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Full Moon in Aries | Vedic Astrology Forecast for October 27th

FullMoonOverWaterThe Full Moon occured in Sidereal Aries around 8am Eastern Time on October 27th, 2015. This is the midpoint of the Lunar cycle begun with the New Moon in Virgo about 2 weeks ago.

The Seed of the cycle in Virgo encouraged us to evaluate the choices we need to improve our lives and to pull together the details of our “master plan” and get ready to put it into action. And pretty quickly into the Lunar cycle the Power of Sun shifted into Libra, encouraging us to take our plans and carry it with us into our relationships with others as well.

The Sun is said to be at its weakest point here in Libra, because it represents the Power of our “Self” or individuality. And in Libra, it is thrust into the social realm of connecting and focusing on others. I have seen in chart readings that client’s with Sun in Libra, especially if other planets are with it, will frequently have “weak will” when it comes to dealing with others. They have trouble finding authentic compromise, and instead “cave” under the pressure of other people’s needs.

In Libra, we are learning about “other” and how to find compromise so that we can increase our happiness through connection to others and learn to “play well with others” for mutual benefit. Part of this energy is that we are learning to be less selfish and instead seek a more balanced and harmonious way of being in relationship to other people. This placement of the Sun is supportive of “doing things with others” such as business deals. It’s also supporting greater awareness of Social equality in the political arena.

But it does bring challenges for the individual, as it can lead to the Sun or Individual self becoming too invested in the happiness of others “at all costs”. In this case, the Soul’s power is muted and keeping others happy becomes the quickest way to “compromise”.

How have you been doing in this regard? Have you noticed a stronger desire to “keep the peace”? Obviously, there are more nuances to this for you as an individual based upon your own birth chart’s configuration, but the general theme for all of us collectively revolves around our Power coming into connection with others, and how we go about the experience. These are universal experiences of evolving our capacity to compromise and find shared happiness with other people. It’s just that some get the “lesson” faster than others, which can often be seen from your birth chart.

So, at some point, all of us will likely experience giving into the “needs” of others as a way of keeping the peace. It sounds good on paper to be so “selfless” and just make the other happy. And when it is truly selfless, it might work out. But, if that “compromise” happens from a place of weakened personal power, then over time there will be a build up of regret and perhaps even resentment. Over time, we start to feel the unfulfilled parts of us that have been ignored while attempting to please “the other”, and we long to find our own happiness again. If we don’t recognize what is actualy happening, that WE have allowed our personal power to get lost in the fog of “pleasing other”, then we might also make the mistake of resenting the other and feeling angry or frustrated because the “other” isn’t giving us what we want or need. But alas, in the grand scheme, what we all must learn is how to balance this dance.

This becomes the experience of Purifying our relationship to other and evolving our capacity to be strong as an individual, while also enjoying the wonderful benefits of sharing happiness with others. And it is the point of the Aries full Moon that we are brought the deepest integration of this lesson.

As our Personal Power (the Sun) sits in Libra trying to figure this whole “relationship” thing out, our Mind and Emotions (the Moon) has been making its way through a process of evolving to understand this unique form of Power. As the Moon enters Aries, we come face to face with the psychological feeling of True Individual Power. This is, afterall, what Aries represents.

Aries is a fire sign, showing its action oriented nature. It is rules by Mars showing its strength and courageous approach to “acting now and thinking later”. It is connected to Dharma, showing its motivation for purpose. And it is a Cardinal sign, showing its desire to start new things. THIS is the optimal psychological state of our Individual Power: stepping out to do, to accomplish, to live, to breath for the shear glory of being ME and doing it MY way. 🙂

And, as the wisdom of our evolution is revealed by the opposing signs of the Zodiac, we must eventually integrate the opposites of experience. Eventually “Self” meets “Other”. And when our Power becomes immersed in Other, as it is now with Sun in Libra, then we must allow our mind to return and remember the balance point of “Self”.

This Full Moon in Aries invites us to consider what its like to allow our power and Individuality to dance with others and learn the art of sharing, and compromise, while also remembering and honoring our Own Individual power and needs. This is the balance point we all need to integrate. “How can I compromise and share happiness with others?”, while also still honoring my self as Individual. How can I learn to say “no” when “saying yes” would cause a little part of me to be unfulfilled.

We all have certain “criteria” for our own individual happiness. If we forget that, or we choose to set that aside to please another, then we are not honoring the balance. I am not talking about occasionally going to a movie or restaurant you aren’t interested in because your friend or spouse wants to do it. (Unless perhaps you are ALWAYS doing things you don’t enjoy) I am talking about making choices that diminish or block you from living an enthusiastic, powerful joy filled life pursuing your hopes and dreams.

We ALL make choices and “sacrifices”. So, this isn’t about saying that you should always get your way either. But we must take responsibility for our choices. We must also have enough self awareness to know that “this is important to me and my happiness, and I cannot compromise on this.” As we learn to be more open, more free and more flexible, we may find that we don’t need to be “rigid” about many things in life. That we can “go with the flow” more, and remain joyful amidst the ever changing background of life, even celebrating and supporting the happiness of others.

But consider this: If “compromise” is about helping to find balance where both parties are happy, shouldn’t YOU be happy as well? And isn’t it reasonable to think that someone who is also seeking a balanced relationship of mutual happiness would want to SUPPORT your hopes and dreams?

We must learn to find the voice to assert, in a healthy and respectful way, that “This is what I need. These are the things that make me happy. These are the things I enjoy doing.”

Could you imagine a bird finding a best friend or a spouse, and agreeing to never chirp again as a “compromise” to being in that relationship? That the bird would actually deny or repress its own nature just to have a friend or a spouse? You would clearly find this absurd. “Birds chirp, Jeff! That’s what they do!”…. Yes. That IS what they do!

And like birds, we each have our own “song” to sing. Are you allowing yourself to live fully into your Nature? Into your individual Power? Or have you decided it’s easier not to “chirp” to “keep the peace”?

Is there something you have compromised on that maybe doesn’t feel so good anymore? These types of things may start to come into mind during this Full Moon window. You may also start to connect in various ways to “your individual sense of power and Self”. Perhaps, you just feel like “doing something alone”, or starting a new project.

I remind you that as part of our evolution, the pendulum often swings way to the other direction as we experience life and learn to balance it. In this case, the pendulum may swing between “all about me” and “all about other”. But, the evolution of finding balance is to learn to remain flexible at either end of the spectrum, while also staying centered at the midpoint of the pendulums swing mentally. So, if you DO recognize some area where you have compromised too much, reconnecting with the Individual Power of Aries through the Full Moon window doesn’t mean you need to come out guns blazing to “reclaim your land”. It is time, however, to find the courage to begin to share your needs and dreams where you haven’t before.

Luckily, Mercury, your capacity for Speech and communication, will be moving into Libra on October 29th to help you. Here, it helps you remember how to communicate in ways that are more diplomatic and find more balance perspectives on true compromise.

Venus (representing relationships) and Mars (courage and strength) have been very close to each other lately, potentially creating a little more friction, irritability and possible arguments in relationships. (Have you felt it?) In fiery Leo with Jupiter, this conflct may have been about principles or values.

On November 2nd, both Venus and Mars will enter Virgo within 30 minutes of each other. In Virgo, Venus is at its most challenged placement, because its natural desire to enjoy pleasure and happiness is hampered by the psychological feeling of needing order, structure and details to operate. So, here Venus can become too picky and unable to just “let go and enjoy”. With Mars nearby, this could still lead to arguments. As they will be joining Rahu here, there could be an amplification of confusion, irritability and nit-pickiness. Try to remain calm. 🙂

In the meantime, try to observe these themes within yourself, those around you, and within the news. If you need to “renegotiate” something you have compromised on, try to be diplomatic. If your biggest error has been simply “not speaking up”, then now is the time to align with your Individual Power and enthusiastically share your hopes, dreams and needs. Mercury in Libra will support this. But be mindful that you don’t get too hot headed about it, or argue about nit picky details.

Has some part of your “Nature” been ignored while attempting to compromise? Is it time to “chirp” again?

Let me know your experiences of this energy in the comments below. 🙂


The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

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New Moon in Virgo | Vedic Astrology Forecast for October 12th

New MoonThe New Moon in Sidereal Virgo reached its peak point overnight just before moving into October 13th. ushering in a new Lunar cycle. We are still riding the Eclipse cycle energy, which emphasized the integration of Power and Principles into the practical details of life and the effort needed to improve our situation. The Lunar eclipse on September 27th, which closed the cycle, reminded us to really pay attention to the details of our plans, and our need to really focus on the efforts we are making in our lives while also seeking to balance the importance of details with the bigger picture. It also reminded us of our tendency to want to escape when the effort becomes overwhelming.

The New Moon begins a cycle which starts with this energy as its seed point and then seeks to evolve it. On September 9th, Mercury returned direct. This brought the “reflection” period of its retrograde motion to a conclusion. So, now we hopefully have some greater clarity and understanding of the details and the practical plans and efforts that are needed to move forward. The power and action, in connection with Principles and Purpose are still in connection with Mars and Jupiter in Leo. Venus in Leo can bring charm and charisma, but Venus in Leo is also being purified around finding compromise and how we go about finding happiness, as Venus in Leo often is more concerned with being “served” or treated like a kind or queen.

This combination is likely to bring conflict and arguing around principles and values, in both your personal relationships as well as the political and global landscape. You will be challenged to defend your principles in a way that is respectful of others, with a tendency towards “I know I am right” tactics. Because of this, I also suggest that you stop and make sure that your cherished beliefs in these areas are truly valuable, and aligned with higher vision, and thus worth fighting for.

So, Mercury is now direct in Virgo, bringing a high level of intelligence to discrimination, speech and communication. A clear vision of “what needs to be done” and a “practical plan” should be more accessible now. Mercury is able to organize the details, which is has recently reflected upon and refined. The Moon and Sun bring the emotional heart and the Mind, along with the deeper Power and Will into the realm of Virgo, again amplifying awareness of the practical details and the effort needed to implement them. And Rahu adds greater energy to your focus. Rahu is in many ways a boon in this configuration, but still the caution of being so strongly focused on the details that we fail to act must be mentioned. Or getting so caught up in details that the confusion associated with Rahu arises. If this focus on details become “perfectionism”, then it can bring challenges around implementing the plan. No action means no benefit and no growth.

With Mercury in the Nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni, the motivation of discrimination is connected even more strongly with the Virgo quality of “Service”. This nakshatra motivates towards helping others to find happiness, even if that means sacrificing our own happiness to accomplish it. This is not done in a subservient way, but rather as an intentional catalyst to lift up those who need help. Here, well placed Mercury has the opportunity to communicate and implement this level of practical planning.

The Sun and Moon in Chitra Nakshatra remind us to check our motivations. And in the political context, be mindful of the motivations of our leaders and future leaders. Chitra brings a surge of energy towards the construction of new levels of achievement. It is connected to the “celestial architect”, and allows for great wisdom and motivation to manage the details of “the kingdom”.

As caution though, if someone is overly focused on the material plane, here we may find ourselves content with an idea or imagination that “looks good” on the outside. Once we gain recognition and support for this idea, we then lose motivation to actually do the work to bring it about. We mostly wish to be appreciated and recognized for our skills and ideas. And once we feel recognized, we feel fulfilled. But if the individual is more connected to and motivated by a truly higher vision, purpose and set of deeper principles, then Chitra can help to move their vision towards higher social structure and order.

Now, which of those 2 directions do you want YOUR leaders to be aligned with? I would hope and assume that you are wanting a leader who is truly connected to bring positive change to others. And this brings us to the remainder of this New Moon cycle.

Chitra is the “bridge” between Virgo and Libra. Libra is the realm of relationship and learning to find Happiness in connection to others. It is ruled by Venus, which is where we seek happiness. It is also an Air sign which brings an influence of social connection as well as thoughts and intellect. Here, we seek to find happiness through ideas and the connections we experience through other people at the levels of romantic partners, coworkers, business partners, and “others” in general.

In Libra, we take the “master plan” and motivation for service from Virgo, and bring it into Libra for the practical experience of happiness for the benefit of others . In Libra, there is focus on “playing well with other”, as well as motivation towards greater social awareness. Here we learn over time that when others are happy, we can also enjoy greater happiness. Libra teaches us about personal connections of course, but it also expands into a desire for greater social balance and equality.

On a personal level, we must learn that through our efforts of self improvement (Virgo), we are able to evolve our own self and in the process become better at engaging with others at all levels (Libra). We can never evolve our ability to respect others and compromise if we assume that we are perfect as is. We must make efforts to benefit ourself, and also to support the things we love.

On October 17th the Sun will move into Libra and remain there for the remainder of this Moon Cycle. This quickly moves our Power and Self Will into the realm of Libra. The Sun is thought to be challenged in this position because it is more connected to individual will, and as it tries to operate in the realm of others and compromise it finds challenge. This will be discussed more during the Full Moon report for October 27th.

But, what we can understand for now is that our relationship to Others, to Social Equality, as well as to more intimate relationships with lovers and spouses, are being purified at this time. The “challenge” comes from not knowing how to be remain in our individual power while operating within the field of “others”. The motivation to “make others happy” can swing too far in that direction. So the Purification happens around learning the true balanced art of compromise and mutual respect in an effort to find happiness for all involved.

For yourself personally, be mindful of how your own “master plan” is being implemented and brought into the realm of “others”. Become aware of the “Payoff” to the hard work that Virgo motivates you towards. Notice where you may be inclined to “give in” to make another happy without really honoring your own needs. And realize, that the recent time of reflection around details is over. You are likely more inclined to want to put these plans and structures into action and into place. Also be mindful of fighting battles over your principles where you either don’t fight fair, or perhaps you are even fighting for something that isn’t as valuable as you have once imagined.

And as you are watching other around you and the political unfoldings, begin to examine not only “Do they have a true plan”, but “are the truly motivated in service of the greater good?” Or, will the candidate be content knowing you approved of their vision and then fail to actually put in the effort to make it happen? Expect “plans” around “social structure and equality” to be in focus over the next month. As well as seeing candidates being more obviously “not playing well with others”. And more arguments and debates around principles and political visions.

Notice these themes in yourself, you friends and in the world. What are your experiences?


The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast. It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution.

For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading.

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