion and a more evolved unconditional state of love. We are being invited to feel into the world around us that has been revealed more deeply by the Gemini New Moon, and to allow ourselves to awaken our hearts in an effort to discover a deeper perspective where we can find peace.

This strong Cancer energy may be causing us to pause and really allow ourselves to feel the impact of the recent events, and to amplify the connection to the part of us that just wants to restore peace to our hearts. It may also invite us to connect with the part of us that can have compassion for the victims and families of the recent violent attacks and abuses of power.  And, perhaps, to also find some compassion for those who felt that responding with violence was their only hope. This is not to justify their behavior, but only to attempt to understand the level of pain and fear they must have been in to feel that this was their best solution.

And beyond all of that, to also find compassion for yourself as we all seek to find the best course of action to heal our collective situation.

You may find yourself feeling more emotional or more vulnerable at this time. And as the Full Moon reaches its peak on July 19th around 6:37pm EDT, it marks the mid point in the Lunar Cycle. From the New Moon up until the Full Moon, the energy is expanding and growing stronger. The Full Moon marks the point where the intensity has reached its height, and it begins to dissolve and integrate. As the light reduces over the next 2 weeks, there is a falling away, and we may find that a deeper grieving or sense of loss awakens as we attempt to understand and integrate all of these recent events.

The Full Moon in Capricorn also reminds us of the balance point to the wide open, vulnerable feeling space of Cancer. In Capricorn, we are reminded that creating some emotional boundaries and learning to regulate the level of our vulnerability is a part of learning to safely navigate the world. Through this, we learn to stabilize our emotions and to also learn to set aside emotions when they do not serve us. For instance, many violent acts come out of a primal reaction to deep emotion. By learning how to stabilize them, we can more clearly and rationally assess the best and most effective way to respond to what we are feeling.

As we collectively open deeper into our hearts and feel the effects of what is happening around us, try to find compassion and peace in healthy ways. Allow yourself to give and receive love with the important people in your life, to celebrate the loving connections that you have. Try to find compassion for those who have been more directly involved with the recent events as well.

It is Love and acceptance that will ultimately heal our global situation. The more you can contribute to that and model it for your Self and others, the deeper the healing effect for our planet. The more we stay in fear, the longer it will take to heal our world.

Use this time to feel, but also stabilize. To integrate and be with what has been moving through you. And also remind yourself that you are safe in this moment. The events we are witnessing are a part of the Purification and healing process that our collective world is going through. We can only heal what we become aware of, and these events are bringing the hidden forces into our awareness. They have been there for a long time. Do not imagine that “things are getting worse”. Instead realize that we must be able to face the truth before it can be transformed.

How are you experiencing these energies in your life?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Enjoyment and Curiosity About Life | New Moon in Gemini | Vedic Astrology Forecast for July 4th, 2016

new moon, moon, sky

The New Moon in Sidereal Gemini will occur around 7am EDT on July 4th, with a window of influence spanning 2 days before and 2 days after. The New Moon, of course, begins a new lunar cycle and is the point where the Sun and Moon come together at the same point in the sky. It is a “dark” moon, and shows an inward movement of consciousness where the previous cycle ends and a new one begins. It plants a seed for the upcoming lunar cycle.

Venus is also in Gemini, and Mercury moved into Gemini on June 26th. This New moon therefore brings together our Soul’s Power (Sun), our Mind and emotional heart (Moon), our capacity for happiness (Venus) and our intellect and capacity for communication (Mercury).

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by Mercury. It is the Outer Intelligence moving in the world through the sharing of ideas, creativity, and play. It seeks to explore and understand the world and find ways to share and communicate that understanding to others. It is also a curious energy, and delights in variety and new experiences. In a sense it really just wants to explore, enjoy and not be tied down to anything.

In this regard, you may find yourself being curious and wanting to play and have fun this weekend. Gemini can express in a superficial way that just wants to joke, laugh and enjoy what life has to offer. And quite frankly, we all probably need that some time. So have some fun!

In another sense, Gemini also seeks to understand the world through ideas. It enjoys seeing multiple perspectives and spinning ideas around to understand all sides. The New Moon will be taking place in the Nakshatra of Ardra. Which means that this new lunar cycle will be also influenced by a deeper questioning of the complicated circumstances that our world finds itself in. Ardra is a challenging energy that is like a storm of chaos that destabilizes our old understanding of things. Is brings the opportunity for healing and a return to peace and order, but only after the catharsis and crisis of bringing the deeper imbalance into awareness.

Our world is in great flux. The recent Brexit vote, the state of the EU as well as our own presidential election process is all creating great uncertainty and division. And this uncertainty is driven by the fears of the unknown, distrust of our leaders and the feelings that other people “can’t see the truth”.

With this much Gemini energy at play, it is a great time to stop and question how it is that we even go about the process of exploring the world. How are we even acquiring information? And how much are we willing to explore and be curious about other perspectives?

For most people, information is gathered from “the News”. And we tend to be drawn to News that is presented from our own perspectives. We tend to associate with friend who share our beliefs. We tend to interact with others on social media who also share our beliefs. And when we run across someone who believes differently, the tendency is to think the other person “can’t see the truth clearly”. I myself have observed many arguments on Facebook that have lead to declarations of “If you don’t like what I have to say, then just shut up! It’s my wall!”. Or, even “If you don’t agree with me, you can unfriend me right now!”

We live in a world of diversity. Different backgrounds. Different values. Different opinions. And I can certainly understand not wanting to spend time with those who don’t share specific values. But, isn’t there also room to respectfully “agree to disagree”? Other people are interesting, strange and hard to figure out sometimes. And while there are certainly people who are dangerous, violent and filled with hate that are probably worth avoiding, there are a lot of other people who are basically good people but with a different way of seeing the world.

With this level of Gemini coming up for the collective, especially with a link to trying to understand “what the heck is happening” in our world, I encourage you to expand your level of curiosity. Sure, Gemini energy can make you want to spend all day watching the news and communicating with friends about political perspectives that you agree with. But those things are likely to just reinforce what you already believe. I invite you to be curious enough to even question your own perspectives on things.

The point is not that you are “wrong”, necessarily. It’s not the assumption that you should or will change your opinion. The curiosity I suggest is more about making a conscious, sincere effort to understand the other side’s perspectives. Try to understand the sincerity of their beliefs so that you can better understand the humanness of their way of seeing things. Even if their opinions come from fear and misinformation, try to understand how and why they are seeing it that way. Try to see it through their eyes and have compassion for their experience of life. And even while you are not likely to AGREE with their perspective, you can at least understand why they see it that way. The primary point being that if we continue to see our world in terms of “us against them”, nobody wins.

So that is my challenge and encouragement for this Gemini time. Try to better understand ALL the perspectives of what is happening. Not just your own. Be curious about things you have never thought about before.

Gemini in its purity really has very little attachment or emotional charge about it. It explores “the facts and perspectives” in a non-biased, non-judgmental way. And then reports all the angles. It’s what “the news” really should be. Just information without bias. Gemini energy itself is about “stepping outside your box” and becoming really curious about the world in a playful way. Explore, discover and gain understanding. Test ideas and see what works.

By being more rounded, and better informed we also have the opportunity to see new solutions and make better decisions about how to respond to our current situations. When emotions run high, it’s hard to see things clearly because we are operating from a primal fight or flight response. When we really listen to the other side, even when we will don’t agree, we open lines of communication and mutual respect that allow compromise and change to occur peacefully.

On June 29th, Mars returned to direct motion. The reflection and confusion around action has now passed and the ability to move forward is now better supported. Rahu and Jupiter were recently right on top of eachother, creating great confusion around principles and ideals. Jupiter is moving away. Still under the influence of Rahu’s confusion, but separating from it.

What energy are you wanting to create during the new Lunar cycle? Will use the Gemini energy to keep exploring and communicating what you already believe, or will you become curious to better understand the world around you and the perspectives that are different from yours? Will you be curious enough to question your own ideas and make sure they are still working?

While you are having fun and enjoying some playful laughter this weekend, it is likely the current political issues will arise in the context of reflecting upon the Independence of the United States of America. It is a time that can strengthen our resolve to find the best solutions through mutual understanding and cooperation. Will you be willing to ask questions and explore the perspectives of others? If you do, you are likely to find that you have more in common that you imagined, even if there are things you disagree about.

Aren’t we all just wanting to be happy, healthy and safe?

What has your experience of this Gemini New Moon energy been?

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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