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Evolving Stability and Enjoyment | Full Moon in Scorpio| Vedic Astrology Forecast for May 21st, 2016

FullMoonOverWaterThe current lunar cycle began on May 6th with the New Moon in Aries.  This was a starting point to a new cycle of action and direction.  A rebirth of sorts.

With the inspiration of that Aries New Moon energy to plant new seeds, the Sun then moved into Taurus on May 14th.  Here it carries the power of that inspired energy into the realm of Material manifestation.

Taurus is ruled by Venus which is the planet of happiness, enjoyment, sensuality and relationship. It is an Earth sign, showing its practical nature.  And it is a fixed sign showing its tendency for consistency and the desire to work with what it already has rather than start new projects.

Taurus as a sign invites the experience of stability.  It often seeks pleasure through connections to family, as well as through sensual enjoyment of beauty, foods, touch, rest and relaxation.  Taurus is often thought of as lazy and comfort seeking, which is certainly a potential. But is also has the strength and focus of the Bull.

It isn’t so much lazy, as that it only takes action when it is truly inspired or motivated towards a particular end result which will be pleasing to it.  Without that inspiration and focus is just doesn’t notice any reason to take action, and thus prefers to rest, relax and enjoy life.

As a positive force, this energy of Taurus is grounding and stabilizing.  And it also encourages us to take action on our creative impulses that are inspired and will bring us pleasure and happiness in the earthly realm. So, it is a good time to take the inspirations from the Aries new moon and bring into awareness the impulses that will really make you happy and work toward them in a slow and steady way.

Venus will also transit into Taurus on May 19th.  This will amplify the comfort and pleasure seeking qualities of Taurus, and will also bring themes of relationship and shared enjoyment with others into the collective awareness.   So our soul’s power (Sun) and our capacity for desire and happiness (Venus) are both operating through the energy or Taurus at this time.

This will make for a strong desire towards material and sensual pleasure, and a stronger motivation towards just being comfortable.

As a force within human experience, these qualities of pleasure, comfort and stability are important for us to all connect with.  But the potential challenge here is becoming so comfortable and so grounded in pleasure, inaction or in the stability of habit and routine that there is no room for growth or change.

On May 21st at 5:15 am EDT, the Full Moon in Scorpio will reach its peak. Since this is the midpoint of the lunar cycle that began in Aries, it carries forth our original impulse and motivation for new projects and action. As the Sun moves into Taurus it invites us to choose the most desirable of our impulses and encourages us to ground and enjoy.  The full moon in Scorpio then reminds us of the balance needed here, which is that we must not get stuck in comfort and routine.

Instead, Scorpio Moon here connects our mind with a desire for growth and transformation at the level of our hearts and minds.  It invites us to make room for change even if it may feel uncomfortable. This way we don’t become stuck and stagnant.

Where have you allowed “being comfortable” to become a predominant motivation towards habitual actions or inaction? Where has life become too routine?  Where has sensual enjoyment become a form of unhealthy indulgence? And how can you feel deeper into your emotional truth and explore your insecurities and fears? How have your routines, indulgences and inaction become an unconscious pattern of avoiding your own discomforts and sabotaging your own successes, happiness and freedom?

These are the questions that the Full Moon in Scorpio invites.  And with Saturn and Mars both in retrograde in Scorpio with this full moon there will be an even deeper invitation to reflect (retrograde) upon our fears and insecurities.  And with Saturn also to reflect upon the passing of time and what we are truly committed to. With Mars, we are invited to reflect upon the ways we use our strength and our actions.  Mars here will create potential agitation, while also allowing us to connect to the strength to transform and evolve our inner emotional fears into new possibilities and freedom.

Scorpio and Mars will also be aspecting the Sun and Venus in Taurus, which will put more pressure, anxiety and agitation into relationships and our sense of personal power.  These agitations and anxiety producing energies may actually cause us to cling more tightly to pleasure and comfort as a means of “feeling good again”. So be mindful of those possible tendencies.  Are you truly “enjoying life” in a way that supports, stablalizes and encourages growth and evolution?  Or are you seeking pleasure and comfort to avoid feeling discomfort and experiencing change?

In other areas of the current transits, Jupiter went direct on May 9th in Leo, which will support positive forward motion around our inspired hopes, principles and sense of purpose.  And Mercury will go direct in Aries on May 22nd. This will improve communications and the flow of ideas towards manifesting the recent inspiration and motivation from the New Moon in Aries.

How have you been experiencing this energy?  What have you noticed recently around your own desires for comfort and your potential routines?  What in life is inviting or forcing you to look at the ways that being “comfortable” has become a means to avoid growth and change?

Notice this in yourself, your friends and the world around you.

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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Time for Action, Need For Change and Trump | New Moon in Aries | Vedic Astrology Forecast for May 6th, 2016

aires new moon, moon, sky

Since the recent Full Moon in Libra, Venus transited into Aries on April 25th and Mercury went Retrograde on April 28th. This sets up 2 interesting things as we approach the New Moon.

First, since the Moon entered Aries early on May 5th, during the New Moon window there will be FOUR planets in Aries. Second, with Mercury retrograde now, there are a total of FOUR of the major planets in Retrograde motion at this time.

“There’s a whole lot going on”, as some might say in the South. 🙂

The Full Moon in Libra invited us to find a balance between our Individual self and our relationships with other. This New Moon (May 6th at 3:30pm EST) however, is inviting us to to really step strongly into our individual power and take empowered steps towards a new vision of life.  With the influence of the Full Moon, we should now be more aware of the impact of our individual power on other people.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and represents the beginnings of new Adventures or a rebirth of sorts. It’s ruled by Mars which brings Strength and courage, and it is a fire sign which amplifies inspired action. Right now, we have the Sun in its strongest position connecting our own inner Power and Confidence of Self into this courage and inspired action. The Moon in Aries connects our Mind and emotions to this inspired, optimistic and action oriented energy. Venus here links our sense of happiness and pleasure to the strength and courageous actions that arise from our deeper Self. And Mercury in Aries connects our Speech, Communication and intellectual curiosity into starting new projects and taking courageous action.

We could say here that our Heart and Soul is being inspired to forge ahead and start some new projects and become more active in the world. And that our Sense of Joy and Happiness and desire to discover the best course of action and communicate it is linked right into that. Especially with Mercury in retrograde, there is a curious inner reflection being invited to explore the best course of action for the next steps, while also being inspired into action and starting new projects.

The energy of Aries is similar to the Sprouting of a new Seed. And we can see whatever new project or course of action we may be desiring to step into as an inner Seed of Creation. The “seed” is the desire, inspiration and impulse to grow and move into a new direction or to start a new project, or just to re-inspire a more active role towards a goal. And like a seed, there is a large amount of energy needed to “just get sprouted”. It take much more energy to get the seed to germinate and sprout than it does to continue growing once sprouted. And this is also similar to our own “new Projects”. We must overcome the inertia of habits and resistance, and invest a large amount of energy quickly just to get the momentum built into the new direction. And Aries offers us that through inspiration, enthusiasm, courage and strength.

Mercury joined Saturn, Mars and Jupiter as retrograde. This is bring a lot of energy that is inwardly reflecting. Retrograde often invites us to reflect on the theme of the energy the planets carries, as well as can literally invite connections to the past to arise in experience or in awareness. Mercury retrograde invites the reflections on our inner details, perspectives and curiosities. Saturn retrograde invites inner reflection on our experience of time, aging and our ability to commit to what best serves us including how much fear and anxiety we have around those themes. Mars retrograde invites inner reflection on our strength, courage and action and how disciplined we are in channeling it rather than growing frustrated and angry. And Jupiter retrograde invites inner refection on our principles, higher teachings and our relationship to hope, purpose and meaning.

Can you feel that the world is “backing up”? Can you feel the world asking serious questions about where we have been and where we are going as a Nation and as a global community?

Retrograde planets often reflect the inner workings of unresolved Karma being cycled through. Awareness of the “Mistakes of the past” with the invitation to not have history repeat itself.

My observation and also inner feeling is that there is growing global unrest and increasing awareness that “something needs to change”. This energy has been building for a while of course, and Donald Trump’s rise has been fueled by one pocket of that unrest. But there is also a counter movement against him rising with a different perspective on what needs to change. He is both “the poster child” of leader for the original disenfranchised group, and also the motivation for another group to sit up and pay more attention.

Our Entire political system is being questioned. Our medical system is again being requestioned. Our values, our purpose, our fears, our angers, our safety, and our future are all being reflected on in increasingly “urgent” ways.

Within the past 48 hours, Donald Trump has stepped forward as the Republican Nominee. Cruz and Kasich both have dropped out of the race. Interestingly, this final step of securing the nomination has occurred while Venus, Mercury and the Sun are in Aries. Because Donald Trump’s rising sign in Leo, ruled by the Sun, the SUN represents his own self. And it is, by transit, in its strongest position for Individual Power and Self-Will. It is also in his 9th house of grace, purpose and principle in a fiery and inspiring sign. Venus rules his 10th house, and so his Career is also connected to the strength of his Individual Power.

Mercury is there in retrograde. And as he has secured his nomination, he is now reflecting on the way he uses speech in connection to his Power and Career, and has stated that moving forward he wants to shift the campaign to being more “above board”. Meaning that he wants more kindness, less mudslinging and insults, and he wants discussions moving forward to truly be about the political issues effecting our nation. It is an inspired, optimistic and unexpected perspective given his past behavior. But it does reflect what is the inspired Aries energy and transits through his 9th house. And we will also see if this new intention stays in place, or if he returns the “the old Trump” in his behavior.

Notice also the strong Retrograde activity as Cruz and Kasich are both forced to “reflect and step back” from their campaigns. An inner awareness that there is “no path forward” for them coming at a time when such strong inner reflection is being invited and Trump’s transit positions are so strong for his own success.

These retrograde actions invite us to really become more aware of what’s happening inside of us. What is working and what is not working. And the Aries New Moon is inviting us to take those new impulses and find a new path forward.

And Saturn and Mars continue to be in Scorpio, really inviting a strong transformational energy around our fears, angers, actions and commitments.  These 2 planets are fueling the changes, the fears and insecurities that are arising, while the retrograde planets are forcing introspection.  A Powerful combination for growth and evolution if we choose to work with it.

I encourage you to take time to reflect and continue the re-visioning process. And then plant the seeds for the next steps towards on your new direction. Continue to observe what’s happening around you. Notice who, what and how people are talking about change and the need for a “new, inspired direction” at this time. And also use the energy to get connected to your own new, inspired direction.

I have created an “Aries Empowerment” Guided meditation to help you do just that. I encourage you to download it, and work with it during this New Moon window especially. 3 Days in a row if you can. It can also be helpful anytime you just need to connect to the part of your self that is capable of courageously taking action in the world. Look for the link to download it on this page.

In the mean time, share with me your own observations of the current Aries filled, retrograde world we are living in. And also share with me your experiences of the Aries Empowerment Meditation. 🙂

The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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