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How to Chant “AUM” or “OM” (Video)

How to Chant AUM or “OM” Mantra – Instructions for the actual chanting technique, with details in how to make it most effective.   An overview of different experiences which can arise during practice. Non-attachment to outcome.  Tips to help understand and neutralize the reactions that the ego and mind will have to your Mantra Practice and spiritual development.

This is Part 5 of 8 in the Mantra Meditation Series.

To support your practice, check out my Guided Meditation CD entitled “Beginning Meditations: Expanding Peace”. It includes Chanting OM as part of the second meditation and is available for purchase on-line through iTunes and Follow the link below to see a full description and the links to the purchase options.

Spontaneous Beauty and Tantric Awakening

There are moments in life where Nature, the moment, brings about a glimpse of Beauty, of profound mystery.  Many things we can explain with science, but the Tantric quest is to discover the causeless-cause of the Self as Consciousness which is beyond all things.  To discover the Divine essence that is your own Nature and to understand that It alone is revealed to you through Beauty all around you.

If you are present to the Beauty that is around you, you can also tune in to the expansion that takes place in your own awareness.  Beauty opens you and shifts you into a state of peace and gratitude.  But you must be present for it to activate a deeper experience.

Don’t be limited by what is defined as “classical beauty”.  What do YOU  find beautiful?  What expands you and connects you to a deeper place in your own Self?  What brings wonder and awe into your heart if you sit with it in stillness?

I am often struck with a deep awe and wonder of profound beauty when I gaze at other people, regardless of their physical appearance.  Especially when I gaze at a client at the end of a healing session.  I am awed by the complexity of the human body: the mind boggling coordination of hormones, bio-chemicals, organs and systems which are required to animate the body and keep it in healthy working order and the resiliance of the body to maintain life.

And when I look beyond the body, I feel into my clients’ deeper Self, and I feel such an open presence of stillness and peace.  Even my older clients have an appearance of child-like innocence when I witness them from this perspective.  Beauty beyond words.

Tantra would say that all beauty is possible only as a reflection of your own True Self.  It is not the individual object that is beautiful, but rather your ability to connect with the underlying presence of Divinity which permeates it.  With that understanding, Tantra invites you to seek the Divine presence underneath all things, and allow the Beauty of all things to be revealed.

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